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My Heart Is Your Ocean

This poem was inspired by a puppy named "Sunny." Enjoy!

My Heart Is Your Ocean

When paws of love reach out to me
Can hard times be easy to see?
Down beach paths by sultry moon
Beams on water see Sunny soon

My heart is your ocean by night and by day
Cool waters run deep under life's fray
Simple words, "let's go got game come away
My heart is your ocean your field of play

Old sites of my life, sprawls of highway
Dangerous turns hazardous bay
Negotiate now thoughtful with care
My heart is your ocean come sail your flair

So many miles yet sweet life to roam
So many smiles then finally home
Soft bay into view love eyes perk aware
My heart is your ocean now forever you there

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Ancient Hawaiian "City of Refuge"

These structures at the ancient Hawaiian "City of Refuge" protected the refugees from the evils of the world. This was the "ultimate holy place of safe haven" for ancient Hawaiians displaced by volcanic eruptions or war. Today this is a historic park on the big island of Hawaii.

Bloggers Unite for Refugees 11.10.08

This is art from the ancient Hawaiian "City of Refuge" on the big island of Hawaii.

Ancient "City of Refuge" Hawaii

The ancient Hawaiian 'City of Refuge" today is a historic park on the Big Island of Hawaii visited daily.

Bloggers Unite For Refugees 11.10.08

This photo is the ancient Hawaiian "City of Refuge." Volcanic eruptions and war caused many ancient Hawaiians to be a "refugee." If they arrived here, they were safe from harm and capture by a war party. In today's "civilized" world the idea of being a refugee has not gone away. Family has become the modern day "city of refuge."

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Poetry Haleakala Maui

Aloha Poets,
Photos from Haleakala Maui is the inspiration for today's poem. Enjoy!

One Last Stand

Hard as thunder linch pin thin
Life on the edge comes out within
Stand in the mud and find it telling
The steady rain so compelling

Some scream, some dance and prance
Steering clear the patch of romance
Using air with timbre sweet
Rabble rouse miss no beat

One last stand is the perfect thunder
Fast hands count a critical number
A statuary take for history's eyes
One last stand for these blue skies

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