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A Good Listener

Aloha Writers,
Photos that are taken at a sharp angle gives the image of lines converging. this is key stoning. This effect can give expression and impact to the landscape. let's write inspired by key stoning today. Enjoy!

Virgin Jungle's Uncle

Never goony clever forests go on forever
Pristine patch of Earth's only need is wide girth
Ribbons of rivers flow as rare creature givers
Stretch of green before long may go unseen

To be untouched away from so much
Capturing beauty remains our best duty
If even one waterfall answers the call
Yet they dam it anyway and build the railway

Don't mind a little road to the mine
Come one and all let's watch waterfalls fall
A mine needs a railway anyway to take it away
See the untrammeled stay left untrampled

Battle for the pristine little clear spring
Burning so bright we still need the life
Virgin jungle's uncle try not to bungle
Our natural heritage out here on the ledge

Such a sweet smile she clowns around a while
To make us laugh that's why I cry
A human deserves pristine preserves
And natural heritage back from the edge

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Chilling the Beach

Aloha Photopoets,
Composition in a photo is about the world around you. Capturing beauty surrounding a subject gives composition . Let's write inspired by composition today. Enjoy!

Be Your Own Song

Jump on joy hold it close to your vest
Have your time take on the best
Not in here competition's out there
Litany of surprises show no fear

Symphony of smiles only for you
Audience roar selecting the few
Sing joy be yourself do what you do
Bring it to yourself let them enjoy you

Be yourself have it your way
Deploy yourself carry the big say
Enjoy yourself take yourself on
Man your own band be a song

You don't have to sell it out
Big little smile pretty little pout
The ticket is you now have your say
Enjoy yourself do it your way

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Waikiki Rises

The photo explores the texture of nature and architecture. Patterns of light and shadow gives us texture.
Texture inspires our poem today. Enjoy!

You Put a Smile on
the Face of It

Legendary status brings on a good fight
Heads held high resting easy tonight
Ride down the coast feel the cool of the weather
Go down there to make a splash together

Heroic seasons trudge their way through
As joys of passion stay on the face of you
Status unknown in the spirit of play
Resting easy tonight to see the light of day

Situation still as only you would have it
Hoping for less than the usual havoc
On the face of it love unravels on cue
Telling your story as stillness rings true

Legends will break into a distant silence
Sending new journeys only a mile hence
Fear may show yet there's no trace of it
Only you and your smile on the face of it

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maui Cruise

Aloha Photo Poets,
A view from Maui College across the Kahului Harbor. Photo of the ship and plants give the idea of composition. Let's write with composition in mind. Enjoy!

Earth Park

See it coming go a better way
From darkness out into a new day
We had to do it had to come to this
Sayonara old ways with one little kiss

Coming on now to life's different light
Finding out the ones not so bright
Pangs of change bring us out of the dark
Turn around make earth into a park

See the life that's living and all we make
Sealife keeps giving though still we take
Scrimping and saving through our demise
Yet simple breathtaking the water and skies

Yes we can say we saw it coming
Maybe heard it in the news
Liittle soft touch now a gift to ourselves
Earth given back to her greens and blues

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My Valentine

Aloha Poets,
Something about Valentine season.
A surge of blustery verse emerges from winter's
dungeon. Here is some Spring zest. Enjoy!

Love Let Her

Favorite puzzle smooth so soft
Snuggle buddy puppy loft
Tortured normality voices fixture
Nature's choice, love let her

Awaits in grace innocent hue
Where love itself finds only you
Hold close thy breast injured herd
So slow to nest yet no injured bird

In barns so noble viewfinder sees
None so kinder in aloha breeze
Then to walk a bit and talk so sure
In nature's sweet voice, love let her

Beauty and greatness inherent hue
In ways gentle and kind genes do
Acceptance is love's only wrought chore
Finds you yet still at barn's noble door

As one dream of love stears in the dark
Another stays clear of singular spark
Again viewfinder find beauty and art
Love let her, do your part

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Weekend

Here is a chocolate boat for wayfaring lovers. The light source is sun through the window.

Romantic Engineer

Who drives the train feels the pain
Clicky clack from far to near
Try to remember sounds of rain
When timber falls is anyone there?

Force of power sets another year
Myths move along so singalong
Not all fires still burn so warm
Hear those bells go king kong

You can stand close
And come around here
Yet watch your approach
Romantic engineer

Give a wide berth on this tightrope
Approaching now situational monsoon
Gain control of a dopamine dope
Mastermind manipulator moon

Either may happen then again won't
Flying low to sail so near
Transparent motif momentarily moot
Cement cute, romantic engineer

Tropical Photo Poems

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Hawaii Photo Poetry

Aloha Poets,
Waikiki on SuperBowl Sunday. Enjoy!

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Ice Cream Aloha Tree

Hawaiian Skyline

Aloha Photo Poets,
This Hawaiian sky is a setting for a visual theme. Let's write with the idea of clouds today. Enjoy!

Red White and Blue

Deep in together keeps it clever true colors slow just for you
Piece of mind peace in our time leave us to our chances
Red White and Blue

Dead than Red that's what they said
Still little lies the white kind creep through
Then blues keep time and seep with rhyme
Red White and Blue

As hues of our day hold swill and sway
Our needs go neatly and completely compete
Bringing hearts to their knees they so try to please
Red White and Blue

Beauty in your own time where perfect sons shine
Mountains climb where quest life defines
Firmly found further than founding fathers fervor
Red White and Blue

Wines in their own time find their sunshine
Feather-light treading together for the fight
Peace in mind true colors find hopeful sublime
Red White and Blue