Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Aloha poets,
     Tropical blue for a happy new year inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Unraveling Nirvana

The proper supplier offers a viewer option
Cable operators go slow now up for adoption
Allergy to regulation once came so naturally
Big cable now the little puppy to the FCC?

Competition raises the America flag
Apple and android enter races to drag
Bandwidth is the road beyond duality
FCC bets to promise on net neutrality

Amazon joins into the fray to sell at will
Programming owners get a moonshine still
Cable packages up for next big extinction
Able competitor gains new distinction

To unravel a cozy system is the need
The return to relevance stops to bleed
Broadband supply system up in the air
Potatoes on couches rise savvy to care

Radio and TV chips for every cell phone?
Big broadband system reaches each home
Will bandwidth ever be charged a fee?
Reasons to rise up explore on a spree

Telcom or Telco? well, here come the Bigs
Over-the-air-spectrum-programmer new digs
Broadband load in primetime votes for net neut
IP network video boots up, gives it a hoot

Program supplier soon to be the big telecom?
Cable sings "win some lose some" fat lady song
Video delivery broadband gears up sweepstakes
Unraveling cable nirvana tries to jam on the brakes

Policy initiative operates the road only one way
Noisy surrender statements whimper away
Cable network old model TV program
Turn out the lights, thank you m'am

Availability to competitor the America way
Competition strikes at every heart of fair play
Big Boys and the Bigs bounce their balls to burn
Little-guy viewer hopes for more places to turn

Everyone knows free markets fail if not free
Government failure to intervene? the glee
Subscribers, providers sing and shout
Cable rates down, extinction of blackout

Rise of new roles comes riding over the hill
Broadcasts need to be managed yet still
Video barrage soon to hit network IP
Cable extinction lets all the world see

copyright 12.31.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Tropic Rain

Aloha poets,
    Holiday tropical rain inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Viewer Optional

Engines ends are nigh when starters stop a try

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tropical Holiday Season

Aloha poets,
     Tropical colors of the holiday season inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Overhead Overheard

Mark this as the final date Kodachrome faded away
Colors so pure have now had their laboratory say
Light emitting diode appear in clusters overhead
New sophisticated technology climbs out of bed

Standardized light fixtures will soon hold a key
Robots as LVX communicators on a DNA tree
LED transmitted and received messages coded
New sobriety of celebrity, technology exploded

Light transmitting data to signal at a computer
Distant stupidity rings true with its old shooter
To flicker data faster than normal eyes may see
Computer modems return call, light from LED

Wi-Fi has seen its day with little its radio pulses
LVX light system needs no broadband convulses
Kodachrome got its start before paperback extinction
LVX takes up the torch to go beyond a Wi-Fi distinction

The review is in on photography, and poetry stood its ground
Solar powered robotic drone soaring high above, no sound
Light emits to transmit code message, black holes abound
Ideas, innovation, imagination started out a happy clown

Longstanding international endurance record shattered
Serve the public in its privacy? grand hopes untattered
Niche applications of energy management or display
LVX new communicator to photosynthesis of DNA

To transfer message data to internets worldwide
Three megabits per second, LVX to overrides
Procrastination bad timing snowy farm field
Wiring congestion radio spectrum is healed

Zephyr, Global Hawk soar as you may
Light emission messages, light of day
Sunlight flash shield, control a herd
Light signals overhead, overheard

copyright 12.28.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rainy Holiday Season

Aloha poets,
     Rainy holiday season inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Runoff Rules

Civil services its extinction course in streetlight fees
Water falls from the sky, America beyond apple trees
Animated roads, bridges, drinking water on the storm
National waterways in transit, wastewater a little warm

Government public burden now to transfer mode?
Schools, aviation, energy gain fees as motherlode
Public parks and recreation hazardous to health
Nonprofit community service needs gain stealth

Hazardous solid waste inland waterway ditch
Rails, levees, and dams hold onto a new itch
Budgets in biography feel new fees emerge
Wastewater system a drinking storm surge

Impervious surfaces where rain just rolls off
Rip roads with floods for new debris to scoff 
Oil and pollutants go into nation's waterways
Government burden now to nonprofits stays

Fees bubble up as water falls from the sky
Drainage rain skyrockets new fees apply
Fire inspection fees for the poor and lax
School, hospital, church, a nonprofit tax

City service contribution solicit a volunteer
Roll out new fees by the first of the new year
Water from the sky drains national waterway
Fees new public burden, runoff rules the day

copyright 12.27.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cool Hawaiian Holiday

Aloha poets,
     Cool Hawaiian colors of the holiday season inspire today's poetry. 

Intervene the Nerve

To coin a phrase or chase a tail
Cooler heads should prevail
Farming ancestors knew the lore
By simply doing their daily chore

Factions will fracture to manufacture fractions more
Society's questions govern to uncover government's chore
Hard charging foul-mouthed generals ever gone extinct?
To demand another ouster simply requires more red ink

America against the spread still aims at survival
The truth dead-on is never dead on arrival
Austerity books an adventure as its own golden seed
Even wild weed must bleed all pleas to wrestle its need

Back at the business of budgets and the farm
Charismatic Christmas would char and charm
Should lost savings be found at any cost?
What about making the cut amidst canons lost

Groundbreaking grandfathers hope dream act sway
Underdog on the outside appear as children at play
The race to affordability outmaneuvers in necessity
Immigration reform searches for the next best city

The practice of injustice seeks its own ouster
Trafficker affectation finds the latest rouser
Weightlifters and lightweights weigh new options to face
Nerve intervenes tight-knit as spread-out races gather pace

copyright 12.27.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

Aloha poets,
     Tropical flowers inspire today. Happy Holiday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snowy Tropical Christmas

Aloha poets,
     Snowy tropical rain for Christmas inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

The Haven't Haven

Procrastination needs no correction to grammar
Its court nails down filings to fling its own hammer
Fractional geometry leverages for levitation's longevity
Wait to lift weights, chop wood, treadmill memory's brevity

The world may shop right there at a computer's work station
Healthy horses run there, outside across a republic nation
Fleeting dream of celebrity has its own staying power
Underestimating rest is procrastination by the hour

Corporate deems how much individual life is left
Investors bet on strangers held close to their vest
In fractional interest gains of the beloved are below
Attractive projected returns come real soon to bestow

Heavy hearts do soldier on to shoulder the light-headed
Locked inside destiny longevity games heed unneeded red
Collecting tidy sums, procrastination never dies as predicted
Proof of the elusive for many remains locked inside the evicted

A double whammy duly remembers to swing at the first pitch
Life expectancy's September reflects the worth of an itch
Heed the unloved life as if no riches of profit margin
Haven't is no haven for pitching life as a bargain 

copyright 12.23.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tropical Christmas Cool

Aloha poets,
     Cool tropical Christmas colors inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Pity's Uppity Stupidity

Soothing calls of waterfalls cull and mull mainstream's pull
In depth or debt the walls of time's horizon scream to lull
Wreckages of regimes confine to a conformity of a motif
Only clean hands come to grips into this scale of relief

Get me wrong take me home a business by the book
Provisions feature future on appropriation's hook
Directional development gives conformity a look
Demise configures political error history took

Ethos of chaos cools its work release crew
To throw a party just to say "I like you"
Then holds a parade, unveils a statue
To reverse engineer and ban on cue

Consensus suffocates as its own dissent
Copy-catted consensus escape velocity in descent
Baked bread's unstoppable rise simply part of its nature
Culture's moral foundation dreams of its own nomenclature 

A free society shows a little respect and some decency
No cruelty held for any ambition and or efficiency
What really bears the cost of a political gravity?
Consensus rules with pity's uppity stupidity

copyright 12.22.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rain Christmas Spirit

Aloha poets,
     Rain in the Christmas spirit inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Ideology Ecology

Can the easy ever be a template to the best?
Earmarks nest to track spending's incest
Insistant spenders in a bliss Blitzkrieg
Blizzards thunder as debts bleed

Gentle is the salve to solve opening salvo
Careless steps solve nothing of new bravado
Newfound crowns of corn crowd ground clover
Crowds and crows crowd to crow and cover over

Is greed a basic human necessity?
Strong arms drive toward the rocky
Compromise is nuancing the muscle
Epitomizing a classic push-pull tussle

For sure, certain compromise prompts doubt
A menue of options, as appetizers, dine out
Stay wide awake, never slink in your hunting
Wide wakes sink ships, craft shifts in cunning

To move in, on, and of a notion is innovation
Optical sketches opt to remain a skeptical option
Appropriations belong where political party attends
The divided, in the end, front-ends a friend's dividends

Pragmatism's rag mat uncovers ideology's id log
Pragmatic is an ideology with ecology sent with love
Crystallized thought starts on common ground's clearest
Well-placed silences quietly promote talks the most dearest

copyright 12.20.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tropical Christmas Spirit

Aloha poets,
     Spirit of a tropical Christmas inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Tropics Spirit

Aloha poets,
      Christmas spirit in the tropics inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Yearlong Darlings

Fiscally conservative call to serve with rally fist
White house picket fence once again wish lists
Such a serious beef loses its macho in a stew
Rhetoric against stale word fling out a slew

Battle lines of expectation draw in the mist
The curse of want fades into gorillas amidst
States budget across border of boundary lines
Administrative structures reversing to the nines

Rising up late a new ballroom brawl looms
For stark lack of bright balls and balloons
Security rises a streaming small business
Successors imagine success' dizziness

As fate goes so goes health care law
Underdog grows new tooth and claw
Excess and scissors cut it straight or not
Yearlong darlings cut spending from hot

copyright 12.18.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tropical Industry

Aloha poets,
     Tropical industry design inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Imperial Peril

In politics the smooth machine only adds
Brutality of warlords come to pass as fads
Imperial goes far beyond a simple margarine
Fancy financier of the far flung sample margins

Underdogs travel in packs of three
To first stage a capitalism in spree
Trading citadels require the mobile
Foreign states give no help as global

Private traders found their own colony
The bottom line bottoms out no technology
To impress The Empress is to find and trade
Trading interests privatize their own parade

Tax plus administration quashes barter
Advanced commercial economies charter
Raise a product then to organize as trades
Post-capitalist society, authority in shades

Spirits of the trading company still rise
The device to colonize the globe in our eyes
So far flung to be governed, administered, taxed
Private economic interests of new statesmen waxed

Fathers tell their children of deals to be cut
Mothers quell the fallen of steals in a hut
And so it goes with the far flung
Imperial is the peril song sung

Free marketeers to monopolists
Investor financiers the top tier list
Governing efforts never made a profit
Trade profits scamper as crown empress offs it

Trading outposts best practices: to barter
Statesmen wage war to make it harder
Bring an army, diplomacy, a treaty
Millions of acres governed stay needy

To privatize business of empire building
Is to make a trading company a gelding
To value the monopoly rights to the few
Is to finalize the America we once knew

copyright 12.17.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tropical Winter

Aloha poets,
     Cool tropical winter setting inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Miracle Circle

No free ride fancies a new change in horses
To ferry the furry alters history's courses
The wild scamper across the dead wood
In native motive behaving as it should

Jungles of the Amazon where apple trees abound
Underpasses usurp poverty's poetry on the ground
America once the new miracle as Alaska now stands
Overestimates orchestrate the furry beady eye brands

Frantic antics shortchange itches and such
Thorny engineering allows them all to touch
Christmas trees burrow a breeding grounds
Forest center for housing instant icon clowns?

Animation sets out on its daily annual trek
Deer and elk find underpasses scary as heck
The Digital Age dances in crummy little ways
Hallowed tradition hollows out on logs its plays

Medical costs, repair bills take to the highway
Claims unnerve as central calms fear to fly away
Speech seeks its own solution to the car-critter crash
Debt-ridden horses always die amidst owner's new flash

Traditional boundaries blur by grass roots appeal
High concepts of wildlife as a bargain or a deal?
Institutional forces flirt with flowers on a trip
Forest animals' miracle circle a radar blip

copyright 12.16.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shadow Design

Aloha poets,
     Shadow design inspires today. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Forest Rainwater

Aloha poets,
     Forest rainwater inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Shortchanged Itch

Monday, December 13, 2010

Shadow Design

Aloha poets,
     Tropical shadow design inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Morning Rain

Aloha poets,
     Cool morning rain inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Reassure Erasures

A deafened defend of the ebbed from indebted bay
Searches rise for foe or friend as the webbed fall prey
In crass demeanor old habits encircle new messes made
Capital flight books at midnight against the spread of aid

The sound of the fiscally sound pound across the bay
A fancy annoyance finds buoyancy in austerity way
Recluses play dominos to ignore the domino effect
Off duty food stays the course with hand-picked

The indebted reaffirmed vow to cut a profit
Audio animation cackles slow to put off it
Vows of defense in the pursuit of bold action
Economic integration to be a coming attraction

Rounding it out stays roughly flat on the day
Loving a hole in the wall throws love away
The debt-ridden try to go back to school
Fire red remains the epitome of cool

Central posts supposedly restore the calm
Business of book is a single prayer balm
Whether it be to unsettle or reassure
You belong there to defend or defer

Observers orchestrate, create cultures of celebrity
Prompting a call to forestall a more radical celibacy
The collective continue to issue their indebted bonds
Increasing loan guarantees sipping under palm fronds

A crisis surmounted moves the whole program forward
European Stabilization Mechanism 2013 tows untoward
Impose loss to bond investor if country runs up high debt
Further integration pools money, individuals stand wet

Fresh emergency measures of care forestall the old
The Old West got our attention by being so bold
Narrow national interests, no solidarity in weak 
To announce annoyance is duly to truly speak

To hike up new fund is to strike up the band
Prevents an evening of revert to quicksand
Defends common currency to hold hands
Pretends common courtesy across lands

copyright 12.12.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shadow Tropics

Aloha poets,
     Cool morning shadow wall inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Tirelessly Release

Heartened households reach new banner levels
Questionable station speaks to broad obstacles
Once a thought turns it's less than even that
Wild ride descends so hold onto your hat

Money drifts between households and a bank
Government, investors wave a hearty thanks
Consumer sentiment index in the sediments
Swamps of bigger news slides and cements

Cash pile out of reach for all to cling
Investment put-off gives growth a sting
America tax worldwide against the spread
Password timeout drift children from the red

Flashy turnarounds ever trying their debunk
Central bank think tank thought and thunk
Buy treasury notes, bond to drive up prices
Hoping interest rates will take their slices

To spur a consumer to spend at will
Or business investments to stir the till
Interest rates down, consumers spend?
Jittery banks hold on to dollar and yen

Pilgrim program still this America of ours
Authoritarian capitalists signal distant stars
Liu Xiaobo, the metaphor of what's to come
Nobel v Confucius Peace Prize v dumb-dumb

And what about smurfberries' purchasing power?
Are we all to just tap on a purchase button every hour?
Virtual tokens of takers may promise a wine and a honey
Can't read? don't understand? tirelessly release your money 

copyright 12.11.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tropical Water

Aloha poets,
     Tropical water inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Dear Dearth

The short sighted in the long run gains the least
Peasant farmers grow for a global savings increase
Emerging market infrastructures in the dollar U.S.
Long term interest rates rising, whenever to crest?

Outpost's output as money enters a small bank
The trickle of money managers have to thank
To eat, or sell, what you grow is to consume
Global savings go under a big fat broom

The thrifty see money drift into a bank
Infrastructure city has farmers to thank
The sun shines as crops go their own way
Surges of investors manage ploy at play

Austerity finds its way back to the city
Farmers go amidst the dearth and pity
Brands emerge, the real America king?
Chastens of the past the old song to sing

Alcohol and air travel book their new job
Savings v investments still weave and bob
From 3% to 5%, do we go the long run?
Interest rates bang infrastructure's drum

Business boom shakes new helper's hand
Old savings at ready to strike up the land
Governments, investors, consumers, bank
All have farmers to bow to, give a thanks

World savings investment market emerge
Cost of world capital flies new scary bird
The rich increase in their savings account
As a company, household, a savings fount

Interest rates climb, global savings descend
Banks lend to governments around the bend
U.S. dollar was once that big savings on earth
New infrastructure now a dear savings dearth

copyright 12.10.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Water Architecture

Aloha poets,
     Architecture of water inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Determined Eternity

A different truth rises from the ritual of emersion
Bumble bees surprise along a virtual dispersion
Datasphere jungles of plastic yoko ono bands
Complex world illuminates art's new hands

To be wise to the individual is to be wise
Ritual bath in video hopes for surprise
The centerpiece of the deal values on
Mere foretastes tease out with song

Daily rhythm of life the underdog
Wary war party touts a new bog
Technology has no thanksgiving
The weakened waken, seek living

Target and x ray in an unusual alliance 
Breaks into history with the usual silence
Casts aspersions within casual compliance
Circles the earth with innovation's defiance

The foresaw reason, a supposed sympathizer
Denial of service hackers hawk a new supplier
Veteran of the old saw spectacular crash and burn
Testy tones, this new determined engine of turn

Incompetence patience shuttles amid blazes
A new foretaste erases skids of old races
Intensity modulates life give and takes
Cloudy clients wonder about fakes

Talent renders in its own way
Talons surrender at cool bay
Solar ejections color away
Eternity determines sway

copyright 12.9.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Green Tropics

Aloha poets,
     Green tropics morning inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

On Ignored Honored

Freedom rings in the face of a bully
Authoritarian capitalism's only a pulley
In feats of its ploy democracy cries out
American president, Liu Xiaobo a shout

Jailers join in the power of alliance
Bailers coin on showers of defiance
Dissidents and presidents know the real
Adhoc roadblocks spin spies with spiel

Get together in the quiet feels real good
Tethered to a riot squeals under the hood
Freedom v tyranny's best offer a no show
Universe hears Xiaobo's freedom oboe

Prison for freedom, the ultimate paradox
Beyond garbage bins a clock tick tocks 
Ignored honored stay religious eligible
Oppressors press as if old vegetable

Remarkable embarks on journey's edge
Rot of jail tries to keep hearts on a ledge
A face to face at a dissident's insistence
Human race fear keeps its own distance

Courage thriving's an individual thing
In broad culture lives hide, then sing
Oppressor odyssey holds a jailer's key
America still far, the land of the free

Relatives wait at the surrogate gate
Physical dropbys roped off by hate
Press ahead ceremony for Liu Xiaobo
Oppressor loathes Liu's freedom oboe

copyright 12.8.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Waterfall Shadows

Aloha poets,
     Waterfall shadows inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Malady Formality

No dissimilar concept this feeding frenzy offshore
In breakdown of systems the quick only want more
Animation finds footing in a second round of chores
Worldwide leader of sharks and such find new doors

A chance at the steady and to catch a little view
Systems guide the animated on adventure cue
A taste for the far distant comes again into play
The business of culture systems begin their sway

A whole lot of different answers in diversity death?
Final solutions on an end run, run way out of breath
Cancer and calories step outside to strut their stuff
Warm and ticking hearts call in their last bluff

Bring down some roofs with gimmick schemes
The changing of the guard is a silent scream
Classic jazz bounds across boundary's wall
System breakdowns heed their own call

Excitement, convenience, and status symbols blow
To think they're a movie being filmed or a show
Charity may carry out its own crime of passion
Hot bunking debunks the cool dream of fashion

From babysitters to bulldozers systems abound
Hearts of the argument may in deep oceans be found
In ways to be imposed, systems of strategy flail
Malady formality becomes our only jail

copyright 12.7.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tropics Cool

Aloha poets,
     Tropics cool colors inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Bodysuits Odyssey

The unfazed set out onto the journey of the new
Unperturbed perpetuity finds normalcy askew
Word of mouth graduates to a data stream
Shock innovation musters silent scream

Indignation dig finds its nation
Extends experience beyond elation
To be Oscar Wilde wins a wild oscar
Statuesque mobile inside society boxcar

Tides pool invasions of pervasive subversion
To lure something special into immersion
Public reservoirs gain touts of coercion
Word of mouth the windy dispersion

Included ice cubes club stage show
Iodine biodrama orders odors to go
Piques a sensibility of scenic serenity
Asks hopefully of audiences for eternity

Funny little monsters field an inquiry
Racy innovation a democracy diary
Austerity bluster understudy roost
Theatergoer eatery gets a boost

Billeted at best the play goes on
Animation banks to book a next song
Aardvark Tearjerker gain audience anew
Frustrated fascist fades distant from view

To get a rise may house age old yawn
Commonplace monopoly sings its song
Gets to talk back is always value added
Kibitzing blitzes, lifetimes so padded

Musicalized muscle shocks into upend
Transgressed grass tweaks little to bend
Boundary blurs, gathers energy of fright
Convention of the modern fades into night

Well-tended viewers welcome a cartoon
Shock arrives there as if from the moon
Make-believe lingers as a trite little antic
Impact once imagined a little less frantic

Strain a view to find a new entertainment
Obtain a cue to contain old entrainment
Wear it well that surprise of laughter
Bodysuits odyssey up in the rafter

copyright 12.6.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tropical Purples

Aloha poets,
     Purple tropical colors inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Behemoth Moth

Wealth distributes deplorable deployable toy
Competition stress contains measurable joy
Print liquidity for new government props
The local currency needs to call the cops

Metrics develop for strict data compare
Realists in the business get a little scare
Wilderness Years stand steadfastly fast
Larval Days play into hands all aghast

Mongers once so eager now have doubts
Time to face the music as bankette shouts
The central banks printing liquidity pretty
Government thanks squinting insipid ditty

Exporting to the richer world on the outs
Computer networks state defense of ouch
Security breach beyond terms of service
Economic liberation gets a little nervous

Deregulation of labor markets time's here
The try to cut taxes comes with liberal fear
Reality mugs, anarchist makes global play
Oratory overreaches as if too much to say

Fantasy finds itself beyond self-regarding
Wars on ills beyond borders of guarding
History makes its play out of histrionics
Maximal turmoil had its face in phonics

Inaugural arguments, their place in time
Unwillingness to choose of fate on a dime
Social cushions of interest feel little prickly
Competitiveness pushes feeling more tickly

Personal best finds its way into a heart
Tumultuous luminous sets America apart
To unravel begins from either bottom or top
Free enterprise lays gravel for speedy blacktop

Personal liberty summons trouble if it sleeps
Danger is individual and plays for keeps
Uncertainty of panic lays out final drain
To refinance your neighbor the final pain

Liberalizing moments have ups and down
Grownups return, a shopping trip downtown
Jazzed up business thinkers shy from the fray
Liberalism's behemoth moth swoops the bay

copyright 12.5.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jungle Mist

Aloha poets,
     Jungle patterns behind blue mist inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Consolidation Consolation

Fated by nature confidentiality falls away
Secrets by admission hold very little sway
Hunger loves so much scarcity all the rage
Enter a new Confidentiality Extinction Age

Health record books amid apple and android
Communique abounds as if in data stream joy
Weapon system flair for all at once not trusted
What's not to know not confidentiality busted

Campaigns so true in such a promising way
Confidentiality never want so much to say
Comedian competitions or business play
Key to the city data base wanders astray

Lend all the ears to the simplest of criers
The digital ethers of pamphlets and flyers
Overcomes the unorthodox to see new way
Secrecy's permanent erosion comes to play

Frosty faces once shout as secrets swell hot
Banks like basketball make the second shot
Data streams on what will matter somehow
Secrecy in capitalism profit's true cash cow

Dishonesty in spoken word had its heyday
Logic bombs coerce commerce at the bay
Trade and shipping bring in all that new
Steamboats railroad canals once the few

Just one smile may lift your home noble
Homespun darkness creates new bubble
Diversity makes its play as secrecy wanes
Consolidation consolation prize now reigns

copyright 12.4.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved