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Wispy Palms

Aloha Poets,
Wispy palms inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Uncle's Ankle and Ukulele Wine

Outlasting the outpost of my cherished dreams
At last count I remember back before my teens
A childhood enamored with glamorous stings
Finding true love fancies serious wings

To start my own family I wondered oh sure
Blessed cravings of love took on serious blur
The fate of my childhood danced on tippy-toe
With a frisky little puppy named Piddy-po

The hands of my pride strayed way out of sync
With my mother's hands always there in the sink
Unsolicited youth gave me no name for it
The day of my remembrance life was game for it

With the salt of the earth spread on my wing
Wondering to myself who fixes this thing
Construct an oasis of comfort and joys
Memory of Mother and childhood toys

Lapsing into her kind soft lap of luxury
My mind wandered off like a duck's jury
Sailing the seas until I saw no more shore
Childhood dreams shored up my home even more

Amidst the clouds of Great Wallenda
The balance of love's nocturnal agenda
Opportunity knocks a raging sea of life
Adventure answers the ways of strife

Little girls bring a world of comfort eyes
Childhood always sends in cute little guys
Innocence protects cruel jokes of age
Then saves you from your own personal rage

The importance of impotence takes on a new ring
Allowing to endure what life slowly will bring
That's not quite the thing you had in mind
Grandpa's story of Uncles ankles and ukulele wine

Madness comes in many shapes and sizes
Life so surprising with its disguises
So many people so much to recall
Is it really my turn to carry the ball?

Always in trouble or it seems those grown-ups
Little child protects them from the badge of logic
Spent it away in a childhood game
Spin it away as if it's all the same

Reading hearts glow across gloomy land
lucky for me they put a pen in my hand
Once in a while hear of a hero at large
Authority's badge turned into a bard

Over there in the stillness under empty shelf
Darkness sits and wonders all by itself
For me now writer of hero of myth
Inspiration stands, darkness and stillness come with

And as darkness grows, daily scavenger search
Finding the words to get me out of this lurch
What will be found I'm not really sure
No sweeter a game this blank page allure

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Deep Lemon Custard Flower

Aloha Poets,
Deep lemon custard flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Charisma's Chiastic Hero

A dinghy's dingy dock keeps abreast to you bound
So small a craft keeps you further aground
Tether is your teacher if ever teased by a squall
Just mine the works, dig yourself chain and ball

Euthanized and neuter a new message floats in
Hobbles your home front from these shores once again
Lonely are the bounds of surly self emphasis
Hodgepodges pontificate to cobble its bliss

The call be so wild comes in dodging bullets
Wildcatters chatter at the shrill of the billet
Recuperating repercussions couple deaf to the call
Art troves sit idle in side hoarding walls

The barter of commerce still tries as it might
As saws, crowbars, and dogs take up the fight
Long ago someone said that all will be mine
As euphoria's emphasis entered late blind

Imaginable magazines view rubble dimly
Candidacy claims itself candidly fidgety
Euthanized euphoria breaks the calm with giddy
Epic self-regard keeps abreast of self pity

Behind center at outset disadvantages render
Something out there shivers in calls for defender
Tragedy befalls beyond the rumbles of pain
In folkloric misty, mistress beckons again

She propels you to be the breeze cast in the wind
Never to be weak in the wing or a limb
Soaring to heights without restless flail
Endeavor to be the wind, not the sail

Mainstream the heart as long rivers run
Not its mouth with saltwater tongue
Free seeds of doubt over hither and beyond
Never cherish charisma be the strong one

Leasers of desire swoon all too true
Hair trigger frightens frivolously the focused few
Eclipse affiliations fight with singular heart
Islands of isolation plunge egos from the start

Would fun loving kinds love horses and yesterday
If death's pollination came knocking today?
The mistress of your mist never vetoes her vote
As you, the hero, sets off in a boat

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Blackberry Creme

Aloha Poets,
Blackberry creme inspires today. Enjoy!

The Little Dingy and Her Bell

A midmorning mooring amidst misty swishes
Sun splashes quest filled still dark wood burnishes
Intervening tides catapult their navigational flair
No stifling little legend, this wellspring of joyous air

The comfort of the little dock offers up its lapping lull
Treasured gulls love to be on hand for port of call
Springtime beckons offerings in swirls of sea change
Misty spew rises amidst the sea view's range

Thrashing thresholds bobble in their little fears
The breeze on the water still tells of so many tears
Reluctance hails a new point for returning
As maps' quests fill this little dock of yearning

Hear the call in the doldrums of heart's beating drum
Keel the haul of old wood yet so water worn
A wobbly little dock cries with a sobbing message
Eager request fires the heart for safe passage

She knows about and of the seas off shore
For guidance and advice offers up within wooden oar
Cast the line, clear the wall, bid fond farewell
For just wind to take little dingy and her bell

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sundae Sunny

Aloha Poets,
Sundae sunny inspires today's poem. Enjoy!


Catch on to that thing, that hook of history
Sitting home there next to your little book of mystery
That little checklist there in your shirt written by hand
Those farms to be run stand out there in the sand

The spend machines of the city paint their seeds
Puts the race in play and forces others to state their needs
Once in circulation you slink away to where you can win
Hear battery hordes in their battery haste on the distant din

The want to afford the nectar of a new buttery taste
Where to enter as the adventurous side of you stays chaste
Still primal trend spotters stay out there wild on the chase
Letting their checklists fall on the floor in their haste

Recipes of freedom every hour makes its final last call
A flair for public exposure makes a bid with new protocol
Get a camera be your own videographer the one you fabled
Amend the thoughts you brought then leave them there tabled

The wonder of wonders you are still the child a parent enables
Reading fantasy books in a childhood of tigers and sables
This guiding structure no longer needs the means for that kind of money
Or even that car you needed to get somebody pretty to call honey

The vast farmland gave you that expectant look to go out and push
Against the world your tattered checklist turned to mush
Energies played out are yet to come from where you sit
Now ever so closer to becoming the distant opposite

That silly silhouette out there or so you thought
To get there early for that thing you thought you bought
Curry favor from those at your favorite restaurant
For a later start take to heart a new little chant

Protocol wonks thank the arrogance that never wins
And stomp that blitz that awakens and wells from within
On that dusty road out there can be no real adventure
So you thought to goad and claw, a very scary venture

The outlook from your outpost looks half bleak
Your dress code goes tribal a look in the mirror you tweak
Spontaneity looks unconcerned about your survival
Inward fantasy holds a tasty little reality revival

Kill the beast again in there that keeps looting your stealth
Catch on real fast to run up on nothing that resembles wealth
Mix and match your favorite leaders to whom you defer
All along newly embedded ideas well up and reoccur

Fashion your thoughts align with the pending
Blind the message in whose eyes out there sending
Energy of character requires this conscious tinkering
Off consensus the sensibility of splintering and lingering

Align new titles among your various selves
Embedded ideas now well up from off the shelf
As your new checklist goes wandering off by itself
Stealthy dreams drift off with their own ideas of self

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drippy Flower

Aloha Poets,
Dripping flower inspires today. Enjoy!

Sphinx Dust

Well now and then there's that
Dramatic need to a sugar coat a cat
Joined up now against the sandy machine
Once a mobile agile life on a sporting green

Happy rides home brings new tunes
To a stunning survival story on windy dunes
Try to script an ending where lights are bursting
Zoom in on the hot zone of deserts thirsting

Pretty much started as an empty room
In a sea of survival a cutting wave of doom
A crowning moment of a crush syndrome
You there with your serious side-effect of limestone

A new direction winds are now taking
Takes it out on those once faking
Urban mountain girl made once painted rust
Emerges still as the child of dust

Long stem roses romantically once could cut it
Where chocolate souffles romantically abut it
Imagine that against the mission system
Sphinx dust still bites at the wind of wisdom

Hawaii Photo Poetry

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Gingerbread Google

Aloha Poets,
Gingerbread google inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Paucity Posse

Get a bead on my frequency in the long run
Ageless impact in the patterns of songs well sung
The start of a new season a new finding intrigues
Little wonders with huge embraces in combat fatigues

View the panorama get a leg up first hand
From your perch the mind's porch to understand
Peak performance seeks basically the true
This season of frenzy is the risk you run through

A kind of emblematic choice in kind
Have a sit down, voice a hand to the test of time
Trickle down effects surround you from all sides
The paucity posse once again rides

As we gather we only see it in our eyes
Spoken words of pattern, the will to recognize
Then natural expanses articulate to organize
Physical becomes and crowds the use of our own advice

Pinpoint the mountain pass you peruse
More north to south or due west public eyes pursue
As they say this new day the ace is running hot
To pepper the great plain with buckshot

So hard to chew these spicy jaws of victory
So they say they are the jewels that will tickle me
Hideous alliances search for a lion's heart
Once again they bring the money unit, fill it with buckshot

Under the milky way of mother's breast one treks
Not a lot of cushion still we make a push for the apex
Changes of complexion sing "What a ride it's been"
Paucity posse rides again with the wind

All the makings of a first in recorded history
A higher flight your just-cant-miss little mystery
A gutsy move far beyond the ruse to fantasize
All the while paucity posse lies smiling behind your eyes

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sweet Cherry Flower

Aloha Poets,
Sweet cherry flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Sugar Brink's Patch of Joy

Pacific Islands lured me to her destination
Her smile her hands her fantasy creation
Forest palace found its rightful place inside the reef
In the waxing moonlight sweet with a heart-shaped leaf

From her royal roots she takes no chances wastes no time
Snippets of wonder in darkness' nursery sublime
Sacred energy to harness, Lono fertility god of cheer
Poi'uala to 'uala'awa'awa, sweet potato poi into beer

To celebrate a season we needed only each other's arms
Simple tuber pink skin the gifts with ceremonial charms
Homage to pay her milky little way cures restless sleeps
'Uala (sweet potato) wili wili (turned under) in softened soil steeps

Lono god of planting, plenty, and peace
Fertility of love sprouts from heart-shaped leaf
Makahiki darling is no creamy or beige colored beet
Kamara or kumara, by any other name, 'uala so sweet

Poni (purple) soft mound circles round cane patch brink of sand
Kinolau (body form), taste of soft and warm there in my hand
Equador to Peru to Hawaiian Islands following as birds flew
Akala (pink) skin in soft soil 'oma'omao (green) cuttings to boil too

Oma'oma'o in darkened glow
Lono harkened for ancients to bestow
Monumental icon akala roots Hawaiian soil
'Uala sweet potato poi to beer we boil

Royal island escape in plants of sweet
Romance the pleasures 'uala vines' leaves treat
Floor mats for padding or make pudding of leaves and vines
Hawaii rain soaking mala (patch) of ancient times

Piele 'uala (mashed) coconut milk baked as bread
Peeled and crushed, blend with water even spirits get fed
Poi'uala sweet potato poi i'uala'awa'awa all in my head
'Uala vines and leaves mats and padding for my bed

Heart shaped and raw stem array for relief
Pleasure of leaf bud milky sap foliage for pig feed
Browns yellows or purples the skin of 'uala even pink
'Uala 'awa'awa (fermented) a nice little drink

Ho'okupu (ceremonial gifts) of reds and purples
Softened soil pu'e (mounds) sugar cane brink circles
Celebrated in season with the homage of joy
Makahiki peace, planting, fertility with sweet potato poi

Polynesian culture sophisticate our native lady
Home of rounded high sugar cane mounds shady
Pu'epu'e (high mounds) stay cool under low moon
Stunted and dry in the bright light of high noon

Flourishing forested moonshine humus
Ancestral design is nothing new to us
Rain soaked mala (patch) a softened soil to watch
Vines and leaves even lure 'opelu for a hearty ocean catch

A simple walk among the arid terraces of volcanic cinder
Restless sleep on decomposed lava beds we tender
Compost leaf buds and tubers plant cuttings in the red soil
Sultry nights of love waxing moonshine softens the toil

Sweet potato cream skinned red-purples under skin
From Equador to Peru a little tuber's iconic global spin
Call it kumara or kumala, 'uma'a or umala
My poni (purple) sweet potato poi 'uala gala

Leaf bud where milky sap drips a fertility cutting
Spread palu palu (vegetable bait) across fish farms abutting
Volcanic cinder softened soil by rainfall on land
Ko'a (offshore breeding areas) beyond the white sand

Kinolau (body form) waterfall island
Grows across oceans to white coral sand
Dreams of long ago sugar brink patches my memories of joy
Poi'uala girl my sweet potato poi

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Tropical Sherbet

Aloha Poets,
Tropical sherbet inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Bring Game

Let's go ga-ga at the get-go let's go
Sweltering fellow swallow you pillow get up go
Comfort zone and your ego come to blows
Do it now or do it twice get a grip then take the bows
Bring game

Finalize a match-up, bring game
Fire in eyes like ketchup, bring game
Aspire to size it up and catch it lame
A lot of different levels of pain,
Bring game

That sheet of ice grab hold of it with your boldness all lit
Walk the beach let a little rest extend your reach
Swim with sharks for a little talk of tightened grips
Bring game at all the different levels of gain
Bring game

Play the way some folks will say you brought it
Someday yes they came to play the way they thought it
All who saw it saw the play saw the show of flow
All for a little fame all ga-ga at the get go
Bring game

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Palm Fluff

Aloha Poets,
Palm fluff inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Cautionary Canary

As furrow of life casts quaint winter's glow
Tall trees sway whose seeds trudge slow
Same as sesame in cold primal sap rises
Old master approaches in newcomer's disguises

Hanging in the balance brings forth its message
Old messenger riding mare's savvy new dressage
Dragged through mire flung into dust
Were where hugs of desire hung in disgust

Old master teaches of wild runs and routs
Bystanders fold arms at more wild ones in route
Take care to take heed of wilderness' vow
Seasons of arrow's now resistance to bow

Old reasons for port of call and citizenship
Fall prey and stay aboard water sport ship
Who beams us up now or waterspouts us out?
Amongst this need for speed and heavier clout

At the bottom of history what legends will read?
Did dead reckoning directions fuel oil's need?
Can old masters stay sway with the rising storm?
Or will they seek shelter of the softer and warm

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Icing Eyes

Aloha Poets,
Icing eyes inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Arabica Rabbit

Gridlock alert there amidst the throng
Preparation masks in focus of song
Stands ready to hammer this gamer at the line
Arabica rabbit enters sublime

Double shot of big shot inside the door
No time are soft hearts up for this chore
Lunge to be hugged in your small window of time
Arabica rabbit spins on a dime

Game face fancies a new winter coat
As white-haired jobbers jab and tote
Hearts and minds on a daily hinterland
Winds whip to play arabica rabbit's hand

Keep it edgy without one snowshoe
Experience hops through wild and blue
Busy waking hours go out to grab it
Fizzy cakes and flowers head home arabica rabbit

Some may understate such overly stacked odds
Underfunded showings and cracked shoe prods
Glimpses of a life and one's own well being
Arabica rabbit's hopes to hop with steam

Growing ideals with no new deal in sight
Hard work determines the sting of the night
Sacred fires sacrifice in daring deeds steep
Streamer of dreams arabica rabbit now sleep

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chocolate Nature

Aloha Poets,
Chocolate nature inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

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Marshmallow Boy

Aloha Poets,
Marshmallow boy inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Iambic Rambler

At this very moment had the world really changed?
So much so, among my settled ways and chains
The deal came so swift from the far of night
Asking me if I wouldn't mind taking up the fight

I conversed in a dream with a struggling vision
The impact of the aftermath of my meager decision
Epithets hurried and hid with the dark
And ran from this journey I now embark

Catharsis may catalyze competitive spirit
For a stunning piece of history yet to get
Who ever questions mania at quest's early day
Can papal infallibility really hold sway?

And what of the urge to be next to none
The visionary who still wonders of battles won
In the company of writers with messianic zeal
Naked ramifications voice their appeal

Once in a lifetime these bubbles trickle up
Clamoring for an ouster inside their little cup
Replicating visionaries may form lines in the halls
As mono-monocled focus rips at its walls

To become sort of numb now couldn't be good
With surefooted strategies I knock on this wood
Lessons are drawn along with my moat's bridge
As notable exceptions wait beyond darkened ridge

By and large, no one ever could have known
The seeds of persona so wildly sown
Fire still lights villages from distances shone
Epithets emerge now this thicket I call home

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Hearts and Flowers

Aloha Poets,
Hearts and flowers inspire todays poem. Enjoy!

Huddle Puddle

Reveal the footwork of your reaction time
Fuel the feud with your fuzzy chime
First timers and holdovers all gather near
Life's handling skills for all to hear

The appropriate platitude of evasion
Skirts the issue of every occasion
Ho-hum affairs with a passel of gadgets
Echo wolf's cry a befuddling widget

Coattails contend with a contrary concern
Field the vision of contemporary discern
Noticed play of late upping the game
Pointing fingers without much blame

Inexplicably distracted quells the concern
Affordability enacted teaches to learn
Promising sabotage induces a passion
When accountability has gone out of fashion

Your high level huddle access is approved
Careful thoughts from within become so moved
Training of no avail can lose effect
Amid huddles in the puddles of derelict

Take care of your thoughts for they become
An action taken to the beat of a drum
Action becomes habit and that drives your tractor
To a place we all know call it character

Daisy Face

Aloha Poets,
Daisy face inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Be A Gamer

Don't like the old idea of being pushed around
Commit to yourself a house of cool sound
Who needs all that Tom Fool and trickery?
Gamers garner attention intentionally

Heretofore unheralded herefords may unfold
Pressed or bullied to go out there into the cold
Bested their trick you can make it all but disappear
The cost of defiance to them now comes clear

Decisively divisive begins its final trek
A gag order with signs to turn back
Fight your own battle in that dizzying pile
Just be a gamer go out there in style

Commit to yourself your own force of will
The American way is a trail still
Dominating moments may have you flown in
Be a gamer go out there be your own friend

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Parfait Puppy

Aloha Poets,
Starry-eyed puppy inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

The Cat's Meow

May I kindly direct your attention to
Some feline moments to name a few
Thrills of glamor the roar of the prowl
My fuzzy love cat is the cat's meow

Zero to sixty in under five
Stands out big time, shows the pride
Not for one solitary instant dare
Do I turn my back on my love cat's stare

Out of line I get the doodle bug
Stamping authority with a love cat's hug
Got trouble with names and people's face
You'll never forget his brush tail trace

Permit me to inform the select few
Many kitty benefits of the word, "Mew."
Arch backs all the way with one little hop
My socially compatible fuzzy joke shop

No jaded jaguar once we've tussled
Make me feel like I'm being out-muscled
A sprung spring frizzy bucket of bolts
He's my fuzzy love cat of a thousand volts

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tropical Photo Poems

Icing Eyes

Aloha Poets,
Icing eyes inspires today poem. Enjoy!

Goodnight Ginger

He was once and would always be the King
With a couple of burgers then a cake with icing
Sedative painkillers took a final bow
Taking the edge off in the best way they knew how

Park your fevered debate at the door
Grace the land with a hard landing lore
Get up now get out there and don't be cruel
Sedative pain killers for a heart that's true

Doctor induced so they say
A coma without comma cemented his play
With Meredith Hunter still fresh in lore
Hotels of heartbreak came to the fore once more

Then there was Marilyn with no special doctrine
Smooth operators still ask, "Was the doctor in?"
Still I wonder and I wonder did the 60s really end?
With fire arrow and black powder and jets of Gunga Din

Adaptation and improvisation will always be key
To gloat like a butterfly and sing like a bee
Maybe just maybe they got it all wrong
Sedative Painkiller was the number one song

Surround me with sound by your infamy
You brought me up to rock so don't blame me
On several counts of memories I do stand guilty
Please, please if it please the court, it please me

Gamers keep utilizing the full game face
As military controlled cameras stay in the race
A raucous bunch those 50's rockers
With marketing hustle money as no shocker

We believed at the time the search was over
But was only just beginning, even now we take cover
Who's really to blame, can anyone point a finger?
At a quiet night so long ago ending with "Goodnight Ginger"

Friday, January 1, 2010

Year of the Tiger

Japan welcomes the Year of the Tiger today (the rest of Asia will welcome the Tiger Feb 14 (yes, our Valentine's Day)).

Tigers are gracious, fiery, independent, and brave, making all things seem possible. They live dangerously, yet show a friendly loving and generous side, putting old battles to rest. Best of all, a tiger stands up against wrongs and goes up against authority with a vigorous willingness to voice objections (ancient Chinese writers especially admired this form of courage).

Here's to the dream of happiness and prosperity for the new year. Happy New Year!

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