Monday, May 31, 2010

Memory Oil Day 2010

Aloha poets,
                         Memory oil day 2010 inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Memory Oil Day 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coastal Cliffs

Aloha poets,
                        Coastal cliffs inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Oodles and Oodles of Palena 'ole
               ..."palena 'ole isn't being a mercenary pig
                     nor killing all the wildlife with your oil rig"...

Poetic culture perched on a limb decides no outcome
Time has a way of doing that, we just hitch with our thumb
Eco status and melting pots ebb and flow with the breeze
A quality of life is all we ask and for prolific if you please

Dream it up, deem it worthy to bask in times we are given
Reclusivity has its way to keep the silent driven
Those who see a better way don't necessarily see bigger
Even beggars optimize renewables with whiskey in a jigger

Palena 'ole is the island way, sunshine bounds in plenty
In courageous thoughts adventure counts way beyond twenty
Imagine if you will a quality of life with no pollution
Where innovation and ambition corroborates a solution

Palena 'ole in the tropical sun flowing with the breeze
Sunshine's green leaf in endless growth amidst the blowing trees
Nature tries her hardest to offer up her bounty
As greedy oil rigs search for more beyond the next county

Palena 'ole is endless love not a slash and burn
Fullness found in the heart, not in money's fast turn
Palena 'ole isn't envy or being a mercenary pig
Nor killing all the wildlife with a oil drilling rig

Palena 'ole is plenitude of goodness not seduction
Nor broken pipes in South Gulf Coast destruction
Political stability, personal freedom yearning we crave
Not big oil digging to hide a new dolphin oyster grave

Recreation consumer goods and even an eco school
A quiet little prosperity that's palena 'ole cool
To diversify isn't ravenous it's the opposite of black earth
Dispersants ravage South Gulf Coast big oil's swath of curse

Palena 'ole is caring with overflowing bursts of joy
Not self-indulgence with oil wells that destroy
So raise your voice and your hand for all South Gulf Coast
Palena 'ole is our prolific choice and always helps the most

Eco rankings abound if your beach doesn't look like fudge
Oil spill waste removal and landfall oil slick sludge
Drilling mud and oil well rigs a South Gulf traffic congestion
In attitudes of sustainability the inhabitants beg the question

Now hurricane season falls upon us with potential danger
Turtles brown pelican and crabs set out to be a lone ranger
Come the day South Gulf Coast will have high eco ranking
Outlaw big oil eco waivers, in palena 'ole you'll be thanking

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pure Tropical

Aloha poets,
                        Pure tropical inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Marooned in a Cocoon

Disaster distractions in abstractions plea
Backed up on a goal line must take a knee
Ho'o is all that's needed to make things happen
It's the Hawaiian word for "just get crackin'"

Ho'o is the beautiful word for life 
To get you up going above the strife
Ho'o has a friend to add smooth to your go
Sustain and stabilize with ho'oponopono

Don't keep it to yourself so try ho'okipa
Warmth of welcome reels you in to take you deeper
Dignify your esteem with a little ho'ohanohano
Make a clear decision go ho'ohana real slow

Where ever you turn or which ever way you go
You only need to start with one single ho'o
Write it down simple or send a little letter
Come out of your cocoon do yourself one better

Take it or leave it but if you leave it it's a'ole
Relationships ship to sail free wholly
Share a thought whether uplifting or gory
Ho'o just do it, share your story

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oil Industry on the Horizon

Aloha poets,
                      Catching a wave inspires today. Enjoy!

A Lifeboat Stands Empty

Broad ocean views horizons abound
Performance goals meet their match
Rig operator ever so smooth to be found
Oil giants loom to cap their latest catch 

We keep looking for the right place to go
As they try to shut down the wells they drill
Fires and failures allow the blackness to flow
And drift away to a wildlife top kill

Focus arrives late to the scene
On what should or shouldn't have been done
The rig and the wellhead was the crew so green
Hot hands shear arms for a gun

Collapsed and sinking tech-regulo blamed
Company men outside sing praises
Drift away lost power garnered and gamed
Legitimate and appropriate a white flag raises

Decline to comment as you will
In bobble head fashion over wellheads
Rig swept away at depths to drill
Powdered power drains in swelled heads

Knock into a hole dazed and confused
Under the light of the flames run wild
Now sworn testimony politely refused
As ocean currents carry your brainchild

A lifeboat stands empty as unplanted seed
In far distance the pure water we crave
Undisclosed medical condition pure greed
Leaves us alone for ourselves to save

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tropical Shop

Aloha poets,
                      Tropical shop inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

the Coastal Oil Puddle   Ocean Under Turmoil
                          the "cop out"                        

Is anybody listening in ways we expect
Is the science of poetics rife with neglect?
At what cost does effectiveness ride
If only to turn away the human tide

What variety of expenditures are we
To entrust ourselves to the values to be
Dispersants dispense with small bits of kindness
Can never open our eyes to personality blindness

Fragile coastlines now on spin cycle
Nature's decay becoming a pickle
Ideologies lose out to total mistrust
Surfactant surface Earth back to dust

Needle the need with boots on the throat
Worse case scenario extinction shrimp boat
Look for the secret then prepare for a drubbing
Oil eating bacteria left to do all the scrubbing

Where did I cry amidst lapses in the wake?
Learning curves vary with the chances we take
Effective response the world now sees as a muddle
Dolphin turtle plankton float in your oil puddle

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tropical Photo Poetry

Sunday Beach Fun Sundae

Aloha Poets,
                      Beach fun waiting inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

A Cool Kuleana 

               " ...burden fuels the character arc.."

In its earliest rendition a fine print selling point
Toasts of champaign to the last man home
A quick look back to see fingers that point
Then a nosing away to bigger moments in chrome

The race is on or at best the urge to track or trail
With the art of looking guilty at your behest
To rise and shine with game plans in the mail
Kuleana is the arch that leads above the rest

A beautiful pairing this get up and go
Special power not too steep nor too flat
Perpetual cadence a voice to be heard slow
Kuleana, your own set of rituals come to bat

About whom you spoke of the one so dear
Even behavior's bravery gains no time back
Sizzles in the middle may cause plunder to appear
Kuleana your own personal point of attack

The question of elimination raises in fight
Reforms a new bunch in sight of finish lines
That private pirate you are inside at night
Kuleana find your way, burst into the light

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cat's Paw Cove

Aloha poets,
                      Sleepy ocean cove at Kaena Point, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, appears as a giant cat's paw. Enjoy!

Malamalama Mambo 

                "...a dance of pure logic..."

Treat yourself as royalty in freedoms of dance
Expressed in social settings a bright enhance
Sophisticated trendy in what we know now
Malamalama Mambo shows the world how

It takes a little thought to see your way clear
A small investment of time to bring the cheer
Ideological props leave with nothing to fear
Malamalama Mambo brings near the dear

The way to knowledge is in a rhythmic pulse
Freedom of thought to the edge of convulse
Longtime rivals begin to see eye to eye
Malamalama Mambo discipline on the fly

Take a little truth, add in the beat
Enlightenment pulses to move your feet
Just go with it now don't put up a fight
Malamalama Mambo all day and all night

Earliest renditions soon to be a distant past
Feelings to merge sound and motion at last
Pure thoughts carry you beyond setting sun
Malamalama Mambo the new definition of fun

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool Flamingo

Aloha poets,
                      Flaming feathers against a cool Eco background makes this beach flamingo a cool dude. Enjoy!

Ho'ohui of Heart and Mind

                  "a gathering of passion and focus"

Be the bright star create a glow
Channel the direction you wish to go
Fashion a style to languish the eye
Your very own ho'ohui if only you try

Get up and go where your heart will be best
Hobble a new fashion hold it close to your vest
A chance encounter finds like-hearted minds
Take yourself public in bright color designs

Don't forget to offer with love to be there
Blend ideas to scale, show that you care
Light a new candle if only to inspire
Ho'ohui heart warms mind's desire

Get into the rhythm in a timely way
Majority rules may cause tolerance to fray
Be a select crew invite courage and rhyme
Ho'ohui heart will gather your mind

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Landfall Kaimana Beach

Aloha poets,
                      Making landfall at Kaimana Beach inspires today. Enjoy!

Lokomaika'i Heart Aloha Moon
                                  "...freely giving expectations of goodness"

Rivers of passion in a natural way
Sense of place brightness of day
Talks of sunsets Hawaiian swoon
Locomaika'i heart aloha moon

Instinctive ways under the sun
Intuitive sways to and from
Confidence burst onto the scene
Lokomaika'i day aloha dream

Great myths fall away
Ticklefests on holiday
Continuity travels all alone
Bandy about in search of home

Epithet pundits have their say
Mud mentality makes a play
Call into question vivid wind soon
Lokomaika'i heart aloha moon

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hawaiian Canoe and Sailboats

Aloha Poets,
                      Hawaiian canoe inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Mea Ho'okipa Palena'ole Heart

                                "...the art of the stay"

Within a silent zone we seek to find
A time of change to explore in open mind
Innovation seeks its honest urge to sway
Mea ho'okipa is the art of the stay

In our hearts we know the good and true
In kindness a misty Hawaii ocean blue
In graceful feelings a spirit to show
Mea ho'okipa's welcoming glow

Talent on display such a lovely sight
Comfort zone away from the fight
Lasting aloha is palena'ole love
With mea ho'okipa to rise above

Palena'ole heart fly so high 
A life of giving is the life to try
Sincerity in generosity is the start
Of mea ho'okipa palena'ole heart

Visions of love unique in their own way
Natural born in giving art on display
Simple knowing of what others may need
Mea ho'okipa plants the happiness seed

No convincing or conviction need apply here
No forced entry needed or weapons engineer
The opposite of that is enlightened and smart
Mea ho'okipa palena'ole heart

Friday, May 14, 2010

Waikiki Wondering

Aloha poets,
                     Swimmer  wondering to venture in inspires today. Enjoy!

To Ho'hana in a Ho'ohanohano Way 
                                  "intend with dignity"

Until later just can't wait
Assumption of dignity is out of the gate
Little things call the process of respect
Ho'ohanohano in Hawaiian dialect

To wait a moment is no moment too soon
Add some firelight under a tropical moon
Soon distinction can be yours to stay
Ho'ohanohano in true Hawaiian way

Get a good footing stand up for right
Not about a bickering kind of fight
Make a good example see the way clear
Ho'ohanohano brings the people near

The world will soon see if only you show it
Through action and words surely will know it
To ho'hana is to show pure intent
In a ho'ohanohano way a time well spent

Stand up and say what you believe
Keep a little competition up your sleeve
Add some aloha, enough to go around
Ho'hana with ho'ohanohano is courage found

In votes of confidence, behavior is key
The character trait of aloha is free
Lead in spirit glow from the start
Ho'ohana with ho'hanohano, show your heart

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coastal Waters

Aloha poets,
                       Tanker off Hawaii waters inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Lokomaika'i Malama...
                                      "a generous caring"

Thousand moments of help without hurt
Little combinations of no issue to skirt
Lokomaika'i is where you should be bound
Generosity of hope is there to be found

Step back to look once in a while
At the ones you help and their gentle smile
Booster as you will but never get complacent
Lokomaika'i is the place you say where you went

It's never good to make things too easy
Stay a little hungry but don't get queasy
To want is to have something of worth
But only if you strive giving ideas a birth

Feel the joy if only once you try
Take a path of heartfelt wise akamai
Formulate strategy avert a disaster
Offering a little lokomaika'i ever after

It won't be long you won't come up short
Lokomaika'i won't let you hoard or contort
Look for ways in your own method of choice
Give yourself a new powerful voice

Strength can be found from within
A gift to yourself if only you begin
Malama will take you to a place of care
Lokomaika'i is the journey of generosity's fare

A useful little boundary is all we need
Just the right amount to help plant the seed
Some dreams go lie, some come true
Rightful lokomaika'i malama will do

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tropical Puppy

Aloha poets,
                   Cloud formation above Waikiki Beach. Can you see a jumping puppy? Enjoy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Aloha poets,
                       Mother is the queen today! Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tropical Photo Poetry

BP (brown pelican) Oil Spill

Aloha poets,
                       Today's poem is for the birds of the Gulf Coast.


Big oil came to collect revenue
Ocean water's select chosen few
In fail safe memory we look again
Forever our brown pelican friend

She soared over waters crystal blue
Rigs offered her a landing site or two
Companies came with talk clean and slick
To the Gulf Coast with their ilk and ick

Off the shore she strove to interact
As oil rigs stood ready under attack
Fail safe version now only fairy tale
Slurry blurs the blame then turns tail

Initial hopeful reports captures eyes
Unfolding a proud creature's demise
Brown pelican's sleepy life too soon
Creatures now within black lagoon