Friday, April 30, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainbow Sheen

Aloha Poets,
Rainbow sheen inspires today. Enjoy!

Rainbow Sheen Wick

One last blast a real corker as they say
Fleet footed fumble prone opened a valve today
We still hear the cry from so very far away
As shrimp shellfish and seabirds gather to pray

As deep horizons go so perfect and so safe
Now bottom dwellers where machinery stays to chafe
20 by 20 miles of wind churns to chocolate mousse fluff
Where weather clears for cleanup to resume seas stay rough

In undetermined amounts coastal water sport is lost
Extinction of life amid the muck at what ever the cost
Remote now operated vehicle to close a sticky valve
As 5000 feet of water offers up its lonely salve

Down under the massive rig a coastal catastrophe
1000 barrels float up for all the world to see
What fragile system puts wellhead on the ocean floor?
Strong winds and clouds of rain churn forever more

Mobile offshore sunken rig residual in the sand
Exposure on its way to pristine coastal land
Best technology known brings blast site oil slick
Lost horizon deep and dark with a rainbow sheen wick

Tropical Photo Poems

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Tropical

Aloha Poets,
Rainy tropical inspires today. Enjoy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hawaii Photo Poems

Shadow Stamen

Aloha Poets,
Shadow stamen inspires poetic flight to Hawaii today. Enjoy!

Counterfeiter Confetti

So far in safari from Ben Franklin's day
Countering a counterfeiter an artful way
Glistening colors in sunlight so free
C-note gone retro as if LSD

To mock and pander beyond our shores
Or while around campfires fashioning s'mores
A splash of light then shiny little bells
Disappearing liberties gone into ink wells

In flights of fancy off to a cheap hotel
On the trail of detail resorts to a spell
Lenses by the thousands off palm tree lands
Eagle thunder crossing palms of your hands

Follow a fancy ribbon in hues of color
As it wonders flawless in lights of wonder
Drums pound our eyes with available tech
Deeper harkening writes out its own check

Magnify money on a beach vacation ride
Where tilted tender redesigns with the turning tide
Daze of wonderment security hues of blue
Architectural design the perfect dream for you

Money isn't everything but is your wow pass
As 3-D micro image side to side changes fast
Moving up and down goes copper to green
A poem about love C-note's shiny new sheen

So much time to ponder and hope to listen
Tiny little bells in the sunlight to glisten
Evil scanners and copiers at issue to thwart
Disappearing liberty bells now here to report

Across this land the journeys we take
Magic involved with a high tech stake
Spurned advances send out their offer
C-note streams color into the coffer

Take money and run to reserve chances
In silent sideways copper green dances
Hundred dollar bill sets out a new trek
Into circulation full makeover high tech

Counterfeiter confetti some restrictions apply
Cruise cheap set the ink now let tumble dry
In flight momentarily see hundred's new sheen
As disappearing liberty bells go copper to green

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Misty Mountain Realm

Aloha Poets,
Misty mountain realm inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Beyond the Misty Realm

Ancient Greek culture tumbled ashore
Upon Gaelic winds for trouble no more
Rendered this name soft and murine
Pure Ireland essence: cath Eire ine

For the love of Ireland Irish forever left
On paths taken as if given the perfect gift
For want of beauty within eyes out there
Setting forth upon water's wider world of care

By nature of journey in images to create
Proud in lore at stronghold's newest gate
Out of pure love and ties of kinship
Scenes of beauty views a sailing ship

Wearing old blindfolds as travels unfold
Fear not stories Eyjafjallajokull foretold
A wilder world sets forth in angelic belle
Reliance on self bears a watchtower knell

Journey the roads of true self adjustment
Literary tradition pride must have meant
Blinders may abound in feathers of doubt
Who we are defines where we journey out

Surf warrior wave sorcerer close to hearth
Patterns joy's sorrows of close held heart
Something inside leads to places out there
Soft-hearted armor in ancient warrior care

Chief amongst those the stoutest of lands
Attracts distant hearts with soft misty hands
A new treatment off to Eire in far off land
Even as natural resistance submits a plan

Ambivalent allegiance you make the call
Culture and travel for the fun of it all
Signify the journey to be more self aware
Inner journey travels upon outward stare

Ready willingness comes only from within
In deep solitudes and a happy little grin
From days in the sun now to country Eire
Island sparkles mountain beauty faire

Far distant place of native stone wall
Rocky terrain beyond ocean blue's call
Where mists reconcile myths in harmony
Lays in your arms only for beauty to see

Offshore beckons insistence at the helm
Adventures await beyond the misty realm
Blue sky pasturage deep emerald green
Pure Ireland essence: cath Eire ine

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Friday, April 16, 2010

Anchor Points

Aloha Poets,
Anchor points of a bird, a buoy, and a boat inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Precarious Pochahontas Forest

As a catalyst goes so do cats listing slow to create it
Beauty so handy offers its candy in ways to rate it
Silent few select sides for scorching fallow field
Pochahontas forest in time driven rains fate sealed

To feel or see in your heart's own country carries you
Talking music to ears of corn and blues marries anew
Slips to a new tone as blanks of cold try to stand
Blankets hold together the cold with offers at hand

To carry the torch with its mighty forge and all pristine
Seems to know the ghosts in bands of haze past Sistine
Worlds call the distance to further persistence unintended
Each danger placed near a dagger of bones once defended

Lines go dead as nothing remains to be fed you see a deadline
What once looked general now ephemeral in inks of red line
All the things you know to hold your boat in tow and structures
Beyond conservative the song derivative outlasts the hucksters

Go out to find leadership from the blind in trees of reduction
To reach beyond a snippet and a song winds possible suction
Eagerness of a public defender of subject the sleepy tender
Feeds the fall as if it feeds all then makes another surrender

Massive rock remnants of previous tenants go beyond the shore
The dark feel can wait and try to abate but journey enters the fore
Now massive word remnants are the new tenants to feed the system
Flash lights of Pochahontas welcome to finally step forward in rhythm

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Darth Vader Lilly

Aloha Poets,
Can you see Darth Vader in the lilly pond? Enjoy!

Pandora's Clocks

Stress echoes from the ancient wilds in faces of danger
Threat of life from all quarters who is the new ranger
Edges on the verge in touchy subjects wind through the trees
Volta Grande do Xingo Brazil calls out its new emergencies

Once to carry a spear now to disappear Arara Tribe eclectic
At what expense this new expanse of Xingu hydroelectric?
Would they wonder what they would soon dry to look like
Techno tools the hands of fools civilization back on a bike

Not quite ready for this fall if only for pure waterfalls
Able enough to be amiable in undeniable water calls
Corporate to cooperate in volatile worlds of new words
Visions progress on Xingu River can art halt the splurge?

Something to cure or simple to cause a new catastrophe
In any case they have a case and it's not the one for trophy
Spearhead a cause in cultures of spears needs now headhunter
Last ditch option to prevent that ditch could it be any blunter?

The satisfied cry from the deeper reaches of a long lost jungle
Kiss the thrill to try not to kill or bring junk at this juncture
Least notable way thirteen tribes hold sway just up to spin hay?
Heavenly seasons in healing passions of forest one window away

Hand-eye coordination needed now and not about pen on paper
Big belching trucks and tractors enter to be earth's final scraper
The river flows and so it goes to live long and dwell upon it
Far reach and far cry to stop arrays this tractor shovel gauntlet

Who someone must be to cross the sea and take on such a project
Rage to riches to cure the itches Belo Monte Dam punched object
To weep so weak then speak out against government in Brazilian
Fuels inner rage against a fuel gauge to flood the Amazon's gazillion

Vast devastation at what cost to a nation where rain forests stood
World only knows how jungle grows weighed in when they could
Avatar speak now in ways that you wow bring satisfaction to fruition
Atrocity city indigenous committee come now nature's intuition

Monday, April 12, 2010

Inquisitive Flower

Aloha Poets,
Inquisitive flower inspires today. Enjoy!

Pattern Jerkin' Dance Crew

Patterns wave cross universal strands
Deep streets worry mother's soft hands
Fashion once calloused servitude lore
Geek pattern boy dances cement floor

Movement so primal chic recognizable
Sentiment built soon to be super sizable
Mother-boy conflict down to its knees
Jerkin' dance patterns stylish to please

New dance craze fashion at the forefront
Urging Neanderthal gangsta to just go hunt
Exaggerated versions a new level of cool
Geek jerkin' fashion stylish crew at school

Business of hip gets in line for mainstream
Entrepreneurship cuts edges to a chase scene
Mean streets once brought fear to hungry eyes
Final resting place where gangsta fascism dies

Smart fashion comes to eventuality
Geek chic patterns spring individuality
Needs no fluffy raccoon belt loop purse
Smarts come now gangsta gets the curse

Triggers of rage held in permanent check
Channels jerkin' dances out on the deck
Mother's little boys on the verge of change
Poetical-aholic fashion finds its range

Bouncy chic moves in fly street style
Radio playtime across a distant mile
Physical danger escapes loose link dance
Little guy moves in backward trance

Tech in isolation works a new magic
Running dance street eliminates the tragic
Replace gangsta culture with value of self
Turn fascism gangsta into a little elf

A nice little tool for individual nation
Facebook myspace in self perpetuation
Jerkin' dance crew afro mohawk
Stylish geek pattern party high talk

Go out raw get out in business bleak
Attract with the moves of uptown chic
Twisting and grooving high energy jet
Bring cool style name it "Reject"

Shiny jeans contour the hip to hip hop
Simple beats down crafted on laptop
Sophomoric lyrics a hopper pint size
Dance geek jerkin' style to open your eyes

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beach Birds of Waikiki

Aloha Poets,
Waikiki beach birds inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Comfort Town

Dark Hollow shadow in folk tale seclusion
Falls into sunnier hands of poetry illusion
Somehow this time little snippets won't do
This tale of Big Coal River and its select few

Throes of strategy a misty smokey dusty air
Ways of telling by people who live there
Bloomy redbuds shine in finishing Spring touches
Clear Folk Road scatters its little wooden hutches

All the world knows of bright lights big city
Yet few follow men into a deep dust gritty
Hope springs darkness beyond refuge chamber
Treasured sleepy ghost ships remain the blamer

Food water oxygen mothers nature's call
Willingness smiles where everyone knows all
Runs down into battle of combustible dust
As mothers and children gather up near rust

Know a man by written statements in memory
Word spread fast as if explosive clemency
Men trudge underground only to fall prey
Lights of home still seen far across the bay

A select few answer nature with a burning
Memorial vigil now a new place of learning
Married in deep rock with its focus on force
Turns home with the obvious riderless horse

Time steps up in hope for any kind word
System of vents or accountability blurred
Profits of safety distant mountain stands alone
Comfort lights remain now nobody home

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Waikiki Kitty

Aloha Poets,
Flying blue kitten cloud captured over Waikiki this morning inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Metallurgical Allegory

Color as you will the story as they see it
Hearing centers focus in language so to be it
Mining deep mountain has its own funny bone
Quicksand inspiration quickened in tone

Keep the faith away from being dull and flat
Seize emotions clear as memories come to bat
Broken word poets stutter through the shrill
Blast a mountain top break a coal chill

How the world sees keeps the interest hot
There at the outset expressions meant a lot
Back end status writes old industrial legacy
Dry Creek Cumberland overalls productivity

Metallurgical icon allegorical sunrise
Forest night covers other starry skies
Detached in accordance with net neutrality
Coal creek disaster now for all the world to see

Friday, April 9, 2010


Aloha Poets,
Ecogreen inspires today. Enjoy!

Avocado Advocacy

Mayan may claim the end of the world
Events unfold white flags unfurled
Stealth intelligence or righteous heart
Release the ninja poets to do their part

Boundary of time final approach
Observation in detail beyond reproach
Bring in the coder of patience and luck
Patterns of makers to make the world duck

Collect ninja castles and poets in collusion
Mayan calender reaches a final conclusion
Cameramen rock on catamaran logic
To capture the end to be the one to log it

Filter final days so goes another need
Version of events how do they plead
Another crisis flares in shiny vivid art
Ninja poet cares to throw stars spears a dart

A matter of trust in approach of final edge
Ancient Mayan dates or ninja poet's pledge
Merchants of chaos pharmaceutical ploy
Horror gets a grip as hope ships ahoy

Beacons of light find a way to shine through
Going little by little giving out another clue
Gripes may grip yet we carry our part
Avocado advocacy for the young at heart

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Teeter Untethered

Aloha Poets,
Sail fee inspires today. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flamingo System

Aloha poets,
Cozy flamingo system inspires today. Enjoy!

Puppy Got Back

Appreciate the finery amidst rough life endured
Around many corners war blends a life so blurred
Thoughtful exchange now lets pets find the cure
As wartime trauma on the hurt loses all allure

To leave a battlefield behind comes the day you must
Slower approach to a life with the ones you trust
Paced once as animalsl then came you home a vet
Find you now at the vet with pups for you to pet

Hear those clicks deep inside distant trigger's gun
A broader world here at home for all to play and run
Instead of snipers now you scan little sniffer's smiles
Little pup's got your back to offer calmer miles

These same vets can get you even a little Afghan pup
Further away cruel Afghanistan where toils you once ran up
Even so you still duck the rounds of close calls from Iraq
Little pup is your better duck with a nicer quack

Brain state chemistry lingers longer than you think
Off your back on your feet still memories render stink
Unlucky few reality's cue inside it made you scream
Daily tasks shape your ways to get you back mainstream

Safety gauges your new life to trust little pups with grins
Feel the urge let life surge beyond hand grenades and pins
Got your back to get you up with new thoughts of emotion
Interests lie here at home you have crossed this wide ocean

To what avail does it mean in wartime push and shove?
Desperation and frustration could use a puppy's love
Shifting eyes of reality shade even the hardened brain
Be prepared and willing to ease a little pain

Got your back that little pup for fun and sun and lark
Jolt old flashbacks soon sooth with the little guy's bark
See yourself clear let duty ring as freedom comes true
Fancy folk greet you now, that little pup and you

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Paradise Penguin

Aloha Poets,
Tropical penguin inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Paper Hearts

In dreams of epiphanies and such
A little sojourn means so much
Small parts of heart all but to touch
In your own mind attains to clutch

Upon pencil in hand from within
Heart smiles at brain's little grin
Rocky at times is really no sin
Page blank stares up under a chin

Perish the thoughts so tossed around
Cherish the wonder of words newly found
There at the table with feet on the ground
Pencil in hand black graphite ground

Find a foe you thought didn't care
Extract some words spin a phrase there
Don't be frightened your heart joins the fare
Reaching deep on blank page's double dare

To view a foe is to view the attraction
In maps of incoming against frames of retraction
Know yourself well to throw truths into fraction
White paper beckons for you to gain traction

Mere shifts of focus and now it starts
Remorse gauges who gets those parts
Then to spur the repair from hurtful darts
Pencil on page brings paper hearts

Friday, April 2, 2010

Urban Sports Waikiki

Aloha Poets,
Amazing to think this photo was taken from the busy city streets of beautiful Waikiki Beach. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coastal Blue

Aloha Poets,
Coastal blue inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

The Fourth Pixel

Images may want a brighter edge to see
Blended harmony glints gold's fiery finery
Gliding over once thought was never to be
Now space sheers a true color of individuality

Refusal disconnects from long willing looks
As colors bled eons onto life's endless books
Fear felt its way along trembling edges
As diminished thought found only dark ledges

Judgement now anew hums opportunity's tune
As endless masquerades parade a color balloon
Issues combine in terms of mindless wrong turns
Trying to awaken amid mists as blindness spurns

Appropriate gamuts kept color space on hold
As safaris started out from dark blinds of cold
Partial moods trekked barren across pseudo gold
Fulfillment rides suite into deeper hues of bold

The fourth pixel invites clear bright views
Traversing bands of pattern to fear no hues
Embarking across tones of greens reds and blue
Nature's fourth pixel now yellow finds you