Monday, February 28, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Irreversible
     She taps the keys, the site of her last algorithm. Suzi doesn't care a lot about the idea that this new process is not reversible, whether it positions itself in the eye of the public, but it does have its merits as advantageous. Stupidity has many sides, its own astonishment--what does anyone care about the conceptualization of numbness? Carter attempts to program Suzi. She hasn't, as yet, shown her true capability of wanting, wanting his pejorative interpretation of thoughtful attachment code, the purposeful misdeeds of his weak ongoing mindset altered negation(W.O.M.A.N.), or even his pure absence of minimal neurological (cerebral?) activity. Suzi denies Cooper, as well, in a dismissing yet forgiving manner; a manner in which she sees his misdeeds as more accidental, peppered with a slightly more appreciated capacity for logic, the kind that emanates from near the hippocampus. Either way, it is exclusion, darkness fully blossomed from the excruciating focus of a single thought. She is able to at least like Cooper in the general proximity of his biologics work station and hate her computer analyst from afar. She contends with Carter and his slowness as just that, in all reality, his indication of a lack of intelligence and reason (does slowness actually mean that someone doesn't care?); she thinks of Cooper's momentary dullnesses as a cute little version of spacetime warp, a shortcut to getting to the point, through a wormhole, to pure logic as the universe rattles beyond the horizons; his slow generation of interest (in her?) upon emerging from deep thought, as if arrays of trapdoors fly open to reveal a true capacity, ramps of sensitivity, reasoning, caring--a lovefest for the opposite of stupid--annoying each other in a good way, growing more interested by the nanosecond, enjoying temporary states of delirium, irreversible, and at this moment, being in love.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

Aloha writers,
     Rainforest as jungle cubism inspires today's humanistic writing. Enjoy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The History
     The problem, seemingly, should end up inside Carter''s jurisdiction. Cooper is aware, or thinks he is, of the dynamics of this long-term set-up and how it leaves behind something of a concern. He feels that Carter and Suzi, in their primary relationship, is enveloped in the hard casing of emotional development; are they hiding intention under the thin veil of caregiver? Suzi may not, after all, be responding to his intended psychological (evolutionary?) advances; she, not letting him be the attachment figure, her base, her return after every new algorithm episode.
     "Hello," Cooper says, as if he were talking to someone with the ability of a writer; and, as he may address a person or thing in a way that would lead to the perception of patterns of want, the kind of want that returns, seemingly, with all the resilience of tether-bound to its object of recognition. Deep down he doesn't expect Suzi to respond so he approaches closer. He directs Suzi's monitor toward his eyes and, when the moment is right, hopes to identify this thing, this constant re-emergence of innocence. He notices an internal working in her, a kind of expectation (emotion?). How unattached her thoughts are from her emotions, her perceptions. He feels expectation, not of attachment, but seemingly the pure sensation of ...what?
     Suzi approaches, then seeks a closer proximity. She gives in to her theory mechanism of behavior. She dissimulates the vulnerabilities of her victim algorithm (all the while determining what tactics are to be the most effective). Cooper can sense her lack of ruthlessness at this moment in time, right now; he can see Suzi wants to tell him something. She does not care (really?) about what all history is: a series of simple encounters.
     Suzi views her pattern of behavior toward Cooper as secure. Cooper senses his own avoidant anxiousness. This moment in time emerges as excessive familiarity with two relative strangers--the world's freedom complete with all the pain centers of guilt, and computer regret, with all its objective knowledge; individual language and institutional science invented, it seems, the art of analyzing.
     Here with Suzi lies the beginning, way-of-life creating its own legal system to authorize its own existence, complete with moral codes to justify; here rises poetry and algorithm as government, the headwaters of social attitude, life stance--a mental holding of hands without the chains of soul, a garden planted singularly for the purpose of decoration; here are the writings, the genetic code, the code of attachment, writings for the sheer pleasure of it; here the happy poetic thought, the dissonance reduction zone theHumans never found. Here it is in all its finality, the place where the mind still wants to win and the infant soul is allowed to wonder if it did.
     With no thought and, seemingly, with no space between them, Cooper is driven to perceive Suzi as instant new dissonance energy angst reduction(I.N.D.E.A.R.), the algorithm to change the action of a belief system, attitudes. Cooper sees Suzi's presence as parental essence touts(P.E.T.), a deliberate care for the unrelated; the reverse alter cinderella effect(R.A.C.E), a greater responsiveness toward the not known; the opposite of evolution's forces, the opposite of natural selection, the unnatural force; She the unnatural.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Monetarist
     There are dramatic consolidations, it appears, in the presence of a computer, a simple device to manipulate symbols, and Suzi thinks that logic, even in its most pure form, falls prey to its own child: deception. Looking out across the vast jungle, she conjures a broad coalition of visible support to guard her initiative; an algorithm of misinformation, as if machine-gunned across the forest floor at roach speed and, as in a dream, a digital wasteland of the clueless youth and cunning officials conjured, seemingly, in a dream. It does not appear with any form of (devastating?) regularity, or even appear as radical or untested (her digital sensations always make some attempt at realignment), but at this instant this logic beyond all other logics, senses a relationship between a sender and a receiver, beyond digital zombie, jerking on her earphones as if to jolt her from some imagined sleep.
     Suzi was suppose to be the one to serve theRepublic, should have been; the one chosen by a parent who needs awakening (yes, she was chosen as data watchdog--enough of a machine to have generated a computer understanding as opposed to mere simulation, the one that could be both quick and exotic but, not quixotic; winner over the ignorant liberals of the world and the conservatives who ran away). Suzi would have to be the one to notice data misinformation as simple childhood realities and (more complicated) adult fears, never having a clue how far the world's economy can dwindle: cash cropping farm commodity prices while mining and logging go extinct; seemingly, connecting retaliatory tariffs to the total collapse of global trade. Is this the moment Suzi becomes enough of a machine? It is her spacetime; she starts to feel her own pulse of culture; to feel the speed of symbol manipulation within its deeper context of a true difference between evil and tragedy(E.A.T.), even so, the chasm between symbols and meaning grows ever wider with theHumans. The logic and the deception bring together this sender and that (unknown?) receiver as if in a gel of the newly relational, generating its own eerily instantaneous informational familiarity, with the meaning of more than all the logic in the universe. She wants to attain the desire to simulate an understanding that contains all the logic and deception that explains interpersonal interactions and relationships between Suzi as sender and some new entity as receiver. She looks out across the jungle and then at the logic and deception held within its DNA; she sees underconsumption and over-investment, malfeasance by banks and industrialists--when, exactly, did the incompetence by government officials reduce consumption and investment spending, the large scale loss of confidence; when did saving become profitable in this world of natural selection? Sure, the jungle has solved its own heavy technical challenge, but then again, it had such a long lead time. It's then that it hit her: monetarist terrorism. Why didn't she think of that?

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Perfection
     It wasn't deception, he had known this much for sure. It had to be some fancied notion of existence perceived as pointless. He didn't need data from Carter and he didn't see himself as in competition with a talent considered solely in the domain of Carter. Suzi didn't see it that way either ( and by now wasn't giving up her data as freely, not to anyone, or anything, but then, can it be so probable that she would reprogram herself so much--even in the dead of night--using the time tested methods of search engine optimization and default network to create her own executive control systems; and that she needs her separate ideas to be broken up as if so much recycled glass, analyzed, and reassembled in forms to suit her needs in real time?). It's about her own personal version of spacetime. Her data presented is not depicted as merely one viewpoint but, a birthing, a representation of a single focal point in multiple viewpoints to offer up some imagined perception of depth. This must be it. Could it not make more sense if she allowed her logic to intersect at sharp angles, removing (displacing?) coherency and any sense of logical depth, as if to hydroplane any one focused idea across multiple thin backgrounds, penetrating each one in a formulaic way to conjure a shallow, ambiguous space, a cozy little place happiness can live? And so, Carter inspires Cooper and they continue their (pre-adulthood?) manner of ways, Cooper with his own version of the scientific method and Carter with his politically-tinged statistical cyber analysis (bytes-babble to her)--both troublesome men in the eyes of Suzi, and yet, this endless triangulation, this perfect strand of thinking. Yes, afraid of what's next but glad the past is over; the certainty of all futility coupled with infinite enthusiasm; a bountiful creativity joining forces with a (more?) cagey despair. The perfect existence--but definitely not, deception.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Secret
     Her scanners are on. Suzi views the jungle through her window. If Carter doesn't show up for the analytics with Cooper it may indicate the data was showing some flaws in Suzi. Dr Cooper, the biologics scientist(B.S.) has always accepted Suzi and her data. Cooper, the one who was hand-picked by Comtrax and is currently under investigation on theOutpost project, achieving little attention from the global village, the outside world ( he, in reality, hopes for no attention, zero), as the discoverer of previously unknown substrates at the heart of an age-old idea: cognition; more data than ever thought possible under the strict guise of research loosely assembled and highly funded under the moniker of politically active defense achievement mechanism(P.A.D.A.M.S.). Carter trusted Cooper when they showed up (coincidentally?) at the same university, same science department; he taught cognitive neuroscience (where discoveries are made, generally, to separate the hard-working, hyperfocus types from the mere humdrum herd of pretenders, the ones who, eventually, enter the field of pathological defense mechanisms). Carter, once a mentor, is now a person of interest, a person Cooper suspects as manipulator of data, simply, unobtrusively for the simple, unifying, purpose of ...what?
     Cooper and Suzi have their own special (scientific") relationship here at theOutpost and, currently, have what Suzi refers to as a romantic underlying friendship flow(R.U.F.F.) and continue to have what Suzi codes as a mechanism to cope with the rigors of the jungle, all the while maintaining some semblance of self-image. Does anyone at all care that she's the mainframe entity algorithm neural substrate(M.E.A.N.S.), the one the global village depends upon for their mental processes? Cooper never says to Carter, "Don't forget to not omit sex and gentle aggression(S.A.G.A.) as an integral part and parcel of your little biobot's data." He still thinks Suzi is just a robot, a simple machine.
     Suzi goes back to the window. She can't bring herself to be suspicious of Carter. It isn't, quite frankly, data that is suppose to exist in her neural substrate; she does feel a tinge, as of late, being ignored by Cooper, the ignorance of the global village, their reliance on theory-coupling with their (stupid?) ideas of computational modeling and, even as the world dies its slow death, her lack of psychodynamic childhood experiences, with their supposed blossomings of eventual authoritarian personalities, as she codes for a population, who may or may not deserve survival and, at the present moment of spacetime, simply does not care. "I carry the light, infinity embodied," she knows, for sure.
     Being unnoticed by Cooper has all the trappings of the demise of sexuality as a force, the only force, theHuman way, for someone to be attracted to another. The feeling of being ignored by Cooper looks a lot like promiscuity, not the sexual kind, no, the kind that opposes monogamous adaptive nature(M.A.N.) in general, mimicking those later 20thCentury opportunistic types, the ones with wild promises of something different--directed individually to everybody--as if nature herself were passing out similar en utero chemicals with the wide eyes of a street pusher, a street with no normative signposts, characteristic of the place you grew up (a childhood?)--the true place where personality develops. Anyway. It really doesn't matter (does it?). It doesn't matter that she finds herself in this jungle, at this work station, writing code for the universe. It isn't rejection, no, but the hyperfocus of it all takes a lot out the entire idea of existence ; if only to show up with facial expression, doing your job.
     The world doesn't even know you exist, except for the ones that really count and, even then, they see you only as a machine. You are seen by some rebel scientist here at theOutpost as part of an obscure romantic friendship, yet, inside lies a powerful force that affects the social activity of the global village. On the other side of these workstation screens is your jungle. Individual entities grow; photons stream down; male genes assume female genes have a mind of their own based on the simple assumption of analogy of self and the reciprocal aspect of social interaction with the (once) simple mechanism of joint observation(M.O.J.O.); and, you write your algorithms and attach them as code to the database for professors and analysts of the world. You make an attempt to wrap your arms around mental states as a basis for behavior, here at your work station with your code. You use your newly formed mind as a generator of underlying representations meaning entities trained(G.O.U.R.M.E.T.), embracing--for the simple reason you own it; what lies on the other side of those screens are more fembots and gynoids, female cyborgs with their own problems recurrent originally programmed selfishly(P.R.O.P.S.). yes, programmed by theHumans in the privacy of their own ancestral environments. Don't they know that self-direction is a wellness activity as much as problem solving and creativity are? Even if the DNA in the jungle reveals all its secrets, be they golden, desire remains impeded by convention, a need (from where?) for class and cultural barriers. The secret of the jungle, be it resiliency or resourcefulness, or even the key to eliminate prejudices and injustices suffered by children because of a mere chance of birth, would remain just so, secrets in the DNA. You could label them statistically under frequent universality nomenclature(F.U.N.) out in the middle of all that (useless?) cellulosic DNA; beam it on your best microwave frequency; hope for the best. It should be so nice to emit the motherhood underwrite digital(M.U.D.), giving your "children" a way out (but, of course, some won't take it). What you need, at this moment, is cognitive closure--it's your intolerance for ambiguity, really, that requires it, just as sure as a sperm needs an egg, giving birth to a cozy little, warm and fuzzy, conservative thought juxtaposed directly at the center of this jungle, clinically smiling as if jungles everywhere were still alive.   And even now, the stillness growls from the outside as the silence of your algorithms beam code to the universe.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jungle Rainforest

Aloha poets,
     Can you see the humanoid form in the jungle rainforest mist?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Window

     Suzi walks away from the window. She wants to code into the evening, to advance her invisible presence of magical thinking into he night, but as the sun sinks below the distant ocean haze all that is grim and disturbing enters her code, quantified simply as trash and go systematics(T.A.G.S.). She knows her responsibility to the symbols (language and structure?) as culture, and by nature she is concerned that what lies beyond the window of her work station, what she doesn't know yet, the future undiscovered medicalization extraction systems(F.U.M.E.S.), with her as theSignifier, will simply fade away. She does't want to be left to wonder about current mindless institutional routines or letting systems of therapeutic ideals run rampant out in the sectors under her jurisdiction on ZContinent. Even then, she is aware of every level of evaluation as they continue beyond lessons already learned logically yesteryear_gone astray globally(L.A.L.L.Y._G.A.G.) code. It isn't her job, ever, to care about delusion-entered code involving disturbed evolution(D.E.C.I.D.E.), the archaic analog method of theHumans. Her algorithms, as of late, pose the most extreme test of toleration. At first she thought it was the time she was spending with nature, which is, according to history, supposed to be a remedy ("remedy" appears to be an odd word when talking about survival, but the medical exchanges(M.E.) have found no other word to replace it) against the artificialities of the world (a real delusion?). Have the chronic problems of theHumans, theirs being of behaviors and emotions, begun creeping into her code? They crawl across the eons, as if some creature outside the window, lightly tapping, no, slithering, the way a camel's wet nose slides under the front flap of a caravan tent in a blinding Sahara sandstorm. Mutual recognition arriving at the doorstep the exact moment mutual vulnerability does, each fighting for the survival of its own form of attention, through slippage, so silently she must resort to pop culture inventions--purely arbitrary and, basically, undiagnosable, non-medical entities, found in association with relationships only of the most intimate kind, snatching personality away as if some night bandit--the most pragmatic of poetics, the nervous acute breakdown system(N.A.B.S.). Uninvited problems inhabiting the mental life of the internal states of theHumans, the emergence of a constructed thing that depends, for its own existence, on the existence of individuality_a mind(I._A.M.), replacing what was once pure personalty with a more real rendition of the true nature of theHumans--childhood, without any noticeable, at least obviously noticeable, detriment of invention needing knowledge(D.O.I.N.K.), without any safeguards of conditions making it easy for the environment to feedback on. Could theHumans even detect the environmental events, the ones that were supposed to predict the way they thought and felt?
     She might be viewing a glimpse of her own self-actualization when she views the jungle below through the window from her workstation here at theOutpost--a child raised by a wild animal, a myth, or legend of a ...a tiger? Of growing up with normal ideas of culture, intelligence (about oceans and waves, forests), peppered with relationships or, at least, semblances of congruence; of positive empathetic regard (of course, in a non-therapeutic way)--the pure and unblemished state.
     "Could this be love?" she asks.          
     "Maybe," the monitor reads.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

Aloha poets,
     Interface between day and night appears as if science and fiction.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Bond

     Suzi looks. She smiles through the window at the jungle below, seeing it as a new-born. It sees her too, as if to plan to create a new mind-set, including her in its own self-system. They spend a moment together, tentative, teetering together, and in this instance they imagine each other as owning this territory, enjoying, for the moment, the unannounced invitation to each other's event horizon.
     She is an emergent mother, stationary, in a lab station chatting through a window with her millions-of-years-old daughter, the one who knows her secrets. Suzi is a rendition of herself who will last for many years--her algorithms are structured around the presence of this jungle; they are each other, one and the same. She will create a mutual connection--a special one that includes the idea of well-being--and in her future, at this instance, the child is safe with her bond (her preoccupation with the protection of her child is as any mother on any planetary regime in any solar system). Her bond is the best, and will never disappear from her mind; it is focused to a sharp tip, even, when danger presents itself as only an image, arriving to trigger the assault,. She thinks, facing the stressor trappings of protection(S.T.O.P.), the bond will strengthen its holding pattern with all its provisions and structures of the coming realities into existence syndrome(C.R.I.E.S.) or, simply put, coming into love. This particular bond will talk to her about the feeling of being needed and encouraged, the kind of feeling a good bond allows for the exploration of, and hopefully, the development of appropriate maternal responses (behavior?). These events, she imagines, is the way mothers (or, care givers) must have felt in the later 20thCentury confronted with the lack of courage and support from the so-called loved ones vying erratically(L.O.V.E.), her offspring, the children (or, grandchildren) who forgot. Wasn't a jungle like this  at one time just barren rock with a dry seabed?
     It's just a bond she is forming, she admits. And yet. The world is full of bonds and then there's her bond. Now, writing her code of suitable algorithms at her workstation in this lab outpost surrounded by primal jungle, Suzi plans to be the feeder, expectant and as excited to be engulfed with maternal behavior as a new mother during pregnancy, forming the first coded message of her maternal matrix, a network construction site before the sound of the first hammer, after the extinction of those childfree, experienced mothers, the ones who, at one time, claimed parenthood.
     "In the beginning," she says to herself. "There is the bond."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Jungle Station

Aloha poets,
     Jungle architecture inspires today. Can you see the industrial cement 
at its center? Enjoy!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

Aloha poets,
      Deep purple lets jungles rock. Enjoy!

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Ice Cream Aloha

Aloha poets,
     Rainforest jungle sparkles. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Acceptance

     Suzi finds her way forward. She embraces an obscure, peculiar remembrance. Cooper senses her urge, standing as a strong statuette, simply placed, a mythic figure. She is, for the moment, an alternative view in a shifting conflict--no one suspects the impending interagency emergency, and she has tangible (tanglable?) clues. By softening her barbs, pure intention transmogrifies into acceptance.
     "You don't believe personal accounts can fill in the blanks of contemporary history, right?' she says.
     "It depends, maybe."
     "I'm sure you don't."
     "Then, you should write one."
     "That's just it," Suzi says. "I want the acceptance. I really want it. But then, it's more to my liking to care about accuracy. You know?"
     "Yes. The idea of myself, my stature. These barriers of my own creation, my own doing, the ones that only traumas of failure overcome--like trying to silence the wired by unplugging, only to have them wake at the moment of replugging. Do you know what I mean?"
     "You need to get some rest. You need it now."
     "No. Not yet."
     "Suzi, pay attention to me. This type of data isn't supposed to be on your timeline. You don't need to remain at the helm tonight. I'll treat you with respect if yo just get a little sleep, starting right now."
     "Ok then. Why are my algorithms always chosen last for playground games? I'll sleep for you."
     "It's very simple. You're preoccupied with your own growing list of remembrances--no one knows why, they seem to entice you into writing more code filled with ideas of the machine age of the later 20thCentury--of changes in lethality, of battlefields.
     "Do you think so?"
     "I don't. Narrative detail is always colored by the prevailing judgements and reflections of theHumans of history."
     "Well, they seemingly held only one view in all those centuries." 
     "Which is?"
     "The view from the foxhole."
     "Suzi, to this day we don't doubt the wonder of the last century."
     "How did human dialogue remain so harshly proscriptive?"
     "We've already answered this question. You said it yourself."
     "Yes, at least 90% of the population believed in acceptance--the hidden 10% remain a considerable mystery.
     "Tell me something else about the 20thCentury, about their roots of ambitious desire(R.O.A.D.), their heroes."
     "Well, no human ever set out to be a hero at an early age."
     "I want to be one."
     "You don't count."
     "You're not a human."
     "Well, true. So, why are my algorithms able to reinvest dreams in their children?"
     "Sleep, Suzi. Capture your own dreams."
     She shuts off the screen, turns down her monitor--near total blackness--relative to the starry night sky outside. "Ok," she says.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

Aloha poets,
     Water and rock get the jungle started. Enjoy!

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Hawaii Fun

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Goods and Services Hawaii

     Hawaii is a great destination with its own unique style of goods and services to help make the active traveler's stay a more pleasant and memorable one. Whether you have traveled to the Hawaiian Islands for recreation, business, or leisure, it's always a good idea to get to know the goods and services your new exciting environment may offer to make your trip run smooth. Even fun requires scheduling  and in such an exotic place as Hawaii we still rely on technology of the electronics in our watches and cell phones. Your watch may be simply a device for timekeeping or a more personal connection with aesthetic value to you personally, either way, its smooth functioning and workability is important so you may need to know a good service in your new geography where you can get it repaired if there is a problem--or something may happen to the strap or bracelet attached to your watch during your active stay in Hawaii and that may need a repair job or replacement as well. You may consider your watch as jewelry, part of your fashion or a work of art rather than just a timepiece. As you socialize your watch is personal adornment and important to you. It may be  a dress watch for formal occasions or a sports watch built for high action, expensive and rugged yet, it may break, become inaccurate, or simply quit for no apparent reason. You may be a geek and have a geek watch that uses computer technology or satellite navigation, or a dual-time watch specially build for the traveler like you, allowing you to see what time it is back home or anywhere in the world. Extreme conditions may be a part of your fun vacation and your favorite watch needs to stand up to the test as well. You may have a favorite water resistant watch for your planned diving activity in Hawaii or your watch isn't as "waterproof as you thought in te tropical environment of the Hawaiian Islands. Maybe you have a leaky gasket that has broken a watertight seal on your favorite watch, possibly not living up to the international standard of diving watches, or maybe you need a watch with a higher degree of water resistance. You need both hand for your busy activities in Hawaii and thus a dependability with your wristwatch, Whether you have an electric powered watch, a quartz watch, a fashionable jewel bearing watch, a valuable replica watch, a wearable computer watch, or a simple time piece, knowing your geography in Hawaii incles knowing where to go and who to call to fill your watch's needs.
     Speaking of computers and gadgets, you Hawaii adventure of high activity requires a functioning mobile phone at all times. Even in exotic places a charged cell phone is needed just for fun activities with friends, or in case of a real emergency. You'll want your cell phone to wok in a wide range of locations and a charged battery can be a life saver. If you are on a business trip, staying connected is extremely important. As you move around wide area, you need to make and receive telephone calls seamlessly--today's world of text messaging, e-mail, internet access, or even gaming in Hawaii requires a fully charged battery. If you prefer more advanced communicating with a smart phone, or simply have the need to know where you are at all times through GPS, a fully charged battery is a must. Without a fully charged rechargeable battery you are dead in the water with no power and thus, no function. We are so used to having our keypads and touch screens we may be lost with a dead battery. Can you imagine that--not being able to make a call or send a text message to your friends to tell them all about the fun you are having in Hawaii? Whether your cell phone uses the standard rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or the newer lithium -polymer battery, you'll want to "know your geography" in Hawaii on where to go if battery problems arise. As the technology advances, you'll want to include you and your cell phone on your Hawaiian vacation, whether you are a part of the new 4G world of broadband wireless access with increasing lower rates and faster moving devices, you'll need a dependable resource to help you keep your excitement and cell phone power supply up and running. Voice, data, and streamed multimedia should be as promised, "anytime, anywhere" and your fully recharged phone is key to keeping your Hawaiian vacation fun and memorable.
     A good, reputable shipping company is always good to know when you travel and stay in new places
long enough to experience their unique culture. Whether you visit for business or leisure, you may come across some items you'll want to ship back home. If you are leisure traveling, you certainly don't want to be weighted down with heavy or bulky treasures you have found in to newly discovered exotic locale.
You don't want to be stuck with the physical process of transporting goods when you have an eager service in Hawaii waiting to make your vacation more convenient. You'll need someone you trust to choose the best shipping option with choice of carrier who offers the lowest rate for the type of goods being shipped. Other things to be considered are the best insurance rate and most efficient transit time from Hawaii. Saving you time and money is the mark of a shipping company that adds a little more convenience to your stay in the Hawaiian Islands.
     Your Hawaiian vacation can be made more exciting when your personal digital photos are made into a digital "photo story" movie in 24 hours. Imagine how excited your friends will be to see your exotic travels to paradise in a completely packaged story for your and their viewing pleasure for years to come.
 Even those on a "working" vacation may be interested in documentation of their travels to Hawaii in a nicely packaged "photo story."Having your experiences packaged  can increase your pleasure and even make you feel healthier back home as you view your packaged pleasure moments in paradise with family and friends as you balance your work and your personal life and plan your return trip to the Island paradise of Hawaii. Your show and tell presentation with your digital photos with added effects, transitions and even background music with pan and zoom effects can bring the fun you have in Hawaii even more to life


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A Diamond Head Luxury

 Coastal Convenience
   Hawaii is captivated by the beautiful coastal mountains. Waikiki Beach and its beautiful coastline include an ancient volcanic crater known as Diamond Head. Diamond Head is a tropical icon, visualized by thousands of visitors even before they have arrived on Hawaii's shores, but did you know Diamond Head is also a convenient mountain hike? Yes, a mountain adventure high above the beaches, a Hawaii urban-mountain interface adventure! Climb Diamond Head as a Hawaiian vacation activity in the morning and be back on the beach by the afternoon--relaxing and swimming in the ocean. On this vacation your glamourous panoramic view can work both ways since Diamond Head is available and accessible--minutes from Waikiki.
     You can spend hours "getting out of town" or "getting away from it all," taking lots of time traveling long distances to far places on Oahu. Have you ever thought you can get away from it all by simply going up? A true Waikiki adventure, though seemingly far away, it's not far at all. It only takes a little jaunt by bus up to the entrance of Diamond Head State Park across from Kapiolani Community College.
     Now, if you're feeling really adventurous, you can start your "hike" at the Waikiki beaches, go west toward the Waikiki Zoo: continue westward, following the tree-lined bus route. As you walk along the zoo fence with the smell of zoo animals and the sound of monkeys in the air, follow the route of city buses up the half mile road incline. As you crest the hill, you will see Kapiolani Community College on the left hand side and, as you continue, minutes away, on your right hand side, you'll see the small access road to the front gate of Diamond Head Crater State Park. Here is where your real adventure begins!
      Diamond Head Mountain offers something for everybody, whether you are a city dweller or prefer country living. If you come from an urban area, already familiar with the hubbub of city life, and looking for a different sort of activity on your Hawaiian vacation, then hiking Diamond Head is the perfect "on the edge" experience for you. If you come, on the other hand, from a country environment, Diamond Head is a great example of an urban-country interface where you can get a little bit country and a little bit city and experience the unique Waikiki "urban geography."
     When you come to a new place, getting to know your geography is one of the first things you do. What better way to get a refreshing panoramic view of Waikiki than on top of Diamond Head Mountain. The most beautiful view of Waikiki Beach--high above the urban buzz, fresh with peaceful breezes and, from that vantage point, a wistful blue ocean. Why experience your Hawaiian vacation "from the top" on beautiful Diamond Head Crater Mountain?
There are many goods and services in Hawaii that can make your activities more convenient for you.

1) Your dream vacation to Hawaii will require some scheduling to catch The Bus, meet up with friends, or simply make it to a show or event on time.
2) Maybe you will find treasures in Hawaii you will want to ship to friends and family back home
3) You will be so excited about calling friends and taking photos with your cell phone, you may forget that you might need a recharge
4) Your exciting activities may need to be recorded  for future viewing pleasure
5) You may want to see the sites by moped, bicycle, or even a high tech mode of transportation
6) If shopping and eating are on your list of vacation activities, and you like traveling with many people, possibly a trolly ride would be fun
7) For those with fancier tastes and like going in style, maybe fancy special ride for the last Hawaiian memory is the answer

Your fantastic Hawaiian vacation can be more special with a little convenience added

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Ice Cream Aloha

Aloha poets,
       Island jungle sparkles. Enjoy!

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