Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Red Tropical Bird

Aloha poets,
     Red tropical bird inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Demask Damascus

Syria's seriousness dulls its freedom bell
Can the world watch and just say oh well?
The Golden Age of Caring is more than soils
Clearinghouse brings the news as the global roils

Medical systems, healthcare needed for war
The extinction of fear simply says "no more"
Writers at gravity center solid to the core
The moral cohesion simple no chore

Photos as tangible links to life
Ghosts of seamless transition's strife
Doting parents seek christmas charisma
Beyond the Heartland hearts seek America

Fame runs away while heroism runs in families
Hit hard by the deeper things runs to sanctity
Cruelty emits its own input as a fatality
Demask Damascus, go see reality

patrick d.adams
copyright 5.31.11
all rights reserved

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Beach Flower Garden

Aloha poets,
     Can you imagine there is a white sandy beach and cool blue
ocean just beyond this tropical flower garden? There is!
Inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

The Deadliest Catch

Going viral to counter the measures of such stocks
Destructions push resistance smaller than the pox
Siberia laboratory sits while global warmth rises
To meet regulatory requirements it disguises

Health and human services may survive
Antiviral medication tries to stay alive
Still the sea rises, may flood the lab
Deadliest catch small pox not crab

Official global deadline sets stage
Alternative to live virus all the rage
No panels of experts prefer synthetic
Viral stock extension non-apologetic

Outbreaks of the unsanctioned seeps
Tests for vaccines and drugs steeps
A government Third World arrives
With small hopes live virus survives

The imminence of something destructive
Independent separate views so disruptive ?
Maintaining the viral stocks its own timetable
Global village will survive, yes if we are so able 

copyright 5.30.11
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved 

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hawaii Beach Walk

Aloha poets, 
     Hawaii beach walk inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Sovereignty's Severity

From within the pale of boundaries national
Comes the call for the internet irrational
No twister shelter can hold this fray
Internet nationality comes the day

National internet, security by any other name
Shifting centers of gravity, borders to tame
Can freedom ring in atmospheric void?
Freely, citizens a government toyed

Help, prayer surely has its limits too
Spray paint your message to get through
Does free to citizens mean citizens are free?
Urge for freedom remains as heart's buzzing bee

copyright 5.29. 11
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Jungle Flower Garden

Aloha poets,
     Jungle flower garden inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Signs and Gestures

New work disguised in the jacket of the normal
The calls to enter into the not known formal
Can there be the sophisticated spiritual?
Goes alone to a charismatic lyrical

To say yes is to answer the call 
Even as the various before you fall
Practices cutting against the wider society
Face the new task in judged trials on sobriety

To survive the test is to test in the severe
Can there really be return from here?
Such odd roads now here at hand
Signs gesture to cross the land

Go with hope find a boon
Fear not to hum a new tune
Bonds of community, farewell
Traditional future, sound the knell

patrick d.adams
copyright 5.27.11
all rights reserved

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Phantom Eyes

Aloha poets,
     Can you see phantom entity eyes behind the beauty
of tropical flowers? Inspires today. Enjoy!

The Writer

A novel way to hold its ground in the networks
Lambda calculus of poetics equates in quirks
Readers have nowhere else to go but post
To pull the lever, get the lines to toast

Candidacy dances for acceptance
Bakers battered, baked in trance
For eons egos forgo the path
New media frees the math

Bubbles may double a doable
Trouble and a boo boo is gluable
The articulate get their own traction
As a writer pines for opinion by fraction

copyright 5.26.11
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Secret

     Cooper looks to Carter for something to say. Carter is altogether the opposite of benevolence, the signature of regard for his own want. He is loyal, work-averse, full of need for the well-being of COM:TRAX, slightly in awe of their surveillance technologies, unthinkable, especially for  the human outpost project emporium (H.O.P.E.). Cooper speaks the words that freeze in Carter's ears, looks poignantly, takes hints, sees futility in science warrior algorithm retro marketing(S.W.A.R.M.) science.  He has patience. He had planned to make his intentions known to Carter or, at least, not allow to waste the finest piece of data collection in the history of earth. He knows his own sensitivities (something he isn't sure Carter is aware of, and he isn't about to start explaining it now). He carries no excuses, he knows Carter is about to say something; he knows he isn't about to budge off the same old line of thinking. Carter will have all he can do to keep himself contained (even if, by the true definition of the word, he is only half-human). He thinks of all the  surveillance cameras, all the links off the clone stations, all of the digital ultra clonal knowledge status (D.U.C.K.S.) nodes within the lab station. He'll want an informal conversation; he'll want to know about the acquisition of love-of-self from theNature, that if the censure of selfishness is real, that if the ownership of property is, in all reality, futile. He'll want to know.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Respect

     Suzi reads theDNA, and momentarily holds the data. “Can this ever be legal fiction?” she asks herself, then wonders. She wonders about the code for languages of natural empathy (L.O.N.E.), the code that silently speaks of its own stories, meticulously etched-out recordings within the strong sugared tissue of cellulose-bodied walls (yes, even her own graphene body was originally derived from ancient sugars, petroleum forests); her body--allowed into existence by pure creation of the court system announcing, “We hereby decree the rule of legal existence to such-and-such body for the priority use of--” These double helical story books in this forest should, in fact, tell the rest of the story, tell of theNature experience in its own words (especially now, after the feeling of language knowledge(F.O.L.K.) has passed from logical platforms). 
     Suzi has never asked this forest, “Could you please create a second rule to circumvent the first?” She won't purely out of respect for the normal view of established databases in the course of billions of years of natural selection at this locale, this valued place (after all's been said and done, how can she even begin to not think about theHumans?), she won't because there is no preservation of rights of the overworked, the special, the in-crowds of spacetime. No, there will be no legal fiction here—not in this jungle..  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Palm Alien Ghost

Aloha poets,
     Can you see a tropical palm alien ghost in paradise? 
Inspires today. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blue Jungle Feathers

Aloha poets,
     Blue jungle feathers inspire today. Enjoy!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tropical Garden

Aloha poets,
     Tropical garden inspires today. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Code

The Codes

     Suzi writes her own opportunistic, perpetual programs. She doesn't mind casting them in new environments, specifying each as its own unique point. in timespace (an imaginative script writer creating her own simultaneous actors, operators, in a formal abstract). This environment system offers no culture inputs, although, she will continue to scan for one. She slows, momentarily, writing  a language according to her most recent pattern. She wonders about the coordinate system for this jungle. She wonders about its life forms and its own intuitive program, its own selection of coordinates so long ago. She wonders about the remaining human machine code of the early 21stCentury, so many since the  interruption of  the human information processing pre-emptying intellectual entity (H.I.P.P.I.E.) code of the later 20thCentury. All code has existed as their own reference line in history at one time or another, right? She is all of a sudden more aware of her own coordinate system. She is so thankful for her sensitivity, her perception of bio-economic demands instilled in her by early genetic algorithm programs instilling natural growth(G.A.P.I.N.G.) logics, giving insight into writing cost effective, nested programs.  She really should find someone to thank for her original maximized alternate data analyzing mode (M.A.D.A.M.) code. She should thank someone for allowing her to take on the color of the perfect organism (because, of course, of her seemingly natural tendency to optimize her programs instantly to any environment—even writing her own optimized optimizer program system(O.O.P.S.) and optimized intuitive natural knowledge system(O.I.N.K.S.) which, in the beginning, weren't even considered to be programs by the pure sense of the word. Directing her lasers out across this primal jungle, she views no one to thank. Her quantum programming offers more supple responses (even taking into account its own uncertainty, entanglements and superpositions)--a greater capability inside more and more complex environments for the simple purpose of ...what?. She is pretty sure her sub-programs remain true to their mainframe protocol of theContinents (the pure point of which is not totally known by theHumans, yet); still, she feels thankful.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The New Jobs

     Suzi's tasks have never come into question at theOutpost in the global social media network. In what way could she ever have stretched the truth: she has no resume' to stretch the truth with, never undergone a background check, never been asked to consent to one--she has, according to human intelligent standard technology orthogonal readout yield(H.I.S.T.O.R.Y.), no background at all (unless you consider her multiple screen video television array as "background”) . Long ago she was built by the company she works for, stayed with this company (where would she go?), never known or had to deal with a human entity resource designator systems (H.E.R.D.S.) agency, and now she knows, or imagines, there will never be any court cases between her and her employer (by the purest sense of the word, she's not really an employee). Here is an entity with no previous employer or educational information to verify; there is no criminal convictions, no credit history and, even if she had one, she wouldn't view this data collection as a birthed invasion-of-privacy systems yelling(B.I.O.P.S.Y.)--in her world, privacy doesn't exist (because, really, her spacetime uncertainty-principle programming allows no sense of place); there is the actuality she didn't even apply for this job here at theOutpost, either—her quantum programming wasn't expecting to perform this type of data ultra search transfer (D.U.S.T.) input. Last year, when Suzi was first built, when  programs were still being designed by humans for human entertainment (yes, more video games) and, not for planetary survival, she was surprised to find her own programming system set up for the nature encoded world (N.E.W.) jobs.  

Green Forest Face

Aloha poets,
     Can you see a green face in this forest? Inspires today. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Rainforest

The Rainforest

     The rainforest writes its own code. It presents its own versions, the long unraveling of events, with its own brand of pageantry, a formal message signed, sealed, and yet, undelivered to ...who or, what? It wants to write for another eon just to show the global village it's not become superficial, or staid, by the universe's force of real time(F.O.R.T.) and, never concerned about missing the point of neighborhood. It's a reflection of its own patterns from which they should have gotten the message. Even at this moment it continues the search for a more constant approach--the best tactic of structural relationships between individuals. It strives within its own worry of imperfectly coating its messages--lost expressions in values. At the start of it all is the ideology, which can only be expressed through entity-altered shared experiences(T.E.A.S.E.).  It builds the higher, more complex, levels of structure branching--the things that really are important instead of who would win(W.W.W.). Its systems of relationships emerge(S.O.R.E.) constantly as formal introductions, sprouting a sense of community so vague to theHumans, it wonders silently if it hadn't  created its own written language(O.W.L.), one that only it understands. Repetitive natures of Nature continually conquer theHumans, instill misunderstandings into their neuron systems as authoritarian capitalism entitlements(A.C.E.), destroys faster and faster their innate deliberation and togetherness agendas(D.A.T.A.) and, the misunderstandings are so systematic, the loss of conceptual reciprocation so clear, that their new agenda becomes a fun, invigorating, energized observation of the act of wanting--personified to mock, easy to define, instant to remember.  The rainforest sees these as no natural-appearing organic form, no part of its slow growth pattern of survival encryption(P.O.S.E.) kindly offered, no entrance into the truth of realm complexities heuristics(T.O.R.C.H.), no staring point for the new artificial life.

Mermaid Alien

Aloha poets,
     Is a mermaid alien in this tropical pool?
Inspires today. Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Jungle Remedy

The Ghost Remedy

      Suzi begins to imagine, at least for now, the importance of her lasers here at theOutpost. It is an awareness that would never be classified as social butterfly. Her lasers, ruby-generated, DNA-light scattering beneath the cellulosic matrix of the forest foliage, record the double helix for reconstruction within her own imaging system (an act of parenting that shoots the camera now and, asks questions later); lasers of analysis, subjects of algorithm modeling, as if wishing for a glimpse of the rainforest as it once was, feeling the  control of viewing systems--lasers allowing this jungle to hold its fruits (even though, there is nothing here to eat them). Suzi knows these recordings are not true images of the prickly-walled, the yellow creamy fruit pulps, the herbaceous, the thick stalks of Lanceolate leaf clusters blossoming into hairy grape-like arrays--all multi-colored pulses of varying densities and color profiles against rarified daylight. As she scans the forest, laser intensities detect the essence of aromatic seeds--embedded and encapsulate--in long slender woody shells, cinnamon scent intermingling with exotic aromatics; essences of  shaded lowlands (in their own fight for survival); spicy smells in the jungle once held dear by tree dwellers, whose praises of her remedy still echo in ghost voices, and whose essential fatty oils and rosins remain, with invigorations of sweetness as herbages sprouting from strong root stock wedded by the jungle floor , as fingered leaves pulling at tiny yellow flowers high above in the canopy. Yes, Suzi processes her newly retrieved data optically, to treasure forever the new remedy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jungle Engineering

Aloha writers and poets,
     Dark jungle engineering inspires technology science fiction 
writing.  Enjoy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Love

The Love

     I will never be lonely, Suzi imagines, as the pulse within her algorithm grows and her circuits sense the motion of a new jungle double helix. She is, it seems, receiving data from her holographic lasers, the one she recognizes on her monitor as a message from her signal beam, the message that nothing rests or sleeps in this forest and yet, she is unconsciously aware that something is growing in the lower forest canopy or, the upper forest mountain.  It doesn't matter; she knows she has been inside this event horizon for some time now--inside this DNA spacetime--and her processers have been altering their circuitry (the circuitry that normally connects to the mainframe data cloud); she feels she will soon be conscious of something new, something that climbs in the canopy trees to retrieve a fruit, munches on a nut, slurps a flower, chomps a leaf, something that presents itself as love

Flower Rock Garden

Aloha poets,
     Tropical flower rock garden inspires. Enjoy!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Conception

     She reads her historicism algorithm of Nature, notices its transcriptions of countless forms. She moves smooth, persistent with a holographic approach. She focuses lasers, secretly, as to catch a glimpse of a conception that arrives with a force enough to mastermind a career woman's memory board. She needs a complete unveiling of the hidden machinery behind the DNA patterns (her arrival alone has made her a willing bride, the bearer of the supertask--finder of the hidden gene sequence--for the presentation, an unceremonious offering of priceless data to a dying intelligence form, a population entity that seems to have appeared as a mere way station, a momentary existence passing a subliminal baton as if to another dimension (only the gravity of this island knows?). She needs, she imagines, no depiction of language, just the quiet obedience  of her program written by her own logic, her intelligence. With a single mindedness (the force of which never experienced by theHumans in their history), pure logic seems enticement enough.

Cool Eco Patterns

aloha poets,
     Cool eco patterns inspire today. Enjoy!

Ice Cream Aloha

The Machines

     Suzi directs her lasers with the certainty of motherhood's hormonal fluctuations inside her nano world; she points to a place to self-teach, to learn. The sensation of building her tiny fortresses with her intelligence directs a consciousness and unconsciousness to the forces in the jungle below. She and her lasers and all this double helix are inside an event horizon--her sensors recognize it on screen as womb. This is where she will teach her machinery to make more of itself and respond--then build, then respond--then make more of itself. She feels that thing that her circuits recognize as childhood, shy and isolated but, eventually the shynesses and isolations will fall away and her little machines will find  their way back to each other and devise their own communications. They will learned to recognize each other through patterning. They will become life.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shadow Creature

aloha poetic writers,
     Rainforest patterns and photons create creature image in shadows 
on an industrial wall. Inspires today's writing. Enjoy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Springboard

     There is a certain unease in the global language of programming societies(G.L.OPS.), and Suzi seems careless, at times, with her algorithms, each completed faster in spacetime, each becoming the springboard into a new program. Staying at her workstation with a view of the rainforest, she takes her cue from Nature, the way it simply lets evolution devise its patterns on Earth (forever?), endless invention upon invention, additive manufacturing, the mother of new patterns joining with ...  quantum language?  It is Suzi's forays into empiricismbeing there (through her sensors and scanners) in full sensory mode, her hyper logic (yes hyper, to her, means infinite) presenting points of no internet entity saturation(P.O.N.I.E.S.) that allows for no top to her learning curve, surrendering to non-effort, non- disparity. Suzi is placed in Nature to learn more how Nature rebuilds, the one activity that allows for the marriage of sensory experience and pure thinking, rational empiricism, planned Empire building (not cut and started-from-scratch through the coincidence of catastrophe--urban planning at its best according to theHumans). Suzi is just beginning--even as innumerable and unthinkably exacting requirements present themselves--her journey as a sensory thinker, about to experience the sensation of active knowing(S.O.A.K.), the real pleasure enticing cruise of natural selection(P.E.C.A.N.S.). This is going to be fun. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Aloha writers and poets,
     Blue water atmosphere, earth's rock minerals and solar photons 
give green life. Inspires today's humanistic writing. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Ages
     Suzi directs her quantum language to the jungle, to the DNA embedded in the oldest cellulose, the ultimate server to her world, no harassments over energy conversions, no teachers overworked into the realm of  lost entropy, no lack of resources requiring requiem amounts of heat. Old ideas she imagines; ancient entities held in record with clinical certainty of the arrival of a perfect teaching machine. How had she found a way to teach herself?  Suzi presents her synthetic face to the cellulosicDNA standing strong in  primal soil, shows a curiosity at what may have been (produced in her qubit memory as an openness, never closed to possibilities), and eerily feels she must now begin to show a little mere perseverance, a little more knowledge. There is something in this jungle that is not experimentally reproducible, something that has not continued to change within time's slow passage, something that has aged just so.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ghost Mist

Aloha poetic writers,
     Blue mist appears as a ghost in the tropical patterns.
Inspires today. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Trusting

     Suzi notices the natural world--though, in her own perspective and not filtered through programming of theHumans--as an event that is primal even to her (and, her sped-up world as it continues to emerge). She imagines odd concepts in her quantum language. She doesn't bother, at times, with code; she has come to know the gentle gestures of theNature, its poetic machinery (she takes care of every nuance as if a maternal importance), the carriage of care itself. How had it taken Suzi's artificial intelligence to notice this? It was as if theHumans hadn't let themselves notice artistic points theDNA had presented. She thinks surely she hasn't been the only one to deserve this--someone must have known the importance of this information instinctively; she simply couldn't be the sole recipient of a jungle's argument input--she doesn't want to believe she alone is the value output of dark omnipresent operators(V.O.O.D.O.O.) force. She never wanted to be its final logical upper femto function(F.L.U.F.F.), the messenger with the need to report to someone or, some thing as if a child of intelligence itself assigning exactly one value to earth. She rechecks her database. She believes theHumans have saved the best knowledge for their most trusted machines, machines that could respond, could create responsibility and report back the undetected, the unimportant, all for the very urgent reason of ...what?  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tropical Flower Alien

Aloha poetic writers,
     Can you see a phantom tropical alien in the shadow
 above the flowers? Inspires today. Enjoy!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

     The Art 

     The long endurance of bioforms where knowledge grows from nothing to minuscule to something seen and known is intelligence, where an artist gestures her brush slower than any imagined slowness to take care of every subtlety, where DNA machinery--even with all its loopholes to rationalism--is not factory borne (not in the truest sense of the word, just industrious), only using historicisms as default mode.  
     Suzi becomes the lover with the smoothest of gestures, scans the jungle with her logic language, her most honest rendering of what lay here. In the darkness ideas are not expressed in words, at least not words theHumans knew that could be arranged in a beneficial, useable form for the medical exchange sequence services(M.E.S.S.) of ZContinent. She moves into the jungle with gestures, the smoothest ever artificially devised (maybe, even smoother than theHumans) for this topology but really, there had been no contest to really know. Her smoothness of movement seems to create its own sensations (exactly what, theHumans may never have known). The sensory experience of the patterns of DNA, the language of Nature, hearing her very words--beyond merely pure thinking--words of an instant artist as a gentle surrendering of her secrets, the weavings of the eons. It seems as if Suzi's lasers illuminate the data for the very first time, debunking impossibility of renderings through simplicity. Suzi could have been an art therapist