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Child at Waikiki

Aloha Writers,
The photo of the chid is affected by the larger lifeguard stand. In filmmaking, this is staging. Enjoy!

Shape the Water

Here's the thing so bolt thunder
Gathering storm a warm snuggle under
Culture's customer dropped from the sky
A cautionary tale before you fly

Undue damage duly undone
Rightful receipt of the heartily won
Strike with outrigger son and daughter
Here's the thing life shapes the water

Exceed the target with Algiers edge
Excite abounds the fun beyond hedge
Z-List maker down to the bone
Seize the evolution then head home

No better ever trod leather together
Hardship benefits even flights of feather
Vacationist surmount what oceans taught her
Here's the thing life shapes the water

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Hawaii Mountain Railroad Trackless

Photo shows mountains on the island of Oahu. This view is without a train track running across the mountain. The mountain is in full focus which gives a strong "depth of field."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life Story

Aloha Writers,
Storytelling has the idea of some truth, but also some part fiction. Let's write with the idea of storytelling today.

Personal Pride Life of Prime

Controversy roils life to prime
Grand paws of love Indie climb
Amnesia screams seamless blind
Banging gongs within a rhyme

Faces of conundrum speak their mind
History squeaks through hands of time
Routes work well through singular chime
Personal pride life of prime

Abrasive projects evasive needs
Standard concerns uncommon bleeds
High shadows burn deep in thought
Burnished futures never caught

Waves of marginal look for place
Praises song inside their glaze
Institutional race-rhythms have run
One human race under the sun

Shoulder the loaded probable contender
Constitutional state institution defender
New family facial child's play time
Personal pride life of prime

Friday, March 13, 2009

Trump Tower Waikiki

The photo is the Trump Tower rising in Waikiki. The photo uses the natural morning light. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blue Skies Fly

Aloha Writers,
Great writing is the right combination of convincing and deceiving. Let's write inspired by that thought today.

Placation Nation

There to cry sugar eye bliss
Soothing the beast at its behest
Crystal notions say their words
Blue skies will fly their birds

Softer glows landing seeds
Apologetic pristine needs
Reaching out to that which bleeds
Logic supercedes

Fame goes slowly scraping past
Harmony slows caking fast
Twisting to see smiles in those eyes
As hungrier words crystallize

Talk it up fast yet save some heart
You in there warrior of art
First to laugh and trace the deeds
Logic supercedes

Standing dry inside the rain
So many eyes attached to that brain
Placation nation a baby bath feeds
Logic supercedes

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ocean Cloud Waikiki

This cloud rises beyond the Waikiki Marina. Enjoy!

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Sound the Alarm

Born In A Barn

Born In A Barn

Spells on me put a little hex
Elite little feats of the opposite sex
Assume the position macho man
Gotta' go right now gotta' make my stand

I heard a few words any man would dread
"Do it right be smart don't lose your head"
Whistle a tune then a happy song
Wait right here and I won't be long

Come back cool to get into bed
Asking me now how I left the head
A wince in my heart then a little blush
And a wink and a nod, "I did flush"

There in her eye I saw it real soon
Sweet girl friend lower a boom
With a yelp and a start and a jump to my feet
I ran back in to position the seat

Knew by now but a little too late
Selfish behavior had sealed my fate
Back in her arms I felt the heat
Sweating little bullets down to my feet

Assuming the position I entered my plea
Then I heard a sweet voice sentencing me
"This is no farm you little pup, were you born in a barn
You left the toilet seat up"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Girl's Day

Aloha Poets,
This is the 3rd day of the 3rd month, a Japan tradition of Girl's Day.
Historically this date 1215 years bak to the dawn of the Heian Period in Japan,
a time of great art and poetry. Here is a Japanese tanka
style poem for modern times.

Chic Tanka

Shining with glory
No artificial allure
So chic so showy
Curlicue and curvature
Max Factor hunter's bow cheer

Primping and preening
Liner dark black charcoal grey
Powder soft creamy
Expression lines bend away
Pants and skirts all in your day

Starry shaped bottle
Love fashion accessory
Terracotta lilt
Viva brazen heavenly
Candle massage sooth flowery

Slight gesture delight
Plays with ice on skates of fire
Belief hugging tight
Sharing penchants for puppies
You shimmer glimmer the night

Soften Your Border

Tropical trees cling to soggy jungle floor with multiple support systems. Feeling and mood in this photo is affected by low color variety or color bias.
Let's write with the idea of color bias today. Enjoy!

Soften Your Border

Heart's a stronghold in times cagy stranglehold
Running for cover as wild abandons in the cold
Little tribes run inside their diamond cut head
Never to relax imbibe or try the Can-Can instead

Can a reign of hearts stem the passage of time
Each one on its own with each little rhyme
Precision defines dismantled insurgency
That mountainous region needed no surgery

What you gave now backs up to its seam
With plotted attack now stitched to extreme
Controlling inroads can still they break down?
Yet still you dismantled so clever to be a clown

The time is now to soften your borders
Repel insurgent eye candy hoarders
Such a daunting serve that slices so well
Some plastic tactic up to the final bell

Show your true color so sweet soft and supple
Nobody ever needs a bigger bubble
Break it down come around don't be a stranger
Enchantment enhances your dance out of danger

Now soften your border

Hawaii Photo Poems