Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hawaii Cool

Aloha poets,
     Cool blues and greens of tropical Hawaii inspire today. Enjoy!

Zoned Emblazoned

Congress of echoes emerge as swampy hues
To fasten another metaphor in don'ts and do's
In spectacle of celebration and fashion we stay
Adopted by the well-heeled even as we stray

Fashion is a designer's own singular sword
To cut and paste at the sound of a word
Evoking feelings of cringe in dark silk
At the speed of celebrity in ankled ilk

Your local little region has its color design
Decoration to make townspeople feel so fine
Out there in the city with its wool and fine heels
Boutique outfits you by your own looks and feels

It's true your own fantasy, is that what can kill you?
To inspire another to heights may still thrill you
Differentiate yourself, appeal to fashion set
Never to ask even once, "Am I there yet?"

Tradition sets in as a link to your past
The business of beauty can only so long last
Untrained eyes register, they know what they like
Power set outfits you to there, never rides a bike

Playful romantics venture out in regional garb
Ambitious designers throw darts and a barb
Famous people of the world go to events
Out of their citadel to lawn party tents

Humor and delirium is where drama starts
Direction of design is why the red sea parts
You could never get there with a normal outfit
Emblazon your zone with sexy colletage and wit

copyright 9.30.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tropic Design

Aloha poets,
     Tropic color and shapes cooled with dripping blurry water inspire
today's poetry.  Enjoy!

Tractor Wrack

Window panes in your mind may absorb some pain
As negotiations in public wrack inside your brain
There's always another big thing that comes up
To celebrate intensity of effect in a little cup

Splits and rivals may remain as issue of tension
Voices in opposition with strong wills give mention
Indirect talks go beyond that onetime hourlong interview
Local initiatives stand to oppose whatever it is you do

In frozen extenuation you seek patterns and systems
Face to face negotiate with "aha's" and "ahem's"
Expressed skepticism is that thing that dents us
Ends our little conclaves without consensus

Billions of bulldozers bury our great idea
As we hobble with our support group of fear
Diplomatic political ideology even imprisons free
As it pulls out and clashes on another spare parts spree

To polarize irredeemably procreates a private sector
In zones of passion where your fashion is selector
Public celebration shows you don't really care
Frozen time of your mind will remain there

Who are they to offer sanctions so pervasive?
You are the one with your art there so persuasive
Holidays rise to add to themselves with more meaning
While security eases to facilitate another high tech screening

Countries more and more revere in their own religious vacations
As heartbreaks breakthrough with their own destinations
Well here we are by now should have made my point
Bulldozers dig across the globe as profits anoint

copyright 9.29.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cool Garden

Aloha poets,
     Water falls behind tropical greenery to cool and inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

An Aroma Around

Hazy mirrors beckon where rigid rules abound
Human capital of the ancients stir to make a sound
Future seers see markets taxed from overseas
Giant ships sail abroad in a cool summer breeze

Jurisdiction to a lower tax code shifts now abroad
So profits may rise on distant lands for wealthier sod
Here at home living standards may sink to a new low
Bright future of opportunity found way down below

Redistribution is the plan of presidents and the like
Who are they to say the world should ride a bike
Leaders show hostility as tax climates warm
Business staying home is no patriot to this storm

And what about computers as intelligence finally grows
To artificial with its own movement as wanting shows
System worms can find a home in any human mandate
To force a hand to cross a line with a magic muckrake

To serve a human in financial ways, anywhere is home
Creating more technology likewise has needs to roam
To find a place of inefficient monopoly like public school
Or a postal service in sleet and snow running to be cool

Before a mass migration what about a simple solution?
Constrain future spending, increased tax is new pollution
Aggregation is a nice little system for computers and such
Human capital has its own voice and wants it so much

Competition rules in a global storm where tax is a weight
Manner of ways is a system winner with a low tax rate
Will deficit default give up our land we all so dearly love?
Deficit to GDP is ten percent and may still rise above

Public debt to GDP is seventy percent that's scary stuff
Tax revenues to GDP is eighteen isn't that enough?
Headhunters of revenue rise with elemental regulatory
Tax reigns king and queen, the new American story

copyright 9.28.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

Monday, September 27, 2010

Waterfall Blue

Aloha poets,
     Water in focus with it's blue hues of oxygen as it falls inspires
today's poetry. Enjoy!

Bandana Public

Smoke drifts across the calm of unsettled storms
Systems once set up upon silt and sand warns
To take beyond means should be the banner
Dreams rise into speculation past all manner

Collapsed small towns default their own way
Misrule may allow any city or town to sway
Structures once sturdy face now new demand
Who gains when someone throws up the hands?

Success and fresh start comes with rupture
Any system suspect surmises its capture
Renegades renege to pass on past debts
Are guns the great equalizer to settle yet?

Folks once in good faith signed contract union
Old history now flakes its paper as if an onion
To slide out may be expensive unsure outcome
Hazy rules wonder who lost to know who won

Regimes layer as municipal nation and state
Over budget promises won't yield to who's late
Sparks of prediction overstretched your last means
Bankruptcy in default finally splits all seams

In courts so supreme now with the last say
Chapter nine to extricate self, judge says ok
System strength is only human what's to do?
Can a robot system go broke, is it true?

Competition, they say is alive and well
Taxpayer retiree bondholder in groundswell
Then comes lawyers, analysts, agencies to rate
As a city and town heads out for the gate

Congress amends courts decide
To set the bar as new thresholds ride
Truly insolvent?-- judges have their say
Appoint a receiver then stand up and just pay

Will beggar's prison ever come back into the vogue?
As assurances of experts go skeptical and rogue
And whoever heard of a bankrupt county
Federal reserve from state seeks bounty

Are widespread predictions offered by anyone?
As coming colliders of competing claimers get a gun 
Promised benefits from the old days once a personal drug
Blind oversight sweeps old contracts under the old rug

They say who hires are regimes local and state
Manufacture, construction follow close out the gate
Step right up to receive promised gains of your own retire
Hope, the overseer, will try to hold a promise's feet to the fire

copyright 9.26.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Natural Rainforest

Aloha poets,
     Natural colors and patterns of rainforest inspire poetry today. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tropical Patterns

Aloha poets,
     Iconic tropical patterns inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Pollsters Bolster

Based faith on this life among neighbors and friends
Controls damage of political beginnings and ends
Pioneer your art politicize faith and then base it
On gene therapy for all as pill makers chase it

Homeless family commune in poverty's feast
Fat cat's world gets word to preach a beast
Initiatives bipartisan go across faith based
Serve effective human need not to waste

Urged by a thousand leaders religious
Gladiator or validator ask gregarious
Compassion program launch effective
Tax payed bureaucrat haunch defective

Learn to run a system of health system care
People in need take part compassion in pairs
Propagandize your own faith base initiative taste
Restore the focus to promote therapy cut and paste

Community groups convene a genetic meeting
As a trusted resource in a voice of greeting
Outside political voice of compassion
Mobilize a ministry put it in fashion

Record of motion may give results
In relevance of ocean pumps catapults
Neighborhood partners against discrimination
Mentor a child of the prisoners incrimination

Expand the choices for addicts in treatment
Combat disease and culture excrement
Ask this question one more time
Politicized compassion mime?

copyright 9.2.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Friday, September 24, 2010

Palm Architecture

Aloha poets,
     Tropical architecture inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Double Down

Income percentage outgoes as thing called tax
Incoming codes reap product on their backs
Ireland flips into a new reversal of growth
The next flip mexico or poland or both?

Distill the state down to it's purest form
Drop names settle a score feel the swarm
To be a politician academia full-on career
Experience real life or fall into the foggy fear?

Solve it all by just being the fatherly and go figure
Woman, man, whatever trips the "know best" trigger
Political attire dress up to dress down corporate worlds
Invitation to pay for care as if a date of boys or girls

Those really the folks who pay their taxes twice?
Add s. korea and u.s. to this list of rolling dice
Little multinational business pays both ways 
Welcome yourself back old wild west days                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Accusations of corporate greed, class envy
Populist motions amidst fat cats now plenty
Robber or baron to offshore cash rich overseas
Pay dividends to investors back home if you please

And what about all those workers and all those wages
On sovereign soil as a homegrown baby boom ages
Capital invest needs to see its  inventory restock
Cash rich grows overseas back home shock

Offshore goes with computers drug makers
Repurchase shares with debt any and all takers
Algorithms with pills and gadgets on tropical island
Overseas profits mount on repatriated highland

Interested conglomerates in hotels and health
Factory or research facility for more wealth
Redistribution awash oceanic cash exotic
In style of the local, island profits erotic

copyright 9.24.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rainforest Splash

Aloha poets,
       Cool colors of rainforest water inspires today's poe. Enjoy!

Dizzyland Express

Human to animals future of genes jumping free?
Surveillance health risks response a capability
Shortage data finds doctor, nurse's log book
Pneumonia mushroom farms off the hook

Health officially local pathogens global
Robot-human ratio intelligence vocal
Severity syndromes their own parachute
Global intelligence telecom networks reboot

Vaccine insurance regulator information facial
Care system defense department central financial 
New pathogens spread local to go global outbound
Government financial insurance pharmaceutic hound

Public health workers epidemiology manufactures robots
International outbreak military surveillance drones inorbit
Quicker detection responds to disease whether genetic or else
Track disease robot speeds of metals, real estate, energy pulse

Global center for disease control to measure the new threats
Probes the source the outbreak international report vets
Practical skills of authority global health started local
Genetic detective upgrades official response vocal

International law arrival to report outbreak
Global health measures threaten to take
To collect data threat respond
New ocean lab spawned

copyright 9.23.10
patrick d.adamd
all rights reserved

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tropical Greens and Blue

Aloha poets,
     Iconic eco colors of blue and green inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Bedbug Budged

The future lies in wait for the new state run sector
Enterprise your business redeem censorship stature
Shipbuilding, oil and mining a little gas might do
How about stated health and pharmaceutical for you?

All those islands and mountaintop bases survive
In networks and grids with oceans on the rise
Type-censor your coverage, private money source
Financial institutionalize governments due course

Resources natural a genuine stated enterprise
Relevance rises with commercially viable eyes
Subsidizing managers then financial controller
Legal analyst's common sense? a ping pong bowler

Government wants with a conservatism wish
Ideology ruse for the common folk to go fish
Watch the oversight in far away tanks that think
Common competitiveness moves right along extinct

Inefficient inadequate enter with barriers high
To sustain that boom you'll need a bigger guy
Camouflage yourself in economic power pants
Unravel yourself the with aggressive expanse

Crowded sustainable with alphabet soup oversight
Ignorance stupidity malice on halloween night
Political connect to prevent the long ball range
From a public presentation as greedy strange

Submerged under the surface for a long range run
Invests in outside expertise now under the gun
Does efficiency compete on the global stage?
Or cause dissonance as it grows into a rage

Private invests in clothes hotels and brewing
State insurance drug company back burner stewing
What will the future take to spawn a household name?
Business out of control under the surfaces to blame

Equity markets flash big stocks with a grin
Manufacture matures as softwares joins in
Add a little military to the political base
Services offer a medical field to chase

Add in army of health workers all made of steel
Mining plus potash joins seabirds with ocean seal
Remove a few jobs watch natural currency drop
Internal costs and inflation joins at the flop

Fast forward a ways I mean no, take it slow
Cost of raw material rise, unsteady as we go
Imports more expensive-- can we stand up to holler?
Sinks fast, I mean gradual exotics short another dollar

copyright 9.21.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tropical Luxury Textures

Aloha poets,
     Simple textures of luxury, tropical colors inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Stalwart Warts

Gene farms and leadership in play where sun cruises
High speed network with dedicated server bruises
Greatness finds a way with hubris to invoke
Leader role takes on a mind that spoke

The phone that rings then rings again
A number of times now must be a friend
Quality and achievement down to the core
That kind of thing you sell your soul for?

The high speed corridor lopsided capable
Expletive experience well-crested ape-able
Bobcats may weave while buckeyes bob
Comeuppance to new gene farm mob

Rising seas of the inhabitable find a way
Kind caring spirits dally beyond imaginative fray
Cupcake team attempt murder with criticism and such
Warts on stalwarts grow soon, gene farm networks touch

copyright 9.21.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tropical Snow Tree

Aloha poets,
    Heavy water appears as snow on tropical tree, inspires today. Enjoy!

Concerted Concrete

Ground ozone slows,  adrift into the fold
Gulf oil well sealed Sunday so we're told
Standards come into play for future generations
To live under the umbrella of the last's degeneration

Surely they will think those folks "what an odd duck"
To let life get out of hand with such a rising muck
To sit satisfied on yachts, board rooms and such
As land emissions, ozone, oxygen go dutch

Crackdowns may be resisted by business groups
As a redefined red line puts "refinery" up hoops
Natural levels form as forms of ground level ozone
Oil and natural gas drill methods the new dead zone

Factory and manufacturing they say "whatever" going green
As mouths open saliva drips and unborn children scream
And coal mining practices thought to be a settled issue
As new standards hand economic growth a tissue

All this spending they say will cover future health
As the too expensive and unworkable go stealth
Emission control is our new mission control
Power plants gear up for clean air to extoll

They say electric bills will soon skyrocket
As new standards take money out of pocket
Getting back to that well in the Gulf of Mexico
Concerted concrete finally allows us to text and go 

copyright 9.19.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kitten Clouds

Aloha poets,
     Colorful morning tropical clouds inspire today.
Can you see a kitten? Enjoy!

Wild House White Horse

Technology feeds us to determine our location
Echo responders bounce out their new declaration
Conservation of the rough becomes a heady game
Potted plants of logic placed sunny calls your name

Clueless in a way has its very nice features
Tough amid the edges commends and preaches
And the rudderless club can be a very fun ride
Business as usual jumps down an arrogant slide

Ideas actually do cross natural borders
Runs their own blogs as the brain's natural hoarders
Expectation of the next is where moderates live
Culture finds a way to simply live up to give

The future may occur in words utterly devalued
While comedy of it all saddles endings so hallowed
Are the majority of masses really the great suffering?
Can earth still offer its own natural buffering

And what about continents, their communication and such
Small cogs still run as large organization mucks
Is anyone out there above the atmosphere of fuzz?
Those awards to yourself now remain what once was

Did bp win or is this classroom still being held
Do analysts take great pains to conceal what once was yelled?
Diversity may stay and simply find fear
While the rest assemble reasonable to get out of there

Discrimination lies between the creative and a package
Absent action promises to change that back stage
Digital remains powered by the disparity of space
Official duty aligns to get the heck out of this place

In blatant disregard a public trust is disregarded
Tells to be ready before public sectors get carded
Thanks for the tech it truly lets us have our say
Yet we are a think tank as we rise into the fray

Intellectual property may have value that climbs
Manufacturing in digital still turns on their dimes
And  so we arrive here commensurate with rancor
Stabilized appropriate outlay, message disciple's answer

copyright 9.18.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jungle Design

Aloha poets,
     Jungle design inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Shirttail Ritual

Is it a matter of rights to let rivals have a chance?
Competition so American in invitation to a dance
To google with your eyes still you take great pains
With new shiny chrome the new engine with gains

To call so cold is truly the business way
A fall so bold was on an apple peel you say
Is the word short for intelligence really intel?
Are those pixels what make pixar run so well

And what about that little house of adobe
In systems of acceptance like we found Koby
Does intuit really say it really means intuition
Are profits a legal right or just fruition

Sneaky little feeling finds something in sneakers
Are lawyers involved or only scientists with beakers
At the department of trust is justice all there is?
Or does fairness just boil down to some little quiz

When it come to human there's no stop for speculation
To imagine with another becomes our new nation
And china so polished with its own set of silver
Rusty trust slips as it hands over a new sliver 

Looks as if some yahoo stays out on the prairie
Gentleman, genentech, gentile--what the heck, marry 
Communication here is really the softer key
For mothers who name their baby microsoft, ibm or iac

Subjects at hand have their own way to splatter
According to people familiar with the matter
The limits of competition seem to fall with lawyer hand
How much to pay for music from that cool little band

And wait right there I'm not really done yet
Clean hands washed with soap may still be wet
Celebrity coders only want their magic to work
Algorithm of greed? A human boardroom quirk

copyright 9.17.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tropical Palms

Aloha pots,
    Tropical palms inspire today. Enjoy!

Google Tolls and Knells

And so it seems we see digital energy
Comes from the sector of google tv
Households and heads turn to see sony
Logitech and intel dish network all agree

Internet tv will have its way
Samsung joins into the fray
To operate the system in chrome
Will bring google tv to your home

Microsoft windows had their chance
Android software to be at this dance
Google world makes its new approach
Video on demand rides in coach

Amazon dot com netflix hulu
Google it appears even at the zoo
Wifi  hotspot three G as well
Google signals now, toll and knell

copyright 9.16.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Luxury Flowers

Aloha poets,
     Simple space offers luxury appeal to these flowers, inspires today. Enjoy!

Raintree Trainee with Vision Wisdom

Going green becomes its own tangible tango
Pine trees, mountain coastline, papayas, mango
But what about corporate culture and leaders there
With stockholders and profitability do they care?

As friendly boards and labor rules apply
The right to manage makes CEO the guy
Running for office though is a little different ilk
Being a former cop, city organizer helps get the milk

Respect showed becomes respect earned
Managers with working visions on the job learned
Tall trees may grow by themselves with clean air
Leadership in government likewise needs care

Multiple constituencies to serve and delight
More than an android for good morning, good night
Few shared interests and rarely shared goods
Eco-friendly approach may get you out of the woods

Councils out there have another set of constituencies
Totem poles digital, a pecking order that sees
Bureaucracies may entrench and bunker in close
Systems move slow yet you can still win by a nose

Tall trees in the forest have bought into their vision
Formed the alliance with critters blue sky in one mission
With birds and squirrels put in their right places
Vision wisdom is the winner in such a tight races

copyright 9.16.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kitten Waterfall

Aloha poets,
     Can you see the kitten face in the waterfall?
Inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Tighter Curbs on Tiger Cubs

Exclusion laws cross the great divide
Apps will find you with no place to hide
Players and patients with a product to buy
Physical illness for that new obesity high

Professors and experts advise big brother
To add expertise to the product of another
Comes the treatment with drugs and such
Regulatory agents did love it so much

No bias offered by the physician in charge
To report effects whether small or large
Market advertising financial friction
Stock holders hope for little more fiction

Wall street analysts predict success
Hope medicine comes with no mess
Arbitraguers hope for product bliss
Scientists publish it's a hit or a miss

Investors sink money on corporate race
Side effects of the drug begin to brace
Medical journals make a case for flubs
Then fight for tighter curbs on tiger cubs

copyright 9.15.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Pineapple Flowerbed

Aloha poets,
     Can you find the baby pineapple in this flower bed?
Inspires today. Enjoy! 

Treelines and Mudwalls

The view from afar, time zone cut in both ways
Gamers and gunners make their serious plays
Back home beauty and business pass days
Over there attacks from the shadow haze

Across all fronts senators need sensor
Election rhetoric's an early splendor
Future borders dust up in conflict
Courts at home chose then pick

Tethered surveillance is limp
Incremental security blimp
Hidden explosive do kill
Passage of law at will

Treelines and mud
Walls built stout 
Small business
Future clout

Dire doubt
It's about
A stout

copyright 9.15.10
all rights reserved

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rainbow Bird

Aloha poets,
     Can you see the bird fly through this rainbow? Inspires today. Enjoy!

Exorcist Forest

Memorial symbols is their own way
Of giving new life for those who pray
Quiet time and reflection in another way
The simpler the better that's what they say

Advice columns may come and go
Finally family's what left to show
Acceptance cachet works well
As if peace rings a quiet bell

Protest in groups, get a thrill
Some folks enjoy noisy shrill
Me, I like the cool of night air
A smell of tall pines somewhere

Culture has a bias in survival mode
Says "Come try us," in from the cold
Children carry competence only so far
Symbols of success remain their own star

Celebrity status carries its own weighty load
Creates a new symbol for a worship mode
Redemption lovers come a dime a dozen
Exploration digging its own denizen

Set your china with its finest plate
Tectonic or otherwise seals a fate
Culture remains to pretend the like
Most of the folk simply ride their bike

Belligerent candor simple fiction at best
Career and consumer takes a new test
Is sexless marriage really on the rise?
And is paraphilia just for the guys

Provocation plans next new thing
Pundits with journals wear the bling
Ruination as a memorial makes its rise
Ruined nation blame it on the other guys

Stick your nose in a book and call it religion
Be a pirate off the blue coast of your own region
Now you've got me going these lines are getting longer
In stillness the exorcist forest only grows taller and stronger

copyright 9.14.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Monday, September 13, 2010

.Rainforest Green

Aloha poets,
     Rainforest greens and browns with yellow hues inspire today. Enjoy!

Alibaba's Alibi

Alibaba once was a childhood story
Fevers now pitch to fight for new glory
Distribution chain the new buzz machine
Entrepreneurs try to keep a green machine

Ali express vies to grow like new tumors
Business to business then to consumers
Culture wars seem to find a new feast
eBay considers to coalesce the beast

Yahoo owners thirty-nine per cent
Alibaba dot com how they went
New global business a strategy
Client wholesale now fat city

Ali express place to meet both
Wholesale platform cancer growth
No discrimination to online merchant
Anyone else with e-commerce penchant 

Alibaba has the listings to ring the bell
Ali express, platform where they sell
Diversity dictates eBay may join in
Vendio, activa the motor drive pin

Disclosure remains a word of the day
Small quantities of product begin to pay
Consumer goods stay on now worldwide
Online merchants won't stem this new tide

Marketplace listed from Hong Kong Bay
Trade platform glistens to a future way
To help entrepreneurs seems the goal
Selling histories become its new soul

Software determines the best selling fit
Activa, vendio supplies horse with a bit
Integration now is the new business buzz
Cross channel marketing removes the fuzz

e-Commerce has its service providers
No more lazies no slackers no sliders
Software and services will recommend
Product list merchant's where and when

World economy recovers in this education
With diversity training from nation to nation
Software and services and listings in one bin
Ali express platform, where the train comes in

copyright 9.13.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Waterfall Cool Canopy

Aloha poets,
    Tropical canopy shot behind dripping water gives a cool feel,
inspires today. Enjoy!

America's Next Top Medal
                                            "...Ode to Salvatore Giunta"

Walks into an ambush on a moonlit ridge
Single file they went as if a human bridge
Rifle fire machine gun and RPGs explode
Darkness of night, they scramble to load

Instant fire now a new death zone
Soldier runs ahead in courage alone
Horror finds his wounded dragged-off friend
In a moment of need honor just can't pretend

Acceptance of fate against the advice of mother
To pick up a weapon to defend your brother
Why they were there didn't matter so much
Moments of truth offer a personal touch

To run and to shoot at those draggers
With eyes open and a heart like daggers
He followed his fate down a blind dirt trail 
To find his friend dragged off as if to hell's jail

To free a friend, to kill a death's door oppressor
From where courage comes is only a guesser
Dusty fire, hell's path to a rock laden ledge
The life of your pride is your only hedge

Barrages of gunfire may occur any minute
In games of rescue who thinks they can win it?
Later in times of quiet and reflection and such
Real heroes never think they did that much

The beauty of it all is always late for the party
Heat of the moment never warns the fool hearty
At the time of the deed no consideration of danger
Only one lonely act now forever deems you ranger

Culture has its way both in comedy and war
Music art and theater is really what we fight for
The urge of friendship rises at what ever the cost
To receive a medal alive when other lives were lost

It's cultural awareness that presents the medal of honor
While natural selection, diversity are still forces to ponder
The marriage of courage and bravery now pins a new name
Salvatore Giunta, yes, your friend would have done the same

copyright 9.12.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Palm Morning Rainbow

Aloha poets,
     Morning rainbow through palm tree inspires today.  Enjoy!

Chaotic Chariot

Drilling down so soft with our hydraulic touch
While children play outside their classroom hutch
Where safe water and natural gas for millennia rock
Cracks in disclosure a commercially sensitive lock

As technology goes so goes the outdated
Discrimination flows with the clunky abated
In comes a new green exercise for the free
Unveils umbrellas of environmental energy

Now layers of bureaucracy once beset peel away
Aids growth by more sales higher margin better pay
Learning all this along with delivery and installation
Marketing skills flaunt even mosque profit to a nation

Making a profit with a prophet is so American
Just say no until the world offers all it can
Play kick the can with viral videos to feed the need
Pockets a prophet I mean a profit watch screens bleed

A lot is riding on this little launch
Writing on the web seems to give a hefty paunch
What about market trends, unemployment and the like?
Seems it's true zombies do really speak into a mic

Are we really headed into a wireless world?
Housing technology and the commercially twirled
For us only to pinch, swipe, flip, and zoom
With our little wireless there across the room

A small business for you in hopes it catches on
Networks to allow all to sing their song
Disclose a distribution deal then move along
Expand a presence, emerge a market since Pong

Is this operating system the new next thing?
As we signal our intention with flair and bling
Acquisitions to propel growth like verizon or marriot
From local to global riding our own chaotic chariot

copyright 9.11.10
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rainforest Jungle

Aloha poets,
     Cool blue water and warm rainforest greens inspire today. Enjoy!

Demagoguery Rogue

National team those workers and corporate
Pick up swords swinging just then to go for it
Becomes disengaged in such smooth transition
Education and training should be a true mission

Ok then here we go again trying to see the light
Animation of acceptance in its brand new fight
Get married, believe you can run a household
When most of your finances are in a mouse hold

What about pouring concrete or driving a bus
Does the greed and the reckless make a big fuss?
Let's all hold hands to try to explode a new myth
Throw in our genes and some eco to go with

Pressure fuels as massive wealth tries to push down
As competitiveness turns out the lights, leaves town
Does anyone really lose interest in the circle of life?
To join a crime, marry less, or just grab a knife?

A downshift to cohabitation seems so easy
In a harsh soil discovery remains queasy
Angry speech stays simple, emotion based
To expect more and get fear, leaves a bad taste

Simply change partners, is that the world's way
Drag a confused child around like some stray?
And speaking direct to the socially disengaged
As if anger and fear are supposed to be staged

How much time is anyone supposed to get?
In a culture of consumers still not ready yet
Independents stand in the wings, shake their head
As working class goes extinct, if not already dead

Covert affairs now find their way into the mix
Even as the middle class stands up to get a fix
Diversity still resonates along with diet and droid
We need only angry speakers to fill the void?

Is there really any deep justice between the classes
Can education and entertainment deluge the clashes
Maybe it's that simple, to minimize leisure plantation
Rogue demagoguery, and it tries to run a nation

copyright 9.10.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tropical Design

Aloha poets,
     Iconic tropical patterns form a design that inspires. Enjoy!

Community Immunity

To invest in the distressed is to pay for its debt
Friends may gather to ask "Are we there yet?"
New words emerge like clinically bankrupt
And bakery fakery is about to erupt

All kidding aside, this thing's out of hand
Business as usual needs a new gland
Jobs in extinction signal the party is over
Corporate choice now rolling the clover

Does making profit really have legal relevance?
Or is it a human right to offer a preference
Uniformity of practice goes out of uniform
Adds up to zero yet still makes up the norm

To reward seniority is the system at hand
Ad hoc run amok then crosses the land
In differing exposure uniformity to disallow
Skipped off to school once, car pool now

To rehabilitate operators is part of the mend
And capital structures with money to send
Don't forget jobs and to treat creditors fair
Bankruptcy could offer a cold hard stare

Now back to business and the subject at hand
Communities changing so much across the land?
Prejudiced hypotheses have had a strong say
As hidebound systems payed out the wrong way

To sit in an office remote to the penny
And address far reaching concerns of the many
Bureaucratic algorithms, medicine by committee
Next up to bat could be extinction of city

copyright 9.9.10
patrick d,adams
all rights reserved

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cool Pool

Aloha poets,
     Cool tropical pool inspires today. Enjoy!

Evocative Exotic

Someplace over a rainbow is better somewhere
Life's legends overshadow in a business of care
Little sanctuary of culture can define the times
Revolves around careers in texture and rhyme

Irrelevance and obscurity can soon be foiled
In debt to the dance of any regulars roiled
Old entertainment venues exude their zoos
In passion and resonance patrons in booths

A world before hip hop culture-location based
Collections and tics a new art the world faced
Music not the forte where poets don't drink
Evocative exotic silence of wall won't blink

Flammable filmmakers would gather to eat
To witness any wall hangings's unknown feat
Sedated too soon but the now well remembered
Their flame in your eyes left you so well tempered

Through effort of their own and all the exceptions
Evocations from the past, they left no deceptions
A place in the village where struggling ones met
Pieces now sell for millions culture's exotic net

copyright 9.8.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Industrial Frame

Aloha poets,
     Industrial frame contrasts tropical textures, inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Squid Squadron

Leisure traveler of humble beginnings
Hostile incumbents, teased underpinnings
Classroom for cooking under a gravity force
Comes a squid squadron mounted on horse

Limit on travel fails to forestall
The gloss of commerce, the buzz of it all
Palpable unrest a frightening scene
Untrusting and savage tries to go green

Photography snaps and pops off the shelf
Kids go to school to become their own self
Beauty finds a way to rise from the bush
Squid squadron approaches amidst a hush

Deserts and mountains bright and shiny
Alligators in fountains slight and spiny
Ungraduated orangutans travel abroad
Radicalized to return with gavel and sword

Secret detention holds court underground
The Golden Age of Rules never again found
Closed coastal trails reversed travel over sea
A squadron of squid arrives to patrol diversity

copyright 9.6.10
patrick d.adams
all rights reserved

Monday, September 6, 2010

Island Tropical

Aloha poets,
     Island tropical colors inspire todays poem. Enjoy!

Angel Range

No notable drawbacks of unglamorous riches
Take stock in activity where religion glitches
Bond is your health, little contract from birth
Smart money still dreams it'll find you first

Politics a reminder for the need for cash
Hedge funds reduce and recycle a crash
The investing elite may soar unflappable
The rest of us feast on meals untrappable

Recessions may run in stereotyping ways
Confessions won't fun about end of days
Eligible deductions depreciate with time
Watch angels and eagles turn on a dime

Investors gird in our three percent world
Where treasury offers to sugar the hurled
Imprudence offers to buy all and then sell
As speculative minds enter their own hell

Travel and tolerance and technology stays
In a world of dividends that cuts both ways
Teachers and training at times seem strange
Your personality finds its own angel range

copyright 9.6.10
patrick d.adams 
all right reserved

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Surfers and Freighters

Aloha poets,
     Surfers and freighters inspire today. Enjoy!

Shunned as Slummed

To develop the distress as a prosperity gain
A diet of diversity may ease the arriving pain
Do I have a witness to the end of 'mom and pop'?
As demographics and digital have planes to hop

Success enables, so they say, it's still true
As food and football still cover the wild blue
Entity tracks lead to the one who holds title
The elderly pack their duffles and rifles

Succession companies form a line out there
While the aged exercise a little, then go for a beer
More acquisitions keep knocking at their fusty door
As disclosure and development keep asking for more

Defunct households of the old defiant range
Family out of fashion hones to the strange
Hilltops near highways now new mobile towers
Holding hostage the seekers on phones for hours

To apply for consideration is to just simply ask
To comply with desolation is a much harder task
Is growth so sensitive, its hostage and heart attack?
Shunned as slummed, 'mom and pop'  comes back

copyright 9.5.10
all rights reserved