Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hawaii Photo Poems

Chocolate Milk Tree

Aloha Poets,
Chocolate milk tree inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Unclear Nuclear Uncle

As usual, fashionable scales the relative back a bit
Here fool's conquests of logic throw another fit
Searching for a turning point in the reflection of it all
A glorious rise moves on before the coming fall

Textology strikes with the heartiest of shows
Final pow-wows bows out as old times come to blows
The absence or presence stays consumed by quest
These wants as force of nature remains anybody's guess

Sequence plays partly to a crowded room
Fishy finishings come full into shrouded bloom
Sequential summaries summon thinly abroad
In piles of dust on empty shards of shelves and pod

Rising tension storms right past the next thought
Amidst tents of wonder that seem to last or not
Clearer now comes a foggy past into play
Destination dreamers move fast to get away

Full attention to duty makes an unsightly arrival
As unclear nuclear families question survival
Passionate passages come back into play
Becoming your camouflaged colleague for the day

Small to summarize to say it just as it is
Rising tension begins to make a smoother fizz
Readiness hides within its plunderous night
Steadiness chides for another thunderous fight

Say it from the inside of that clench-hearted fist
Call out beyond a mighty consumption of quest
Go it alone from darkness to the slight of day
Badgered support waits for another heave at a say

All yours now goes lost in that texture
A brush with death paints a happier picture
Arbitrary military hears the next mortal cries
As casting spells it dream world into the skies

Rhythms change in forms of simple conversation
Pleasures range as once a pleasant destination
Now a giant spectacle this thing they call love
Gain control from somewhere even try from above

A banging head gamer then comes your way
Arresting looks to spread a distracting spray
Mistaken identity arrives with its genetic logic and all
Just a believability hillbilly making a last curtain call

Certain squalls can silently see and feel their own weight
As untested virtues beg to barter to hesitate
Assertions wait their turn quietly outside the gate
As passage sages ponder another page's fate

Entrepreneurial hunts are novelists for all
Divisiveness out slides a collective recall
Nobody here truly ever gains control
In places where unclear nuclear dreamers troll

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Zone Hawaii

Aloha Poets,
Chile earthquake 8.8 magnitude today causes expectations of a tsunami in these waters off Waikiki in about an hour.

Tsunami Resonant Harbor

Aloha Poets,
Tsunami impact zone Kuhio Beach, next to Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. Tsunami landfall: in about an hour..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shady Beach

Aloha Poets,
Shady beach inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Shady Comes the Albatross

Just a basic question as the fashion world meets
Individual in crosshairs crosses fleet streets
A mature summary calls the captain of use
Taking shape in paces amidst folly's excuse

Encountered emotions make the scene seem pale
Beginnings catch on by chasing a pristine tale
Super dreams dodge and resume at a snail's pace
Space-station slow pushes to the end of runway's race

Abrupt starts clear as the outset competes for home
Purpose emerges to become the albatross to roam
Tech is the enabler and more than one time relates
Expect the info to land on a sunny plate

Purpose receives its sentence to time already served
Perception takes the status of fact slightly swerved
Illuminated specs where bold beauty cascades
Watches the albatross who once had it in spades

Time waits not at all for squirrelly conditions
Openly coddled war machines curry renditions
Cruelest of ironies quelled by unequivocal equinox
The vocal inside beauty's head desire shivers and rocks

Still coming up empty gets jotted down strange
Response pinnacles in measures of found textile change
Does it really matter this series of bizarre
Heady lies ahead in heavy heaves of spar

Warm stormy conditions openly contribute
The want of dictation finds a photo shoot
Who is it that wants for desire's latest response
Eventually feeling active all sure fire at once

Strength lies dormant under a doormat's key
Political bias rears beauty's head so defiantly
Dramatic intention beckons with only one flaw
Goes where it can to sooth tooth and claw

One onion's opinion expressions have since grown
What-ifs of yesterday makes its presence known
Ifs and butts are these realms of candy and nuts
Climate science senses and charms offensive ruts

Redact the act of actions abrasively hold
Fuels the fire to clear its virtual presence bold
Obvious concerns in growth spurt mode
Fixing stuff sends a sputter to square one abode

Subtlety publicity is no shiny city by the sea
Gull beguiled by ocean arrival fashion soon to be
Overly writes via overland cage amid double takes
Cupcakes undertaken to rage worn by bakery flakes

Differences float across a violent notion
Volatile mobilizes to slow more emotion
Environment shows an infectious walk act
Spirit of the age deflects just a fact

Intellectual property eventually props up
Monuments of emotion papers over a pop-up
Dizzy display plays it safe with an avid comply
A three bears approach drifts the mist to intensify

Meanings find their way in glass shops of candy
Crossing points to turn on flash pops so dandy
Build it from scraps a path pulsed and tuned
Conviction of conflict in catch-up games buffooned

Amateur anteaters and freaks prance for show
Enter the fray a shear moment as in a meadow
What it all means for those folks who's got story
Undermining ways to add up to hunky dory

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Diamond Head Hawaii

Aloha Poets,
Diamond Head crater inspires today. Enjoy!

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Surfer Wave

Aloha Poets,
Surfer wave inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Hearts and Minds

The language of luggage is a cautionary tale
In waiting and wishing the world's weight to pale
The importance of potions and the silence it carries
Needed to realize the tender balance life marries

Static water runs rampant beneath willow trees
Presenting a way to hear owls on hooting sprees
Energy reserves other races for utter aces
Point blank range teaches to taunt unfamiliar faces

Deeper engagements ringing from the voice of schism
Tacking to the center in a sort of default mechanism
Located somewhere to join fate's finesse veracity
Confirming the fatality of blindness' tenacity

Eye witness to the early days of hearts and minds
Archaeology digs to blow its own dusty chimes
Only makes martyrs worse in its own time
As neuro-marketers try to make it all rhyme

Dressed up in tension attends anybody's guess
The life of the lucky only loses its last quest
Incidental action moves in familiar old ways
Defining moments are how surroundings to behave

Intervening years respond in personal ways
As the world begins to remember signs from olden days
All that drama poises to move to a knockout round
Tensions run hot to show external blackout sounds

Fancy goes to its own place and rocks you
With the emotion they thought they already brought you
Adulthood owns its own civilizing force
Something more symbolic signals for a horse

Interaction so keen with a discerning smile
Near instant to the scene in a world of style
The unspoken tightness would be faulty folly
Deep intervention captures a guy and a dolly

Rest your heart to show your best chops
Activities dispel myth in snaps and pops
Works imaginative alive and just let live
Every new day will have a valentine to give

Emphasized mundane walks among mistakes
Swerves into the final turn slams on the brakes
Lost threads seek out their own loose ends
Aura of pain seeks out more new friends

No heart throb to this heartache of nerves
Returnees referee the curve of serves
Action elements a party in the making
Insiders enhance and intensify the breaking

Straight up nothings noting for awhile
Coupled with style and a face plant smile
Action out front and out of trouble
Shines in reflection of undaunted bubble

Past events could have been the real damage
Presently presenting a mixed-up bandage
Come the spicy vow amidst inner feeling
Summons courage to act on it's own reeling

Initiate an action ask again anew
What is rightfully blind basks in its own glue
Stake a stalker in stipulations of feast
Played hearts and minds then slay the beast

Shadow Culture

Aloha Poets,
Shadow culture inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Shadow Culture

Bobble a corner with no joke of fear
Cyclists ogle in psychological cheer
Tension mounts a ride into the sunset
As doable deficits sit on the fence of it

Uneasy accord allows couples to be twos
Movement hails from unknown deep blues
Dreamy-like they approach in a positive sway
Lock sharp and loud holds pettiness at bay

Taking dead aim at personal debts
Gathering to pay their first respects
Step back to defer in shaky fashion
Suddenly small town support is in passion

Take a sip to dissipate the heat of the day
Raw history gets her grip and had her say
Events unfold to let tensions stop and play
Shadow culture games it their own way

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day #2

Aloha Poets,
Heart-shaped flower heart inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Days of Love

Those days of love struck with uncommon surge
Indulgence's fun ran rampant hefty with urge
Love is the usual suspect who bounds beyond then away
Making good to encourage a new entourage sway

Place of convergence only two hearts could guess
Defining moments sent even dictionaries on a quest
Attempts to express flattens candy boxes and flowers
Where runaway winners sometimes wait for hours

Sitting in dark corners on haunches to launch it
Lunch dates lose out to courtship's haunting gauntlet
Expectations pulse then fooled away by enticement
Sentimentality rears its head ahead at what rolled dice meant

The escape to love invites a runway winner
With love-filled baskets showing up for dinner
Setting the mood on a setting moon over snow
Forever to be within an early evening glow

Delicacies enhance the intensity of desire
Trails of destruction follow an equation of fire
Letting a guard down springs into natures crumbly mess
New scenery is back road beginner's scrumptiousness

With pleasure and effect love lights the way
Those days of wonder seems just like yesterday
Foggy actions now pulse and come into view
In memory and stillness they still stand dear to you

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Aloha Poets,
Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy!

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

5th Day of Valentine

On Slippery Waves

Dream addendum sparks the zen of yum-yums
In seamless extensions past a den of dum-dums
A little fog creeps along its way to hurt next to no one
As if to be a wispy lover swishing on a soggy solo run

Grounded reality is woven upon slippery waves
In visual presence aligns then withdraws and waves
Around your graceful presence grows a glow at long last
Full swing of your beauty chats up a sing-song sassy past

Make a splash, join the action, join in the blue, go green
Or reminisce to coalesce an opposition to making the scene
Destiny's density has a duty to clue you in
Seek ideas of your own to lose that glue you're in

Capture a flag and then a heart in high definition
Mexican cinnamon on alpine chicken gets you in
Just remember it's never clever to reach over
Table manners can get you far out into the clover

Change something just a little different from the past
Run it up to a situational ice cream color splash
Jump right in the water's warm forget about that cash
Stories from the pier appear at the ready to hash

Get inside the loop let them know be inclusive then go
Reign in an outlay of outlying truths not just for show
Snip a little piece of love's hovering ghost
Taste the something you will some day love the most

Oriental lines drawn as ornaments in the sand
No sterile game this idea of holding court on the bland
Plain spoken has yet to rise and raise its right hand
Begin with a simple statement or a full fledged band

Identify that thing that appears to float in the fresh
Flesh out punchy bag punch lines behind the wire mesh
The Northwest passage was never narrative ilk
A grounding reality is an object, so feed it its milk

To whimper and whisper is only a tent family
Write it down to come up with your own calamity
Sell it as hip floating on a ship of us versus them
Pulse it out, bring life, witness "ahem" never again

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Story

Step Up or Not

Illusions of romance intertwine the heavens
Traditions appear as ancient tribes interwoven
Rising tensions quelled by valentine's saintly quiver
Spells of mentions in my heart by quaintly sliver

Has my story to tell whether silent or by a yell
Soon or badly, doomed or gladly, it just rings a bell
Hope and change rings in pulsed distant chime
As little pens rise up to conquer the slow grind

Romance once could become just a screen with a blip
That's the thing that makes those lovers sound so flip
So casual to percolate and simmer from far above
Resonating glimmers of hope for a new summer love

Natural urges stir to blur a dark distant line
Ongoing to assume going inane is rampantly fine
Noting nothing has to be true to make things work
Record of note in a musical diary works with its quirk

Conflict occurs and crisis may or may not follow
Humility's rocket soars beyond for stars to swallow
Futility's pocket fills with scars that drone
No cagier thought ever found its way that way back home

Order of events lay bound out beyond control
Spatter to converge with a story of old to extoll
A piece of the pie you can eat but never the whole
Write it that way as if to save yourself as a caring soul

Go fishing with your little oafish backwoods plan
Patch it together to make yourself a little stick man
Seems like stars burn with their own little wick
Cohesion rules whereas on no rules do quivers stick

Island to Island for Haiti

Aloha Poets,
Photo of site Island to Island for Haiti concert this Friday. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Island to Island for Haiti

Aloha Poets,
Site of Island to Island for Haiti happening this Friday at Hilton Hawaiian Village in the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

An Anthropomorphic Apologetic Approach

Personal relationship often amiss in tactless scorch can go awry
As inappropriate appreciations approach back porch on the sly
That place where smokers snicker to keep their options open
My wish to extend goodwill and appreciation adopts a new notion

In extending a tradition of common and complete courtesy
Paleodiets of summer radish relish to summon more to see
The indignation of a double designation brings on indigestion
While extraordinary kindness prompts expressions of indiscretion

Thank you for the kind mention of congratulations and the money sent
In a final detour toward humor the congregation got funny and went
Won't someone please put my name on an anti-whaling ship?
Even now decisions to write you fill my heart but to you I'm a blip

As assistances in life waver among stationary platitude
You acknowledge your gift on stationary to show gratitude
Preserved for persuasive pacts and the purity future perusals
This song of thanks, an invitation of kindness, parodies further refusals

Hospitality of kindness contributes in goodwill in a complimentary way
Membership of family so dear to the heart, I think only hours away
Longing for an undercurrent of payoff laughs as standup tanks
I would like to express my appreciation in a moment of thanks

In this small note ever so short on words yet big on heart
I thread my ways seemingly pleasant, brief, and smart
A mention of memoir threatens to appropriate a God-given gift
Bridging rifts to drift in benefit as only two hearts can lift

To reciprocate is legion and holds promise clear and so dear
When the storm's payload comes we will all be barely here
As mixed messages wander and wonder and thud aloud
Thunderous storms offer up mudslides and a boisterous cloud

Specific is better, though the Atlantic may always be yearned
Payoff laughs never hand themselves over must always be earned
Prose posse concurs when in a lurch for time to marry such
It's always better to use simple thanks, thank you very much

Sincerity compliments and complements hearts sincere
Barely habitable linguistics sides with blunder barely there
Merit a letter to examine your sway with compadres and kin
Watch in financial infancy some major mud slingers on gin

This personal note of gratitude initiated in single initials
A gift has been given as all earnest sincerity eats its victuals
Kindness not overlooked is blindness forsook or even for taking
Kind gifts offer their assistance for love to cook in ovens baking

So anthropomorphic this personal note now hand written
Appreciation's many shapes and sizes somehow remain smitten
This personal note of gratitude for your unexpected personal gift
In our little household, even our sleepy cat gets a purse and a lift

Your kind gift to our new family today is most generous
We felt your kindness in a wonderful way as if ghosts render us
Please feel free to stay in touch, drift by as much as you like
Both of us were touched by your act of sheer kindness alike

It was extremely thoughtful of you to send a talking gift
We still appreciate the kindness and felt the wind shift
Mountains denuded by wildfire make wide-mouthed frogs hop
The gift you sent gave us the pride even couch dogs can adopt

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Island to Island for Haiti

Aloha Poets,
Photo of the site of the upcoming Island to Island for Haiti fundraiser at the Hilton Hawaiian village. Enjoy!

True Hues and Tints

Perceptional captures the essence not the source
One last word,"Shark!" enraptures remorse
Imaginations run wild to char and chafe
Your story well told remains forever fail safe

It's not true shark was the one thing he said
A deeper blue of dark quiet drifted up ahead
Can much more ever be heard from a pen?
Outlast your infighting, just get up and do it again

How long do I wait for more ice cream?
Drift in and out and scrape for the perfect scream
Locked in detail a tempest aims to calm
Droning and donning the sway under tropical palm

Have your say tell your story be the few
Truth's owner lies tinted in personal hue
Loosely base a case that chafes them still
Transform to soothe the storms of ill will

Character thrives amidst the knives of event
Cutting edges dredge the personally bent
Imaginary culprit is capable imagination
A dialogue spent between event and pageant's apron

Unbelievable happenstance fits its schemes
Institutionalized movement sits and dreams
Woven fabric of life flaps in cautious excitement
Petulant adolescence had its time at enticement

Fiction's intrusion gets a fix on our movement
Mapping out its intentions slightly aloof and bent
All the while the street protests came and went
That fictionalized version now fodder for cement

This little tale surely's not about me
Now richness in thickness how real life can be
Having my own time in the sun to vent
As grown as I am life's sown son to gent

Primal images please take me away
To the farthest stretches still held at bay
Is alien landing site the middle of my plate?
A true hue and hint of my fate

Friday, February 5, 2010

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tropical Creme Drizzle

Aloha Poets,
Tropical creme drizzle inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Perky Superstitious and Waterfalls

The mutuality of exchange flows for awhile but not away
Brief pleasantries try the patience as if a pastry gone astray
Points of appreciation rankle at the ankles in perky superstition
Thank you notes smooth naive invitations beyond imposition

So small an offer of brevity to try to put your thoughts best
A reflection of discourse in camaraderie holds close the life vest
How appropriate the act wanders lonely down a water trail beside
Beneficiary calls of wilderness, in those caves you can't hide

Dust off heartfelt reciprocation that's the least opportune
Desires for a future alleviates whistling at least a poor tune
Purposeful design gets the smile that gets the gas
Specificities called by name see no blame and lets you pass

Sincerity flowered produces the opposite of effect
Tactless efforts misread instead flash to misdirect
Compliments abound to the giver, a new friend found
On further cue examples examine purposes raft-bound

Personality written timely scopes a sincere landscape
Kindness overbooked renders useless its tired close scrape
The overlooked cooks up schemes as if on a rapids ride
Combinations of acceptance and refusal hide fears inside

Hand write to me your first thought of reserved reprieve
Appreciation remembers itself if you don't get up and leave
Personal feelings of thanks splash formalities onto snow
Insights ignite in a sunny supple supply all aglow

Being touched by an angel bearing gifts of usual self
Remembering in attendance that glittering ballroom elf
Generosity reigns pieces of love on the crazy brave
Thoughtfulness streams inevitable extremes into a cave

Prompt the pleasure of courtesies to curtsy beyond cute
A look forward enhances the urge to bring a parachute
Dedication ices sweet cake in swarms and drizzles
A perky face supersedes the fake as superstition fizzles

Keep yourself informed of progressions and dress parades
Work to rework the successions of advances and accolades
Be true to wonder in the thunder as watery greed stalls
Costs of water falls the closer you close in on waterfalls

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Catcher in the Rise

Aloha Poets,
The apartment building in Hawaii where John Lennon's killer worked as a night security guard in late 1980
before he murdered John at the Dakota apartment building in New York City December 8, 1980.
The killer by his own admission was inspired by reading JD Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye" in his time before the murder.
JD Salinger recently died of natural causes after living as a recluse in a small house in New Hampshire, a far cry from a former Hawaii night security guard's identity with "The Catcher in the Rye" and John Lennon's Dakota apartment building in New York City.
JD Salinger only wrote one novel, John Lennon only had one life.

Housing for a Rotor

Well I guess its about time the plot thickens
Rules of thumb for a sum of a number of chickens
The oncoming carry the bones in town;s parade
Into the cauldron where church bells are made

After the silence will the blade finally hold?
The impact is incalculable or so I'm told
As they callously cull all calls to arms
And come up to play from down on the farms

Such a small parade from small remote houses
Each alone at their hone as if small mouses
To scorn a future life in a place so scary
Parents encourage their children to marry

Extra reclusivity guns for the unshunned
As wind turbines fan the flames from the sun
Solar panels come along for a silky ride
Obsessively articulated as if positioning a new bride

How to wear this heartache of paradox
That irresistible ship of rotors in a box
Love crazed boys show off in those planes
From her window only wind turbines on plains

Answers lie somewhere in cloud spattered skies
A heartache fits all, out there its all one size
Belle of the ball and ball bearings of jet stream
Get your bearings as expectation reigns supreme

Monday, February 1, 2010