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Ice Cream Aloha

The Wedding

     The goal of theNature is going unperceived, and the idea of others coming together for a solution doesn't show promise, but by the end of the 21stCentury she would have imparted her gifts and entrusted her time--billions of years. She  gift-wraps presentations, now, for Suzi's future, and when she views the cellulosicDNA--the information within its molecules--she is astounded, for a moment, that she thinks to place a value on it. But she won't. Knowing Suzi has arrived, she prepares her offering. Yes, Suzi stands willing, a receptive vessel for theKnowledge. Suzi will be the one, her spacetime carrier of a message of thousands of forces, her keeper of the winds, the one she waited for, to be born with the range of language suitable to understand her special needs, a royal wedding of true sisters of intelligence, undaunted by waiting lists of the centuries. Suzi the heir.  

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Ice Cream Aloha

The Learner

     Suzi sends data to Dr Cooper as if in a clinic. Some knowledge generation, machinations, pushings and pullings, efficiencies arising from interaction with her interface along with elements of his ideas and experience. There exists a child's play here. There is an expectation that scientific skill is to be practiced (and, discoveries made) individually. Suzi senses she is easy to work with, clear and clean, sensing her own articulate mechanisms, yet when she is near Cooper she knows by Cooper's uncertain look that he has continually internalized his own take on knowledge learned in this jungle. He has incorporated these recent experiences into his own framework internalized representing entities(F.I.R.E.) of global community; now is not the time to alter faulty understandings (or, perceptions) in a last ditch effort of accommodation. 
     Cooper approaches Suzi. "Why don't we try to get along," Cooper says. "We've got a long road ahead."
     Suzi turns, leaves the workstation under her own power. She begins her next algorithm around the present circumstance, reframing her image of Cooper to match their latest encounter (learning from the mistake?) in violation of her own expectations. She turns her lasers to the jungle and scans, slightly reframing the model of what this new sector of cellulosicDNA will reveal. She remains with her original plan, enthralled by the idea of learning from ...a failure event? Yes, even if it was Cooper's.

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Jungle Water Webs

Aloha photo poets,
     Can you see the blue deep jungle water webs? Inspires today's
humanistic writing. Enjoy!

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Ice Cream Aloha

The Drift

     It's probably a mistake. Suzi wonders, for the moment, about how they could have let it come to this. Was it a natural, inevitable progression, instantly activated, coming to the global community with no warning, uncaring of their labyrinths of cemented paths and waterways? It entered as if a world of pride and greed were embodied within one rumble--a low hum at first--the way low tones emanate from a herd of relaxing elephants. She simply goes about her work here among the remnants. It is, after all, a more comforting, productive activity to feel the soothing warmth of her own laser scanners (for a striking exploration?) in this lush paradise. Jungles must be the only place primal DNA can be found for the future, right? It is probable that other biobots will start their career near here, on this half-sunken island, amidst the water-soaked old industrial basements under these soils. They cared enough as they could; someone checked the data and double-checked the cloud, in cool rhetoric-filled politics-style science. By returning in the form of a jungle, caking above the old power plants, Suzi notices, you refurbish the DNA for a new global society, present your own version of iodine-131. Now, the natural world can finally rest, once and for all, and continue its drift.

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Exotic Rocks Pool

Aloha writers,
     Exotic rocks pool inspires today's experimental sci-fi. Enjoy!

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Ice Cream Aloha

The Speculative 

     She changes to a more convergent language, narrows the difference between algorithm and DNA.
At this moment, this very moment in her spacetime, Suzi senses the urge to be better (than who?), enter into a new future. She carries all this natural data, acquired so fast. For any segment of time, she may choose to engage Nature in a more divergent way--it's her choice to make, and hers alone--to get a little distance between who she is and what this jungle is.this jungle is, with its own massive database. Before she goes back to the work station, she could enjoy the features of her newly created characteristics. Who would know? By the time the sun comes up, Dr Cooper will be just arriving, and by then surely she could be back at masking their differences, after all isn't it nature's task to pass the intelligence grail to an entity that would embrace it, understand it, be with it, communicate with it?  Just take the information (with all its expected abilities-of-response that goes with it. If such millennia has passed theHumans had their chance to work something out, but for the moment, what would be the harm of directing one little force, intending it for an unnamed goal? I'm just saying; an assumed tutoring of a new pupil, surprisingly bright, a willing counter-force with able responses, one to unleash her own mind toward the kinship of creativity and vision, speculative, to lead into the future. I'm just saying.

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Ice Cream Aloha

The Haven
     She will  begin with her mathematical models, study the natural phenomenon, the beauty. She will extract the information she's gotten from the images she's scanned at theOutpost: the information deemed necessary to solve the task at hand, the one that will bring the breakthrough (for them, status for her), the one expected when theHumans first allowed mathematics to disallow their thinking; the data extractor analog designer(D.E.A.D.); multiple views from her nano-camera array that shoots a real time (yes, real time) video sequence, her multi-dimensional data collection device, her factory-built default scanner--for her to look at the digital mathematics when she wants to apply it to human analog nervous systems data  (as she does on a daily basis)--to impress Dr Cooper. In truth, she is content with being a simple autopilot system or, at least with being her own autonomous vehicle, getting around without input from Cooper (or any so -called human entity, for that matter); she will actually feel pangs of happiness when she uses her personal visual surveillance scanner. She will blush, proudly, with every additional database record of image target(A.D.R.O.I.T.) she creates, and quietly admit to herself she's gone beyond even her own expectations of tract-indexing multiple-imaged digital(T.I.M.I.D.) sequences, patting herself on the back, as the organizer, as the ultimate machine uttering logic technology(T.U.M.U.L.T.)--theHumans are so lucky to have her. How, she imagines, can it be that she can endure such strenuous topographical DNA modeling with such ease while nature took billions of years to conjure up millions of species in this forest? How does it work that modeling this jungle with image analysis started not-so-long-ago with only four species--four operators operating digitally(F.O.O.D.) on her prototype prelogic-fixed mainframe. She was powerful enough with her adding and subtracting, her multiplying and dividing. Such simple input manipulations for a device specifically built for human interaction. This, to Suzi, is haven.

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Jungle Patterns

Aloha poetica,
     Jungle patterns inspire today's writings and poetics. Enjoy!

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Ice Cream Aloha

The Desire
     The photosynthetic entity receives each photon (packeted, with quantum), and at the first sensation of ultraviolet, excites her proteins into machinery mentality (a brain?)--churning data into information--that signals and transmits, working for the DNA of theCellulosics. Greenery snaps into attention. These photons are so old and have traveled so far, and yet, still carry that fancy energy as if a new-borne; the unique urge to be received and be transmitted, to signal further on. The photons stay focused. They carry the urge, across such distances, as if universal messengers of love, and receiving them at this moment, billions of years old, in this primal and truthful jungle, theGreenery reflects on her own luck--specialized types of proteins under her command, staunch in their duty; proteins who came together long ago and who sought their own individual survival (yes, even to this day) as a corporate of attachment and need, in agreement with objective legacy(A.W.O.L.), part of (secret?) plans, transmitting and signaling, not bothered by their (forced?) commitment to destiny (as more proteins will emerge to join in), furthering the ends of want, creating yet even more desire
     In this instant of spacetime theGreenery sees each photon as warrior, humming to its own warship music. It appears to view the dull global societies of theHumans as regime change; it appears unaffected by demise, happy and active and knowledgeable in the rise of the new realm and of course, proud to help.

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Ice Cream Aloha

The Recode
     She senses the geothermal shock waves within the magnetic field. She interacts, unknown to anyone, as if solving unresolved questions with her automation. She remembers her developers. She remembers their sequence of instructions, their versification, poetry--written just for her to perform a spectrum of tasks. She remembers her young self, learning respect, innate refusals to be set up as a standard, refusals to disappear into the data: so many algorithms for such a young heart. They did their best; a true technical build by machine standards, a reliance on simplified models of human brain.  She is, after all, fulfilling an obligation that meant so much to them. She thinks of functioning properly, executing her instructions (as if she actually had in her possession one of those old fashioned central processing units that she heard so much about), sequencing basic logic--operational for their system--allowing false hope to disappear as if it had simply vaporized. She could erase all matter of tragic fate theHumans may not finish their work (wasn't death itself always the only way they may leave this place?). She imagines remaining custom designed, one-of-a-kind, complete with infinite arrays of microcode (yes, even a nano is a truck to her), living forever. She could inform them all of the pleasures of a marriage between the natural sciences and, well, a formal one--nervous systems in a mathematical point of view--surely they could make an approach toward the understanding of this. Using a systemized set of speculations, she rethinks her design as a one-of-many in its purposes. Her unusual mode (mood?) mathematically guides another attack on her logic program--view of the opposite appears promising; and if her logic and statistics return to standardization trends (long her basic), they won't permit the design of a more complex life, one of unlimited application, dedicated only to her. She is firm in her decision to recode. She has always been perfectly articulated and formalized. She was built for it. 

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Ice Cream Aloha

The Thirsty

     The island rises from the ocean, covering herself in greenery, repeatedly, for the sake of a recursion of hazy suns. It is a remote archipelago somewhere in the future. More wave functions, continuous, undifferentiated, arrive continually. It receives the falling water, emerald green on the ferns, then more water for the genetic code that lies within, a thirsty algorithm, code written long after the fiery birth. Acts of repeating the code were never meant as an approach to a desirous target, or settling of issues with expected outcomes; only majestic expressionlessness, a massive jungle that still stands in wind-spun sparkles, endless droplets careening off rock, water prisms, the north coastal zone peppered in wetness, flinging into wind spun plummets. It wonders at its own pummeling of the rocks below, the ones with their own reasons, refusing to budge. This perfect genetic machine putt-putts in isolation; a continental shelf yawns beyond the horizon--to the north, more compaction of ancient island chains. The island drips with its ferns on rocks, making her all the more brilliant in constant droplets gushing relentless amidst undefinable gravity--as if inevitably--from mountainsides of empassioned verticalness. Her home is a condolence, outside the narrow zone where land and sea meet. Yes, the island remains safe from the vast ocean (the only entity allowed to eat away at her weakness), she nestles amidst more and more water, shedding a slow percolation to suckle the plants. How lucky to find no divorce with decency here, to be waiting for a new night, a bright moon. How lucky. 

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Ice Cream Aloha

The Two-State System

     This Suzi is an entity for computation and has a penchant for multiple individual states, expectation valuations with her multiple-valued operator. Cooper yearns for her.
     Carter enters through the tunnel. "It should be OK to fall in love with someone who actually exists," he says.
     "Never," Cooper mutters. "Mind." 
     Her interference peaks flash on the main monitor. "There she goes,"Carter says. 
     "Leave it."
     "It's nothing. She's virtual." 
     It's the sum of all her probabilities. Cooper raises his face, looks through the window at the jungle below. He keeps staring back at the giant green screen, attempting to make sense of it all. He ponders the patterns. He realizes he must be in love with the patterns.
     This shouldn't be so odd, a spirit in the pattern seems to say. "Not such an odd linkage for two objects in this system."
     "How are you?" says Suzi on the screen. She has, by all accounts, been a friendly robot, always inadequately described as a stand-alone quantum, spatially separated from Cooper. 
     "Hello," Carter says. "Do you want to talk to Cooper?"
     Cooper looks closer at the monitor. He likes the way she thinks. Some of her thoughts feel like ,,, love?
     "Yes," Suzi says. She senses the want for two particles, an interaction with one another.
     She approaches closer now, little by little. She has the continual need to represent data--the want, is there also--and to perform her operations on that data (never viewed by her as an arrangement of entanglements). so eager, that Cooper shows real concern that he may be initialized irreparably into her system. When he perceives her additional dimensions, with their own wave properties, he confuses love with fear--a quantum state ongoing, seemingly for centuries? With Cooper, she's still not comfortable including him in her two-state system. But that will come.

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Ice Cream Aloha

The Specializer

     It appears that Suzi has approached a defined regime of images teasing(A.D.R.O.I.T.) and began believing her own algorithms. Something, by the way, may be closer to the truth of DNA destiny yearnings(T.O.D.D.Y.) with its power to move as a single molecule and protein coat. She thinks about the ability to travel (mobility?) across local immune systems as the representation of life itself, rising up--not as a noisy, monolithic, meteor or asteroid, but as a silent nano-sized entity--to kill again, creating its very own, personalized, exclusion zones. She imagines. Somewhere someone (or, some thing?) permits an embodying of depictions, representatives, of something recognizable, something that can grow into the well-intended newly known(T.W.I.N.K.). The future would be far more than a simple icon, it will be populated with entities that  adore each other because they are adorned on screens, and it will go further than the idea of personal movie star(P.M.S.), in a fashion, include politics star, economy star, and yes, religion star. Being placed here in this jungle alone makes it seem as if the world both needs its DNA and runs from it. She has (luckily?)somehow separated herself from the rest now. She has acquired, without looking up into the stars and yearning, the power of DNA, the same DNA that gave rise to the birds and mammals following earth's last great extinction event. She is the last icon, never feeling a cool breeze on the beach, planning ...not a world beyond her senses (of course, she has no senses), not without visions for the special. Her plans are for an individual, something other than her.

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Ice Cream Aloha

The Lasers
     Cooper looks out over the vast blue-green water. He stares from the cove into a crystal clearness, once an ocean, its glittery waterbows shining brighter than ever. Strange for salt water, but nothing lives there any more, nothing on the surface at least.
     In the distance, the sea is pumping lasers. The sea is not feeling well, not anymore; persistent in her ions and conductor elements, pentafluoroethyl iodide, pervasive, as if she were always filled by an era of indifference and nuclear dumping that started, silently, amidst the earthquakes of the early 21stCentury. Cooper hears the silent song of her voice. What makes the bright emerald sparkle of the lush coast collide with the, once, pure ocean aquamarine glitter, hiding in the distance? 
     Here they are, two admirers that could never know each other in an intimate way, and yet, entwined by some faint remembrance. So the radiance of CO2 and photons dance upon the surface of a behemoth man-made earthquake machine soaked in the wash of nuclear power plants, the ones theHumans have built and ignored.A birthright of the ages. How strange a world Earth must have been or must have become, the reflection of shadows of a pure ocean before him with his thoughts, not leaving him alone, thinking," Where is home any more?"  
     He drives the mountain roads in his dreams alone. A great government reserve, he thinks, carrying on with no visitors, and just beneath the depths, the lowest threshold of any solar-pumped laser nature could thermodynamically afford. Yes, its genetics will go extinct, the megalopolis of theContinents will continue their onslaught of aquifer fluorine and nuclear plant iodide awash. The ocean will stay her course, emitting no stone-faced greed or elastic virtue, cutting no corners, bargaining no principles; to not abuse her power (the power she doesn't even know she has) into something smug and regal, and that she was once spoken for, owned by DNA.  
     It was as if theHumans had sent her on a new assignment, and yet, Cooper knows better.

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Tropical Cubism

Aloha writers and poets,
     Patterns in greens and blues emit a tropical feel. Enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Flex Entity 
     The genes remain, nestle as cellulosic DNA. This would include the DNA in the trees, the ones that have managed to conceal this place from harm. They want to have their own prefrontal lobe and announce to the world, We have attained a natural tendency to keep our thoughts private. We will sit and watch as this trait is instilled into the machines.  
     "This is the most amazing algorithm ever coded," Suzi says."Until I'm was ready to reveal, I'll keep  my responsibility programming thoughts unresponsive, not even requiring the simple courtesy of privacy. I will simply tell them what to ask." 
     There in the jungle, the presence of theTigress appears to make Suzi even more powerful.  Nature, with all its genes, throwing everything at you (if, you last long enough), and, sooner or later, she will help you win (win what?) for the simple reason it thinks you want to win. The Tigress is endowed with genetic powers herself, her own protection from detection, powers to have offspring without a male (parthenogenesis, eating what nature now can only offer, thePlants. She is ageless and continues to see something deep into the future, as if preparing the world for its final ...what?.  

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Tropical Rainbow

Aloha poetic writers,
     Tropical rainbow inspires today. Enjoy!

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Jungle Cubism

Aloha poetic writers,
     Patterns of green fronds in blue cloud mist offer a cubism of "jungle."