Monday, November 30, 2009

Hibiscus Biscuit

Aloha Poets,
Hibiscus inspires today's poem. Enjoy!


The signs are all there for us to see
As rains and forests part company
Ice melts and glaciers finally park
To leave us to find our own way in the dark

Parched as far as the eye can see
Land grizzled and guzzled by SUV
Let it roll and tumble out where it may be
To some remote and our once humble TV

Give it the juice to suck down the power
And our noose and want in this waning hour
Ambitious light of cultural pollution
Now physically foul calls for solution

Rallying cries stifle invocation
While closing of eyes rifles innovation
Technical requirements are never in the bag
Designated designer make the tale wag

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Flower

Aloha Poets,
Happy flower inspires today. Enjoy!

Ghost Bitten

Love on the wing aging wellness
Sands of rhyme stand on stillness
Fantasy's fantasy nods to Newton
As quickness witnesses the art of twosome

Truth elegances with dreams of cost
In signature techniques of the past
While source of terror keeps it's vague
Rides in the wind leave no egg

Today's present approves the past
Escapes then slowly into the future last
While infinity anchors cold wet earth
Conquest and force spirits forth

Book of ages play ghost written
Rock the pages of paradise smitten
Backstreet sages don your mitten
As frosty earth goes ghost bitten

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Say You Will

Stragglers and Wallflowers

Timid heroes never to be caught
On a news reel in battles fought
Both sides want to be the select few
Even without a home to go to

No longer room for new compromise
Yes they could see it in each other's eyes
Too late now for wives to kiss you
Hostility would now settle the issue

Somewhere beyond the great divide
Could there ever be a place to hide
Stragglers and wallflowers have their voice
Heroes are beyond making a noise

And now depart we the ruthless
To destinations declawed and toothless
Is the worth a bitter pill?
Stragglers and wallflowers say you will

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sunset Surfers

Aloha Poets,
Sunset surfers at Waikiki Beach inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

The Last Toy

Look at the good you do
With your hand to your heart
Floating above story
Technically smart

Grim determination
Is your one emotion
A smaller and smaller box
To glide the ocean

Look at the good you did
Carving exceptions
The steps you took
Creating perceptions

And so you would think
Mr Choo Choo as a boy
Could make heads turn
And be the last toy

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flower Ants

Aloha Poets,
Flower ants inspire today's poe. Enjoy!

Slaughter The House

Trendy show lend a thaw
Windy district whining saw
Rose bush flair local high rent
What is that barnyard scent?

Fending off oinks and cars
Double entendre swaths of stars
Amidst the candy and designer beer
Whatever are you doing here?

Plenty of game to go around
Gallery art kicks out the sound
Bourbon ice cream its a scream
Slaughter the house makes the scene

Glittery adorn french milled soap
Peach preserves fit for a Pope
Cue the dance with that funny mouse
Through the laughter slaughter the house

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Dazzle Food

Aloha Poets,
Beautiful flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Cool Dazzle Day

Inadvertent service color coordinate
Remember like yesterday the day we met
Like I told you once with your eyes so near
Nobody is a bad guy here

Mulling questions through quipmeister hollers
Race to the top with wobbly dollars
Something should be done or should have been
With dazzled cool way back when

In hopes a heart sends its own scream
Through sharks and short shrifts SOS my dream
With owned momentum we still willingly play
From flounder to flourish to cool dazzled day

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Curious Bird

Aloha Poets,
Curious friend inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Hunter Queen

A list of one conquers the day
Carnival hokum makes no play
Thank you from a distance from the soul
Hunter queen seize control

Tucked inside a deeper layer
Cathartic outing a ready player
Occasional display sense of tense
Tend to attract with eyes so dense

Feel of blood coursing the vein
Loopy encounter in a narrow lane
Jump cut shocker slices air
With hunter queen's distant stare

Everything matters amidst half bakedness
Readily recognisable your half nakedness
As subtle as is distancing ice cold dare
Hunter queen goes dancing into the lair

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beautiful Cat

Aloha Poets,
Beautiful cat inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Drifted Over Your Heart

Pinpoint fast talk spiked curve ball
Jazzed up hello said it all
Peppered with a little madness that triggers
More than real life graphics and figures

Emerge your sound to bamboozle the masses
Carrying a broad back wearing glasses
Augmented reality emerging tech
You meet me out there on the deck

Your smile never straddled the line
Or lost its sparkle in winter time
Signed off on the language did my part
The day my mind drifted over your heart

Monday, November 9, 2009

Prison Flowers

Aloha Poets,
Flowers appearing to be captivated inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Hushed Precious

Trust so smooth affirms stability
Breezes gesture confidentially
What kissed you may never be known
Business world my have you grown

Put to rest any doubts of scarcity
There is an arrangement too far to see
Being at odds weighs too heavily
You deserve your three week spree

Signs and signals appetite for risk
Global settlement one earth disc
Once assistant assailants shouted angrily
Now hushed precious reverent retiree

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shadow Statement

Aloha Poets,
Flower stamen conjures a clear shadow in the bright sun. Enjoy!

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ice Green Cone

Aloha Poets,
Nature patterns inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

So Little Time

Trouble's coming and it's coming fast
Prominent failure's here at last
Sense of possibility behind the dash
Rattled or whatever make it last

Persistent genetical arousal disorder
Mediocre medicare astounds the border
Formative months of plain spoken
Cement the claim of the plain token

Stay behind remain in flux
Maiden visit whiz past in trucks
Unfamiliar plateau descend way down
So little time here on the ground

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Horse

Aloha poets,
Happy horse inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Surge the Swoon

Shake a ghost of the recent past
Defy all odds and make it last
Eyes moisten in veiled message
Quivers of voice spears the passage

Opportunity arrives more than door to door
Support community let it soar
Trail marked by more or less travail
The sake of art inside your pail

Make a statement of how you roll
Seek a salvo duck the crossbow
Eerie resemblance is the perfect hell
Ensures ties to the measuring bell

Night time is a long line at long last
Bye bye to a sad and watery past
Candid candle raises the wire
Surge the swoon of desire

Island Mountain

Aloha Poets,
Island Mountain inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Outdoors Culture

Loss of luster and relevance on hold
To the benefit of all not just the bold
Backfire in reverse sticking points
Private sector public annoints

Nice place of placation quirk
Clears the way for situational murk
Great outdoors and culture calls
Tropical setting where pure rain falls

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tropical Photo Poetry

Mountain Palms

Aloha Writers,
Mountain and palms inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Walking on Dust

So many times I've tried to find
The reason I am so blind
We shared the limelight made our lemonade
Pared it down into orange marmalade

I only wonder why I didn't see the sky
She's the one who always gave a try
She's the pie I was the crust
Now I'm walking on dust

Now there's this little song
It starts to ask what went wrong
She swept away now I'm bust
Only left to walk on dust on dust

She was the one who kept me neat
After I swept her off her feet
One day she wandered into the dusk
Leaving me to walk on dust

Hawaii Photo Poems

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cookie Cutter Flower

Aloha Writers,
Tropical cookie cutter star flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Legend Territory

Troubles of the past had them reeling
A better than advertised kind of feeling
Sketchy roof leaky walls
In the thick of the hunt as autumn falls

Send a chill down your spine
Make official the feeling of fine
Get a fresh jump off the drawing board
Show your game after drawing bored

Add your own little rocket boosters
Call out the imposters and roosters
Mirror the output of a fairy story
And ruffled feathers of legend territory