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Ode To Writers

Here is a poem fro the "Ice Cream Aloha" collection. Enjoy!

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Made In Hawaii Festival

The display of Na Mea Hawai'i at the Made in Hawaii Festival in Honolulu, Hawaii. Na Mea Hawai'i sell "things Hawaiian" at the Ewa end of the Ward Warehouse. Find the "best collection of books and CDs about Hawai'i. On the WEB find Na Mea Hawai'i at Enjoy!

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Made In Hawaii Festival

Made in Hawaii Festival offers the best coffee in the world! Enjoy!

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Turn the Tide

This poem from the "Ice Cream Aloha" collection is about the power of art to bring positive change to the world.

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Waikiki Beach

This photo appears on page 30 and 31 of my environmental poetry book, "Ice Cream Aloha," published and printed on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
The photograph reflects the island culture of Waikiki Beach. Jazz and Brazilian music fits the colorful environment. Writing and performing poetry is "on the rise" in Hawaii. Rock and Hawaiian music is popular in island lifestyle.

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Ice Cream Aloha Flower "Jungle King"

This photo appears on page five of my recently published EcoPoetry collection, "Ice Cream Aloha." The flower is Red Ginger. The flower shape you see in this photo is common to the western Pacific and known as "Jungle King." This tropical flower does not develop seeds. It reproduces by baby plantlets growing out of "kangaroo pouches." Enjoy!

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Senator Barack Obama arrived in his hometown of hawaii today.


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Tropical Topic

                  This is page 20 and 21 from my poetry book entitled "Ice Cream Aloha." It is a poem of a true incident that happened to a young boy in Hawaii in 2008. Even in the exotic beauty of the Hawaiian Islands, domestic abuse continues to exist. 
                   Love and understand each other, especially children.             Enjoy! 

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Palm Poem

                  This photo has the relaxing colors of brown, blue, green, and burgundy. Writers can have a relaxing effect on their readers by the use of style. The way a writer uses language is his style. Let's write considering style today.    Enjoy!

Genre: Environmental Poetry

               Jellyfish Jam

Warming water expanding range
Something out there grows untamed
Once only two days every other year
They would come from far and near

Faceless marauder summer arrival
Ocean stresses aid in survival
Barrier Reef to Virginia Beach
Waikiki now stretches their reach

Risky currents jellyfish swarm
Notions rage as oceans warm
Overfish their predators away
Jellyfish will soon have their day

Fish nets clog and sound alarms
Coral reefs cry their silent harms
As the message from seas come ashore
Is anyone listening anymore?

Natural predator, tuna swordfish shark
Slowly disappear on fisherman's lark
Lay net, overfish the silent sea
View the horizon the coming Irukanji

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Technorati Profile

Flamenco Pacifico

                   This photo presents an image. An image stimulates the imagination. Great writers stimulate the imagination of their readers using image. Let's write with that in mind today.

Genre: Brazilian Jazz

                   Your Very Best Place

The right thing is never about bling
You are your own good future to meet
Never take the chance to meet a life incomplete
Always on your feet getting a taste
Of your very best place

Admittedly omitted act of commission
Never submission perfect condition
Your very own mission
Enthused to approve always on the move
Your own environment so that's what you meant
Your very best place

A travel buff loving culture enough
Vulture of love down from above
A little taste to explore get out the door to  
Your very best place

Anxious to meet counsel the disaffected
Under the wire build your own fire
Detect and disinfect the afflicted
Enduring friend community to the end

Preserve tradition give your rendition
Tolerance respect face to face it's your
Very best place

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Flamenco Flower

                 This beautiful red flower stands in contrast to its environment. Great writers also use contrast to entice the reader's imagination. Let's write keeping contrast in mind today.

Genre:  Rock

            Touting You

A hot guitar you are
Consequence your hand 
Tell it to the night
Together we can stand and fight

Hold your weight my golden gate
Never alone you faithful me home
Doubt no more this outing's for you
I'm touting you

Go ahead sing along
Hot pink's bouncy little song
Ripply water sparkles blue
Hot looks splashing on you

Sunlight shadow Bimini blisses
Breezes blow your little kisses
You are everything I ask of you
I'm touting you