Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tropical Tree

Aloha Poets,
Tropical tree inspires today. Enjoy!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hopeful Hibiscus

Aloha Poets,
Watchful flower inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Village Taiji Dolphin Cove

Now more than ever be the hero
As your proud legacy adds up to zero
Dark quiet culture centuries foreboding
Silence collects in your cove for meat loading

Quiet village bound by traditional speak
Proud forefathers catch waves of the meek
So cold in identity off cove's ocean water
Taiji stands silent in friendly dolphin slaughter

World watches time creep in this our new age
Hoping for consensus as Taiji turns its page
How much more sorrow in a world of half truths
Must you fight cove battles of your father's youth?

Taiji move beyond being a mere fishing village
Heed calls from humanity to end dolphin pillage
The world may offer a new hero's welcome
Close dolphin cove where we watched hell come

Surface salt water gives you food from the deep
Will destiny awaken your hearts from their sleep?
All plan to arrive at your village to admire
Help strength of character put out hell's fire

Taiji Village we call for you to cease and desist
This romantic notion where no one gets kissed
Dolphins you hunt into cove's proud legacy
We watch and beg someday you will see

Peaceful protection in the village you've grown
Off rocky coast bring a star of your own
Slaughter your pride to find joy and laughter
Make dolphin cove safe haven here after

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surf's Up Waikiki

Aloha Poets,
Surf's up inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Little Wooden Table

Fortress friendly outpost for law
Little dwell time for things someone saw
Mad dash citadel justice finds me there
Scribble on walls will outside ever care?

Swell time to gather a few lonely thoughts
Speaking freely outside someone heard shots
Places hold captive for gain and profits
Inside these walls I build my own prophets

Learn on the inside while outside waits
Top of my game not waiting the fates
In business for lockup holds so still
Pocketing thoughts pen and quill

Protracted in for measured dime
Written on the walls in own sweet time
Periodic treatment creates the will
Free thoughts embed these walls citadel

Petty penitence to be soon redeemed
Enlightenment words hot and steamed
Army of wards out there on lone star
In here I alone am the star

To trek double tracks of pain and gift
Settling minds free from a societal rift
Quiet solace brings the next new line
Lost words of wisdom it's you they find

Promised premise exerts in elocution
Words written spark electrocution
So elegant in ways of their own timetable
Private incarceration this little wood table

To say it better is the quest
Companion tool pencil needs no rest
Privatization conjures words of vision
Reworked networks in cerebral fission

Who did what when, animates the soul
Truth emerges from outside so cold
Shakes its head over spent sword
Reimburses anew with endless word

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ocean Rules

Aloha Poets,
Ocean rules inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Destiny's Pup

Expectation designed by those who climb to the heart of destiny
A tale that refuses to pale in muses of children born to be free
Follow in name initiate a game in paths to success and candor
Intentions stand to walk across lands where little pups meander

In urges to connect in largesse to refect by nature metropolises
Then disguises to offer surprises as philosophy monopolizes
Sell your case go face to face only to fall into foggier spells
When or where stands in care of your mind's own half shell

Maternal dozes in echoes to boast at a fever pitch in schools
Pay what they need as clear answers plead a case for new rules
Patterns in red now green seas instead further hinder all clue
To what extent a hand out went asking for what next to do

To work with a grin go out and come in with only self left to defend
Nurture existence in genetic persistence weekends win in the end
Patterns survive under our eyes detectives of the lost and profound
That's another clue in tint of blue oceans rule below fertile ground

Buried in conversation at dawn's civilization winners find arrival
Another clue for the far and few offers another chance at survival
A computer named You tells what to do with no answer of why
Hazy discussions in fuzzy concussion design for the other guy

People's red cheeks in hems and haws leak follow paths to trouble
In agreement they know where to go in turn to burst the next bubble
Turning money into goofy things funny as to bring sobering tedium
Dash out the dark horse who trots of course to find a happier medium

Things going sound like boing boing bound as only your destiny
Amid the dashed hopes still learning the ropes to survive in cruelty
Mystery rides where others lost guides in fits of splashes and stream
Try to get away while some may stay is a matter of strength in steam

Up close and personal builds a submersible on paths through the brain
Hustle to bend the rules that mend then to scream and shout for gain
Anger stirs lightly pressure builds slightly surely someone is listening
This destiny thing with all its bling seeds its own crystal for glistening

Stage some more fun that was a good one now they see jigs are up
Suspense brings now a cash cow to plow ways to upend fate's pup
The life you live flees the need to give and receive from a stranger
Beauty reigns again with pain attendant with urges for a new ranger

This epic grows amid the throes of eagerness to give all that strife
Geology waits at a dormant gate to reveal a doormat nature of life
Is this the moment where a big donut offers itself as a rendition?
Pristine rules stars looking cool but we all know their hot condition

Early names surface to writhe on purpose providing sobering insight
Bend rules problematic nothing's automatic howling louder by night
Fire flirts to singe dirt on a binge as well wishers find ways to rival
Is this the one that throws the fun to answer fate's call for survival?

Sense of direction from defection to pay collection money or in kind
A sweetheart deal benefit squeals in ways to succumb to the blind
Expectations rain from nations of pain to next enter and blend
Great breadbasket Alaska to Nebraska serving up children who defend

Destiny rankles ground under ankles for all who conspire to give in
Money is the sweet honey of endurance gunning cold with thunder grin
Flirting with firing up hot for hiring maps out new schools of thought
Pattern's plan ends up in your hand through all the debate they brought

To think like that brings more fat to the enjoyment hat shopping brings
Blinded by money and the need for what's funny can we still do anything?
Creatively rare how we got here was it pure luck or something darker
Faint of heart only need apply under a blue sky only to wander starker

In the end this thing is a doll on a string at the end of its tight rope
Collecting realities as honey gathers bees looking for light hope
Breakout or not in trouble assessments of hot finds a new way to start
Patterns emerge for freedom to splurge in focused protection of heart

Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fine Feathered

Aloha Poets,
Beautiful bird inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

The Last Hunt

In glorified stature as if all held in place
By some mirror of genetics offered up to race
Can we know how this hunt will all end?
By the critters we meet and the ways they defend?

If we had a chance would we right this scene fast?
Reach inside for something strong to help life last?
Mother Nature from within and the children she bears
Triggers function survival forever for us to forebear

Closer in with contact do we choose loss over win?
To let judgement, sensibility, and agreeableness in?
Nature running from nurture as genes take hold
Preexisting as decisions never cold just bold

Blue fins and polar bear ask is anyone out there?
To let us evolve in preconceived paths of care?
Sushi lover fatty belly flesh now stands in test
Shark fins on new china cast doubt for the rest

To wander aimless so lost off destiny's path
Answer zones dovetail across hunger's wide swath
To feed freely and swarm in ocean warm climes
Sets off running dolphins to cove confines

International trade Bluefin and Arctic white bear
Important thought of how it really works out there
The future may hold the last hunt on sea ice
Destinations may find needs to save the world twice

Global warm rises here in our small whereabouts
No rules or guidelines all fade among these shouts
How much time do we have to work without cause
As we glide down shoots with tusks fins and paws

Given these confines in yearlong loggerhead
Watershed down proposals leave our eyes red
Spectacular decline is that in our DNA?
Starchy fluff grabs hold as fast food holds tray

Devoured on a detour that top entity
Hunted in trades and relics so wild a spree
Testosterone fueled is part of the killing
Procrastinations leave nothing left for tilling

That's not the whole iceberg only the tip
Pelts and fins packed tight on return trip
Triggers a concentration for the taste of it all
Insights find fine dining at celebratory ball

Heroes for the taking with stars to be won
Love points up a slope to nature's native sun
Bumping our heads in a little red likelihood
Entails blue fin bans for entrails to end for good

Polarized vote over bears if they're still there
Can't escape from science reports of despair
High test testosterone kills in clashes of wills
To insure health of a species for a few more kills

Fights are genetic now the world splits the vote
As survival of the remote now appears remote
Genes of our trait for voting now floats on the floor
To experience conscientious agreement never more

Tropical Photo Poetry

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flamingo Roost

Aloha Poets,
Flamingo roost inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

New Dispositions in Flower

In wonders of having a more satisfying life
One summarized now as bored with strife
Having given so freely jumping shelf to shelf
When keeping the peace keep a little for yourself

Fun is the trip where on arrival you rock
Go out on a cruise pull away from the dock
Paint yourself up to be somebody new
Alive on arrival as your own select crew

Volatility strikes with its ever enduring ring
Asking for help at the end of a durable string
Pop forward with passion of unending heart
Unhappy life is always a good place to start

Attend a bookstore go get some momentum
Read up on how others are locked in detention
Look around at first just skim and peruse
Finding a journey leaves you no time to lose

Fantasy of self image is one tricky customer
Take another look be fussy to pass muster
A few misjudgments tilted the wrong way
All somehow add up as donkey bray

Face yourself now then add a little cheer
Rocky roads of life are what offers fear
Arrival one day then come into full view
Patterns of activity once defined as you

Those things nearby act a personal force
With own directions and no roadmap of course
That flicker from inside lights your heart alone
To hear voices of truth outside in dark drone

All in the asking stands more at the ready
Hearing new bells now reel more steady
So satisfied a life waits to sail above and soar
Only after you answer the sound at the door

Can beliefs held sacred stay solidified as friend?
When happiness feels like it's only on lend?
New doors open if you act just a bit
Its only need is for you to just answer it

How much do you want, how deep is the pride?
Step into the action just let yourself ride
Old habits have a way of making you think
Things can gets accomplished on a flash and a blink

That same old self stays there in the mirror
If no trip was taken because of the furor
Not seeing yourself there the way others may see
Falls onto your shoulders as responsibility

When the bell rings or if you hear a knock
Will you answer it now or just watch a clock
As you feel time pass that's life flying by
Just outside your door doesn't care why

What you believe and who you are
Holds you in place as if an old czar
Systems of influence have their say
You alone decide to have it your way

Still the door waits through thickness or thin
For you to go out and not for it to come in
You hold it there with the force of a push
While massive thoughts make a bum rush

Who you are now crosses great divide
Who to become to be that person inside
Action is a volunteer who holds the key
It's your turn now to decide your legacy

Somewhere to go to get really able
To sit in conversation at confidence's table
Come home possessed with needed willpower
Safe on arrival as new dispositions flower

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blue Smooth to Soothe

Aloha Poets,
Cool blue surf off Waikiki Beach breaking big inspires today.. Enjoy!

Blue Smooth to Soothe

Reliability and relatable lay out on dessert spread tables
Insights full blown off the ocean come breezy inflatables
Addictive incentives learn to turn away from hurried yawns
Integral parts bray in unison to scurrying little pawns

Representation of life appears in many forms of figure
Assurance as guiding principle not so clear a picture
As passivity cries to lie in wait for a new dreamy conception
Innovation flies fast through the gate of all deception

Devotion hints as marriage manages in clear turgidity
Stronger strangers relate to create fidgety and rigidity
Words speak in meanings and signals over eons of laughter
Bringing momentous love to find useful designs forever after

Resonation rules to hum a quiet cure for more candy
Dancing contractions rally to renew with plans handy
Scared and scarred by suction due at centers of affection
Impressions cover all in functions with fancy confection

Survival tries harder as a conscious endeavor of art
Perfection of parts ride along to pass in passion's cart
Our games of hearts so smart to stay with quests and fashion
Mysteriousness lingers with questionable doubts cashed in

Mishandled diversity fights to the death with those that court
Counterparts ingrain the dignified with permission to abort
The push is on for meaning and the finding of more clues
When pretty murky become unattractively clear in prettier hues

Death traps wrap in mines around what's yours and mine
Amidst tough good times sweet hunger and nature combine
Symmetricals emerge given time as nature's favorite preacher
Shiny and quiet rallies and renews as love's final teacher

To sire armies of speechifying geeks by now seems odd
Propaganda desires to screech out of sight beyond the sod
Addressing the one glowing dresses it up in symmetrical trust
Matriarchal calls echo while the monarchical crumble to dust

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Conjure a Cookie

Aloha Poets,
Season of cookies inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Conjure a Cookie

Here at the plenty where the fuzzy and cozy swarm
Cookies conjure common urges to stay all toasty warm
Secret nudges clinging on strings of yummy delectables
Lead me on this feeling to those funny little selectables

No hungrier crier than I for a cookie in tasty crispiness
Cookie love suspends affection in acts of hasty impetus
No graver crisis emerges to compare peaches with plum
Every detail in scrumptiousness down to the last crumb

Struggles with separation syndrome seek shadowy banyan
Cookie remains as a perfectly matched travel companion
How much time must elapse before chocolate melts and talks?
As noisy would-be sellers approach with a shiny little box

Hopeless from the start this yearning for dainty filled cremes
I run up to save myself in hapless embossed ice dreams
Torches of caress those impossibly thin wafered mints
Dangerously back away in decorative rays of hopeful hints

In my head the last cookie floats in cold nightmarish gloom
Unbearable pondering recollection heads back to my room
To conjure up a cookie before all that may happen and will
Memorizing in detail wafers in dipped deep chocolate fill

Interest rises out of the embers of those last crumbs tasted
Should I know it factually well as caramel coconut basted?
Those fictional tastes still exude on the last cookie sheet
Between known fingers wondrous desires where they meet

Suspension of belief reigns in tastes of crispy vanilla treat
Withdrawn from flights of fancy a wispy little crunches I eat
The act of naming it alters nothing new so happily zestful
Urges to exploit as enjoyment deploys desire in vests full

In the heart of the wafer is where my heart works to please
Cravings so delicate this soft mint chocolate cool breeze
In styles suited to these times dipped in cacao coating
Cookie do your will, send me further on journey floating

Could cost benefit analysis make decadence so wrong?
Child's first day at play sings cranberry fudge chunk song
Scary parts guess what's inside that dips in toasted coat
Such formidable foe that woman with a cookie in Ricci coat

This love affair needs to be there all along in forbidden flare
Disapproval as my trainer this peanut butter filling they stare
Intended consequences find fudge in shortbread so mired
It's no conradiction of what is known and what is desired

Never contend with content, go search the malls use no warning
Mothers scream out no doubt "I'll have all these eaten by morning"
Yes cookies do cut it so strut and milk them for all they're worth
There's a love affair in the air cookies alone and I do give birth

Just give me that cookie to fritter away impressions and the likes
In daydreams of tastes beyond their sprinkles in lacy stripes
Elaborate plan these cookies in my hand now travel plans I make
Chocolate curries favor crispy little flavor beyond domains of cake

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vanilla Shadows

Aloha Poets,
Vanilla shadows inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Bringing Birthday Tones

To breathe a little of each other's open hearth fire
Tasting summer air with sweet feathers of desire
Brazen for this moment fetching just one more clue
Shadow stands to reason where once inner journeys flew

Crystal flaws take up aprons to take upon faith so dear
Events shake out far below where final drop would appear
Triggering dances to push and pull amidst gravel's gravity
Love wanders in snowy glances to let maven's savvy be

Surface dementia spheres into a surface tension ball
Whether or not we weather this holds us closer to the fall
Feel free to jump right in or are they much to lost at sea
Journeys conjure up to answer where they are to be

Quick access arcs in blowtorches of conventionality
Those pipelines we built cured for want of reality
Long drawn horses carry north in decapitated deception
Long lines behind hear the broken bells of convention

A short walk in seconds score to substantiate endeavor
Built from afar love takes hold too soon to be called never
The air of our ways sings in tones of suspense so clever
Bringing birthday tones promises a joyful life forever

Needy suspense speeds to flair its own shadow world
Hints of motif repeat in momentary delightful twirl
Suspended fulness remains a much more attractive girl
Wandering aimless to point an arrow to hit her pearl

Left without a party gift she wanders about the gate
Yet Babylon battles on to drool for only garden's sake
What is coming hides from view any visible signs of bold
Watchful outposts crisscross as median markers grown cold

Weaving looms in a shadow flair creeping as if not to care
Only hoping to to claim a heart and don whatever wolves wear
From big handed clocks we watch the magic spill in anticipation
Tombstone towns falsify fires yet again our love still moves all in

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kuhio Beach

Aloha Poets,
Quiet shore inspires today. Enjoy!

Victory's Viscosity

All manner of survival treks onto misty tradewinds
On a trendy note, we hope to tote trends that made friends
Upon first instruction, all manner of pits and tips abound
Attempts to understand resultant dissatisfaction all around

Obvious to the oblivious strikes in bold biorhythm schism
Visualizing trails permits missteps admittedly by admission
Upon the brink a restless path and then beyond that one ponders
Victory's viscosity rambles as hearts thicken and then wanders

Cloudy thoughts imbue in wants to be focused and clear
Burgeoning underground relieves the winged lit with fear
Go out and return as if a missile made its first mistake
Flights to purge dismissed as some paradisiacal cake

Similarities dredge and drain in those few seas of emotion
Sentiment breaks on courteous contentious commotion
Distracted tractors beckon to wreck their own wake up call
As polarized macho poses the question for once and for all

Because there was a cause or simply something to build
Chases new believers to the honey vault guild
Rebuild from hearts not from that common place of war
Shining quite quasi on poetry's capacity to land a quiet shore

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lost in Hawaii

Aloha Poets,
The debate goes on regarding the TV show "Lost." How is this for a perspective?

Granted, "Lost" is no "Casablanca"... maybe more of a combination of Casablanca and Mario Bros.

Think of Jack and Kate on the island in "Lost" as in parallel worlds with Rick and Lisa at Rick's Cafe' in "Casablanca," encountering a vast assortment of characters who seem to collect sporadically around them for various reasons, all with the ultimate goal of getting out of there.

Jack and Hurley, in a sideways world, are the Mario Bros. who wander the island's paths, hatches, and tunnels as if in a "plumbing system" full of odd monsters and snares. Not only do they evade death, but a permanent one as well.

In our brave new world where young mixed media audiences seem to be increasingly bored with web sites, blogs, and MySpace and... increasingly satisfied by instantly updating on Facebook and Twitter, it's no wonder "Lost" enjoys both critical and popular acclaim with its quirky instant plot twists and 14 million tongue-in-cheek viewers per episode.

After all, who really wants anybody to stay killed?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sugar Cone Top

Aloha Poets,
Hawaii Convention Center with its cone top. Enjoy!

Here is a shout out to Yelp!

Thank you for the heads-up on Yelp!!
Yesterday I posted a review on one of my areas of expertise: Waikiki coffee spots. I will continue to do so now that the "digital future" is upon us.
Yelp! is definitely in the top 10 of "we are the world" category.

Check out Yelp!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Beach Boats

Aloha Poets,
Boats on the beach with Diamond Head Crater off Waikiki in the background. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

At the Beach

Cherry Super Ferry

Aloha Poets,

Cherry super ferry inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Formula and Motif in Surface Tension Relief

Brothers for each other is all we need
through this rough patch of thin ice
Quiz me later on how we lived to bleed
this story somehow got rescued twice

Appreciated apprentices listen hard
with their internal indemnity device
Axed in the sawdust as life's bard
framed within the halo of nice

Rank upended in needs of the parable
possessions positioned in positive frame
Books remain unwritten though probable
smitten with questions of who's to blame

Tools to turn on, is it really my turn
as safety nets become so livid
Effective veneer wrong to so many burn
plays to enjoy life in the vivid

Power tools its way through thicknesses
to spray openings of love finding ways
A family chore adheres in sicknesses
as to appreciate apprenticed pays

In a muddled class recurrence as if in a blast
furnace epic inspectors stall finding the flame
Living becomes a given as the given come last
or is it turned around just to point blame

New places arrive in benefit of mine
eyes in times of a troubled vein
Let's get to a connection eat donuts sublime
confection tries to be so vain

Framed in a halo in a kitchen eating
with jello we broaden constituent base
Locally casuals eye to get better seating
a casualty for all to see face to face

That's not so great that destiny of late
you depict as if reflected on a griddle
Confidence rains on parades of fate
as horses rescue me from the middle

Act on that thought to actualize the hot
in fact what you bought still rankles
Was I happy giddy and snappy at what I got
to lose all that grief through my ankles?

Is this business as usual a busy perusal
of blindsided formula and motif
The under pinnings in mind of that refusal
as signs undermines the ways of grief

Inside life strides with embattled strife
how can we all scratch that surface?
Sound footage surrounds somewhere nice
why don't we just paddle out and surf it

Negativity rules in quarks and joules
as on the surface serves its purpose a bit
Have to admit I had a little fit with the rules
their surface area volume ratio was infinite

What that really means is more than jelly
beans in tendencies to act natural
But here;s the thing that's more than Nelly
in true dazzled array being factual

Abysmally small we dropped a little ball
now the whole in my heart looks up to me
A clang for the better I mean change for all
I mean butter is bitter well you'll see

That was a last flip in a pool continental
cool after my little soup song bombed
The jury now rests in this little haunted rental
unbearable truths or whatever comes along

One leads to another in magnetospheric
bother delivered in hazy hemlock
Her arsenal of technique really did hear it
wreaking havoc in my lazy hammock

Dilemmas anew still try to skew
screwing up what I already know
Narrative elation can still build a nation
except in the mist of magneto's hello

Your little journey of gain has left its small
pain among other stains in fun chase
Did I mention a sure surface where all
get a grip if only they surface in haste

Reflection is the new teacher you don't to bring
preacher or a short wave blue light blue blocker
With dietary silicon bone density bling
its eerie smile of approval is the real shocker

Importance rules among all those jewels
somebody really had the wrong parable
The chase is on so put that face on let's
face it this surface tension is unbearable

Blind burials the miller who grinds out that
killer we all know now as a time chaser
Scratch your head and the surface in
service of your own little shark frenzy caper

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tropical Popsicle

Aloha Poets,
Tropical popsicle inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

The Last Living Witness

Rigorous questions emerge to engage on the fly
Instinctive results stick to land one more try
Miniskirts and whiskers skirt a tunnel vision issue
Emissive memories wish upon a star to miss you

Reminiscent feminine fashions in ornate
Minimalism rises through a fissure in the back gate
No particular credential has heartfelt ever known
As versions of the truth down the river get blown

Living on a group of islands is one preferred way
Gigantic fancy somehow stays across the bay
Hereditary gestures to signal appropriate remedy
Leaving delegations so delicate to go fight the enemy

Impact is the dreamer in all manner of miscue
Regulators interact to come view the rescue
Believing chief mischief is for all to behold
Steady hands readily hand the squeamish over to bold

Disabilities incorporate to now constitute a tribe
Deliveries to the fortunate run away to hide
Discrepancies rising raise red flags of issue
Dynamics of greed cause the simple life to miss you

Never they stray far from those confines of danger
Cleverly riding cars not a horse like the lone ranger
Though mothers teach requiem and stories of a manger
Lovers still depend upon the kindness of a stranger