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Monday, December 28, 2009

Flower Bells

Aloha Poets,
Flower bells inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Whack a Mole Blues

Pardon my little jeopardy
A growing concern only for me
Catch the wind to sail the sea
Stadium fans boo lustily

Gusty waves sinking slow
Weather sticks its soft salvo
Distraction floats everybody's guess
Sinking high my priority quest

Change some things allot a role
My little game is whack-a-mole
Delineate to manage use my brain
Peel back the drama of this energy drain

Whack-a-mole uses a weather stick
Heart and soul takes on a bigger pick
Part of the goal does the unheard of quick
Whack-a-mole blues makes it click

Shady Flower

Aloha Poets,
Shady flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Oasis of Color

Economy of things seek physics and matter
Matters even less amidst artistic spatter
Economy of ideas now more psycho-politic
Where laws of scarcity drift off derelict

Oasis of color society's shy fox
Finding her way to a clutter-free box
Scarcity's law scarcely takes hold
In this colorful place intellectually bold

Faces elimination those desperately unhinged
Digital detritus' collection binge
Emit quietly the interestingly built
Oasis of color wins intellectual tilt

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Berry Vanilla Vine

Aloha Poets,
Berry vanilla vine inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Hoard of a Hotter Horror

As the western sky turns its earthen hue
I awake and step out into the din
Outlines of grass huts creep into view
Spans of distance catch me from within

Before my eyes a mirage, a public clock
With pendulums and all that entails
I thought of a timetable's linking lock
To capture those off jungle trails

Mobs of the moment somewhere move
Far away from this lapping shore
Shored up by the strong-willed to approve
Casting sway over a napping hoard

Suddenly a whole whale approaches my view
With his splashy penchant to beckon
Out of dignified respect I salute him too
With thoughts of how distant shores reckon

Cycles in nature maintain their own bent
Temporal moderators with no distraction
Still I wonder where my imagined clock went
Off to control the another spotlight of attraction

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Nice Topping

Aloha Poets,
A nice topping inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

A Little Pony Shack

This late hour is such an honor
To heed the power of a heart's sweet donor
Just one more thing and of course
It comes with a string, a story force

When horror will howl its terror ride
There's a little pony just inside
With the promise of a cup of glowing prowess
No ride of any pride strides the poney shack's powers

Little nameless acts in the heart of kindness
Not gossip in the face of its curried blindness
May remain unremembered to this day
Namelessly unfettered in its sway

Love lives as a random act
Along life's river in a little shack
Under a bridge or by the bay
Across the mountains where little horse play

The honor of a little pony ride
Can do wonders to turn a tide
Standing alone back at home in its little shack
Love's kindness is found as a random act

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Flower Cone

Aloha Poets,
Flower cone inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Keepsake My Heart

Moonbeams of remembrance misty rejoice
Sounds eavesdrop with the softest of voice
A story appears from back in the day
With a lightness of voice holding darkness at bay,

"Here's your lunch honey, stay safe at school
And don't forget about the golden rule
I'll keep our home warm and when you've returned
I'd love to hear all about what you have learned"

She was more than a lady who gave me a treat
Always cooked heathy, lived on a safe street
The meaning of giving, what love really means
Forever in my heart, still lives in my dreams

Little fires warm where heart strings tinkle
On the cool stillness of a dark night's twinkle
Where stars of sweet hope always may glow
Gentle kindness of love my Grandma did show

In the midst of all joy let love's silence roar
When life's inevitable nod comes to the door
To always remember as if just yesterday
My Grandma's young heart back in the day

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Strawberry Face

Aloha Poets,
Strawberry face inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Where Sparkles Fall

You give your party its own best shot
When parting of ways is partying hot
Little sparkles take care of you for good
Tears will run where they're understood

Appearances abide coalitions of gold
Packing the blues with their touch of bold
Squander the moment a thousand more times
Mountains of evidence valleys in rhymes

Bow to the defense chew some clock
Interview now witness zeroes that talk
Deals of the night all but ridicules
Tears come running packing the blues

Showcased feel in your meadow of dawn
When tears come near with no lights on
Seeking the shelter of your welcoming eyes
Running kindly to you those tears of surprise

Needs of shelter inside your eyes
Carry the torch in the rain of surprise
Seek you out and the pain of it all
That little pout lets tears take the fall

Flower Pony

Aloha Poets,
Flower pony inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Riddled With Riddles

Where explosive battles swallowed the prairie
The noise of rifles now silenced like fairy
Scared soldiers once rough now ready to sing
Old giant dust bowls don pixie bling

Silent complicity can lead to a shout
As long turned blind eyes get poked out
Gruesome states delivered in variety packs
Men make up the ranks as no courage lacks

Shadowy structures where dulled bells roared
Those prairie-swallowed battles yet to be explored
Innocuous investments still seek their story
Riddled with riddles bound for glory

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Star Powered Sugar Flower

Aloha Poets,
Star power flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

The Sum of All Elephants

Enough questions so they say
Counter those notions held at bay
Scream an upheaval in old adages
A wild Finnish recedes with ice age cabbages

Fresh or frozen package your rain forest
Farmed out to the wild to test the gain for us
Think tank fill tracks counts me in
Flash freezes my footprint from within

Gum up the elements then shine anew
Global sense for the tense select few
Ego eagerly strands and leaves behind
Flying eagles collide never choked so blind

Do a stint at sustainability
Plant a forest unaccidentally
Goings on at and on the edge
Issues last wish to a mutineer's hedge

As destiny reaches to take our hand
Rules of love still make their stand
Frankly to cover your flank or cover your seams
Take that hill over there that hill of beans

Light's darkest hour points a shout
Covered so cleverly and placated out
Let's pretend to add our own elements
For life is simply the sum of all elephants

Valentine Candy Flower

Aloha Poets,
Valentine candy flower inspires today. Enjoy!

Pot Shot Pottery

Got to hook it up not trip on the details
Or lure deep in shadows or flip over rails
Supposed bronco buster gave it her best
Winchester 73 she really won the west

The earth we live on designates
As the story continues to resonate
Breach loaded rifle using pistol bullets
Ordinance gel simulating gullets

Smokeless powder Billy the Kid at the door
Brave the fight of your life Winchester 94
Cover the distance outrun the law
Character and appeal is all they saw

Lone wolf style old school tactic
A known trouble maker's tic tac
The world he lived on beyond the fray
Transformed into the legend we know today

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Red Berry Freeze

Aloha Poets,
Red berry eyes inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Cruel Illusion

Bend your arms around this and let me in
Quite quiet never quite like Gunga Din
Some may commiserate with silent resolves
Less than warlike as warlock dissolves

War is the prize for best of show shows
Pulls across the oceans the vests of souls
Comfort zones elude a sure contusion
Peace won't pay they say is the cruel illusion

Workmanlike generations of eons of hate
Shorter smaller and easier to terminate
Brand embattled through all the tough talk
Through it all cruel illusions take their walk

Numbers at the wall feel at the brink
Country comfortable with the way we think
Hear the message see the symbols cool with war
Looked good in a book now it's at the door

Spend some time take a smoke raise a glass
Have a roast propose a toast show some class
As it tries to hide all its darkness in pride
Still war's cruel illusion holds its history inside

Spend a little time drink a little wine
Get to really know its ways real fine
Glisten with delusion blister with collusion
Sister get your clues on mister's cruel illusion

Chocolate Topping

Aloha Poets,
Chocolate topping inspires today's poem. Enjoy!


Overcome a meltdown where the rain would fall
Smash mouth sequels makes their final call
Barely survive yet another desperation
Take on all the earmarks in a winning sedation

Equally divided is your tactical thing
Exhaustion snaps beautifully to get that ring
Champion's quest backs off from all grins
Ghosts continue to haunt as you go for the win

Keep the track and cope no more
Get your back as heart carries the fore
Tread on tradition with all that distracts
Grueling merry momentum makes its tracks

Deep seams make hard angles or so they seem
The answer is right there inside your dream
When slow starts become instrumental late
That's the rhythm where winning becomes your fate

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chocolate Eyes

Aloha Poets,
Chocolate eyes inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Heartthrob Honey Blues

You paint the taint that colors my world
You gate my hunger inside your swirl
You never let stigma point its jaded finger
Inside this vacuum you let your beauty linger

You got club groove you carry a big stick
Or balladeer heartfelt you make the pick
Cold shoulder eyes is your anthem of swagger
Heartthrob honey you are the dagger

You let winters fall and summers chill
You rifle your beauty in for the kill
Charm keeps oozing all over your grooves
Giving to me these heartthrob honey blues

Tropical Photo Poetry

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lily Soliloquy

Aloha Poets,
Insect flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Sweet Demeanor

Too mean to swing a tender wrong
That sweet and unimposing song
Making a move is never fast enough
You just have to be there already tough

I want to know the secret songs in your mind
The part of who you are all the time
Who rarely raises a voice and smiles a lot
While suffocating pressure runs off hot

Your sweet demeanor never gets mean
A lily soliloquy an old movie scene
Humble unique homemade style
A heart that parades a life worthwhile

Unintimidator that's your handle
Assume the role you hold the candle
You make it happen but not saying when
That's the time your sweet demeanor kicks in

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vanilla Cherry

Aloha Poets,
Vanilla cherry flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Cherry Vanilla

All those smells and flavors
As savory does its favors
Fire and nice pile it on
You are the hill I want to die on

No second rate recruitment here
Proud battle of colors near
Where like-minded souls whisper love
Cherry vanilla comes down from above

Seaside villa with flowers galore
Tiny perch atop the shore
Cast a long shadow over my soul
Cherry vanilla deep dish bowl

Hitting pretty in my face
Meager splash of fortune's taste
Wild lie idle on winds and shoal
Cherry vanilla in my bowl

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Two Scoops of Beauty

Aloha Poets,
Two scoops of beauty inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Looped Air

Getting to go out of control
Beautiful creative goes deep
Love darts to ask its role
So endings never beg for keep

As spirits cross the open grassland
Punkless teams work their sea
Sweet love shows her softer hand
To overlap the underdog in me

Are pure fountains the only salve that solves?
When safari turns scary afar
Those mountains have big wolves
Yet flight still shines where you are

Hot hearted heads of steam do pledge
To trestle our journey's end
As we tinker around the endless edge
Looped air approaches around the bend

Cool Cookies

Cool Cookies

Oven to three seven five degrees
Brown sugar blend butter eggs as you please
Vanilla extract makes this alloy whirl
Mix gentle with hands for your boy or girl

Baking soda now salt then add a little flour
Knead it together but don't take an hour
Mingle chocolate chips then nuts of desire
Batter together with a touch of your fire

Spoonfuls of dough two inches apart
Onto a cookie sheet shaped like a heart
Bake eight minutes or maybe ten
To a light brown color your nose will know when

The centers will be soft like your sweet heart
Yet keeping its edge so as not to fall apart
Pull out of the oven cookie sheet with a start
When they're cool they're like you, cookies off the chart

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Flower Fox

Aloha Poets,
Flower Fox inspires today's poem Enjoy!

Ancient Fires

Fire stars flint arrow tips
Magnetic fields induce trance trips
Sound and light trigger brain waves
Ocean witnesses placing of staves

To the music twilight in time
Four thousand years of rhythm and rhyme
Alpha waves in altered states
Sense of awe stone resonates

Repetition patterns moody moon
Profound sleepwalk under swoon
Hallucinogens beckon simulated ritual
Blue stones and feast of porcine victual

Drums are key where rhythm follows
Ceremonial trance ancient hollows
Sweet spot drums out on the edge
A place called stonehenge not stone hedge

Shaman center unearthed evidence
Altered state enigma's providence
Drums beat to fire's heat
As moonlight pleats on darkness' sheet

Ancient sounds thought whirled away
Still here now in this world today
Burst into space with resonant return
Ancient fires amidst residents burn

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hibiscus Biscuit

Aloha Poets,
Hibiscus inspires today's poem. Enjoy!


The signs are all there for us to see
As rains and forests part company
Ice melts and glaciers finally park
To leave us to find our own way in the dark

Parched as far as the eye can see
Land grizzled and guzzled by SUV
Let it roll and tumble out where it may be
To some remote and our once humble TV

Give it the juice to suck down the power
And our noose and want in this waning hour
Ambitious light of cultural pollution
Now physically foul calls for solution

Rallying cries stifle invocation
While closing of eyes rifles innovation
Technical requirements are never in the bag
Designated designer make the tale wag

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Flower

Aloha Poets,
Happy flower inspires today. Enjoy!

Ghost Bitten

Love on the wing aging wellness
Sands of rhyme stand on stillness
Fantasy's fantasy nods to Newton
As quickness witnesses the art of twosome

Truth elegances with dreams of cost
In signature techniques of the past
While source of terror keeps it's vague
Rides in the wind leave no egg

Today's present approves the past
Escapes then slowly into the future last
While infinity anchors cold wet earth
Conquest and force spirits forth

Book of ages play ghost written
Rock the pages of paradise smitten
Backstreet sages don your mitten
As frosty earth goes ghost bitten

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Say You Will

Stragglers and Wallflowers

Timid heroes never to be caught
On a news reel in battles fought
Both sides want to be the select few
Even without a home to go to

No longer room for new compromise
Yes they could see it in each other's eyes
Too late now for wives to kiss you
Hostility would now settle the issue

Somewhere beyond the great divide
Could there ever be a place to hide
Stragglers and wallflowers have their voice
Heroes are beyond making a noise

And now depart we the ruthless
To destinations declawed and toothless
Is the worth a bitter pill?
Stragglers and wallflowers say you will

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sunset Surfers

Aloha Poets,
Sunset surfers at Waikiki Beach inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

The Last Toy

Look at the good you do
With your hand to your heart
Floating above story
Technically smart

Grim determination
Is your one emotion
A smaller and smaller box
To glide the ocean

Look at the good you did
Carving exceptions
The steps you took
Creating perceptions

And so you would think
Mr Choo Choo as a boy
Could make heads turn
And be the last toy

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flower Ants

Aloha Poets,
Flower ants inspire today's poe. Enjoy!

Slaughter The House

Trendy show lend a thaw
Windy district whining saw
Rose bush flair local high rent
What is that barnyard scent?

Fending off oinks and cars
Double entendre swaths of stars
Amidst the candy and designer beer
Whatever are you doing here?

Plenty of game to go around
Gallery art kicks out the sound
Bourbon ice cream its a scream
Slaughter the house makes the scene

Glittery adorn french milled soap
Peach preserves fit for a Pope
Cue the dance with that funny mouse
Through the laughter slaughter the house

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Dazzle Food

Aloha Poets,
Beautiful flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Cool Dazzle Day

Inadvertent service color coordinate
Remember like yesterday the day we met
Like I told you once with your eyes so near
Nobody is a bad guy here

Mulling questions through quipmeister hollers
Race to the top with wobbly dollars
Something should be done or should have been
With dazzled cool way back when

In hopes a heart sends its own scream
Through sharks and short shrifts SOS my dream
With owned momentum we still willingly play
From flounder to flourish to cool dazzled day

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Curious Bird

Aloha Poets,
Curious friend inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Hunter Queen

A list of one conquers the day
Carnival hokum makes no play
Thank you from a distance from the soul
Hunter queen seize control

Tucked inside a deeper layer
Cathartic outing a ready player
Occasional display sense of tense
Tend to attract with eyes so dense

Feel of blood coursing the vein
Loopy encounter in a narrow lane
Jump cut shocker slices air
With hunter queen's distant stare

Everything matters amidst half bakedness
Readily recognisable your half nakedness
As subtle as is distancing ice cold dare
Hunter queen goes dancing into the lair

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beautiful Cat

Aloha Poets,
Beautiful cat inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Drifted Over Your Heart

Pinpoint fast talk spiked curve ball
Jazzed up hello said it all
Peppered with a little madness that triggers
More than real life graphics and figures

Emerge your sound to bamboozle the masses
Carrying a broad back wearing glasses
Augmented reality emerging tech
You meet me out there on the deck

Your smile never straddled the line
Or lost its sparkle in winter time
Signed off on the language did my part
The day my mind drifted over your heart

Monday, November 9, 2009

Prison Flowers

Aloha Poets,
Flowers appearing to be captivated inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Hushed Precious

Trust so smooth affirms stability
Breezes gesture confidentially
What kissed you may never be known
Business world my have you grown

Put to rest any doubts of scarcity
There is an arrangement too far to see
Being at odds weighs too heavily
You deserve your three week spree

Signs and signals appetite for risk
Global settlement one earth disc
Once assistant assailants shouted angrily
Now hushed precious reverent retiree

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shadow Statement

Aloha Poets,
Flower stamen conjures a clear shadow in the bright sun. Enjoy!

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ice Green Cone

Aloha Poets,
Nature patterns inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

So Little Time

Trouble's coming and it's coming fast
Prominent failure's here at last
Sense of possibility behind the dash
Rattled or whatever make it last

Persistent genetical arousal disorder
Mediocre medicare astounds the border
Formative months of plain spoken
Cement the claim of the plain token

Stay behind remain in flux
Maiden visit whiz past in trucks
Unfamiliar plateau descend way down
So little time here on the ground

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Horse

Aloha poets,
Happy horse inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Surge the Swoon

Shake a ghost of the recent past
Defy all odds and make it last
Eyes moisten in veiled message
Quivers of voice spears the passage

Opportunity arrives more than door to door
Support community let it soar
Trail marked by more or less travail
The sake of art inside your pail

Make a statement of how you roll
Seek a salvo duck the crossbow
Eerie resemblance is the perfect hell
Ensures ties to the measuring bell

Night time is a long line at long last
Bye bye to a sad and watery past
Candid candle raises the wire
Surge the swoon of desire

Island Mountain

Aloha Poets,
Island Mountain inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Outdoors Culture

Loss of luster and relevance on hold
To the benefit of all not just the bold
Backfire in reverse sticking points
Private sector public annoints

Nice place of placation quirk
Clears the way for situational murk
Great outdoors and culture calls
Tropical setting where pure rain falls

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tropical Photo Poetry

Mountain Palms

Aloha Writers,
Mountain and palms inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Walking on Dust

So many times I've tried to find
The reason I am so blind
We shared the limelight made our lemonade
Pared it down into orange marmalade

I only wonder why I didn't see the sky
She's the one who always gave a try
She's the pie I was the crust
Now I'm walking on dust

Now there's this little song
It starts to ask what went wrong
She swept away now I'm bust
Only left to walk on dust on dust

She was the one who kept me neat
After I swept her off her feet
One day she wandered into the dusk
Leaving me to walk on dust

Hawaii Photo Poems

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cookie Cutter Flower

Aloha Writers,
Tropical cookie cutter star flower inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Legend Territory

Troubles of the past had them reeling
A better than advertised kind of feeling
Sketchy roof leaky walls
In the thick of the hunt as autumn falls

Send a chill down your spine
Make official the feeling of fine
Get a fresh jump off the drawing board
Show your game after drawing bored

Add your own little rocket boosters
Call out the imposters and roosters
Mirror the output of a fairy story
And ruffled feathers of legend territory

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Flower

Musical Photo

Turn a focus then a blind eye
Your hocus pocus on the sly
Canvas the heart of neighborhood
Bring a camera and make it good

At every turn make it your turn
To fire the energy of your slow burn
Your Hood is your true canvas now
Confess your passion make it glow

Glass-eyed fashion in your cup
Click it through snap it up
Be the one record the plan
Musical photo be the man

Friday, October 30, 2009

True Tropical

Aloha Writers,
Happily the Vog is gone and we have tradewinds again. Enjoy!

Hawaii Photo Poetry

Aloha Writers,
Blue sky and cool Tradewinds return to inspire today's poetry. Enjoy!

Sleeper Agent

Clobber the Rockies with autumn chill
Green democratic seismic shrill
Write a story resurrect hope
Spur some unease spurn the scope

Journal writer of every lilt
A growing chorus begins to tilt
Going on a highway most of my life
Going on hoping to end the strife

Underground cool serve your coffee
Make them flourish with their toffee
Snap a long slump be a gent
Hunches to launch sleeper agent

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Global Warming Hawaii

Aloha Poets,
Sulfer dioxide from the volcano Kilauea inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Bakery Drapery

Draws a nice shade in supporting nations
Cull the vice squad of insubordination
Belief systems pull dubious desire
Coded clues bring a happy moon fire

Equidimensional crosses of the mind
Hooked X so sublime
Eyeballs pop skin slides off
Egg shaped keystones of Bernie Madoff

The most greedy resonate there
Shifty stories whistle the air
Relationships begun with a small promise
Elation slips on its tall premise

Journey of acquisition take your toll
Concoct a story tell it bold
Hidden authentication scramble your lies
Bakery drapery pull over their eye

Tropical Marshmellow

Aloha Poets,
This Eco topping inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Yuppie 911

Teenage son carries a gun with ease
Take a hike beep if you like GPS please
Out back for a cruise your tough didn't work out
Before you black out back out beep for a shout

Yippie your cause but in case you need pause
And Mother Nature shows her paws
The Grim Reaper's in camp with a personal stamp
Turns out no fun here help I need some
Yuppie 911

Go out again with a backpack of gin
Personal locator beacon please come in
Unforgiving hike forgive me I thought I would like
Hear my alarm send a copter before harm takes a bite

Panic button push mobilise a rush
I'll sit under this tree until somebody rescues me
Use my remote take another toke hope for a rope
Somebody anybody anyone
Yuppie 911

Life saving rescuer there's a canyon to scour
Arrive within the hour this lifesaver tastes a little sour
I'll pick you a flower anybody anyone
Activated device please be nice this is no fun
Yuppie 911

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flower Brush Cake

Aloha Poets,
Bright colors inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Knowledge Hub

Talent abounds in silent sound
Eco clusters strive to be found
Economic bluster may steal a show
Brush shoulders where the like-minded go

Artistic realms extend their arms
To bring in the brave off the farm
Collaborate the trust to stem the the tide
Encroaching behemoth take a ride

Public space to lift hearts and minds
For residents and workers across the line
Heating and cooling fibrer optic
Disposal system with just a click

Talent abounds where cooler heads meet
Abandon the strategy to dig up yhe street
Back to the city without the rub
Talent and high powered knowledge hub

Monday, October 26, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cool Tropic Sprinkle

Aloha Poets,
Ice cool tropical flower inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Story Song

Live in the sand for now or never
Nail bitten cliff hanger write so clever
Gallumphing rhythm on computer dock
Clocks tick as clicks rock

Say something sounds like fire
Infernally catchy of heart's desire
Lose a little word then abhor
Focus the drama a little more

Remember to tribute days of old
For no blood really ever runs cold
What is lost never stays gone

Get crazy my creative story song

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tropical Toppings

Aloha Poets,
Photo is a delicious tropical inspiration for today's poetry. Enjoy!

Culture of Change

Scramble out get a little rest
Lest the loss our wilderness
Life's the lesson quite a mind full
Throwback team of push and pull

Roll a sleeve show some perk
Bold belief rocks the work
As new concepts fully ingrain
Preventable loss takes on pain

Set groundwork for all to get game
Stem the tide resurgent fame
Leverage low with long wing spans
Renovate the game of brands

Cultured change is all we need
To show the hands of all to heed
Precision-based dreams finesse
Culture of change do your best

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lost Horizons

Aloha Poets,
Photo inspires another side of hearts and minds. Enjoy!

Quick Fix Elixir

Sent home early a little sugar coated
Train wrecks of pain duly noted
Ticker tape parades teeter at the brink
Let's ask disaster what does it think

Crumbly confidence up to new tricks
Deep sleep commits to find a new fix
No tighter spot this night of struggles
Quick fix elixir where nobody snuggles

Woe to the one stuck in a slide
Guff comes maddening from every side
Tinker and go through all the motions
Through straws try to drink the oceans

To get back to the place once we had
Keep your head up to last out the bad
Humiliation knows a simple elixir
Nevermore to try and fix it with liquor

Monday, October 19, 2009

Flower Sundae

Aloha Poets,
Tropical flower in Waikiki inspires today's poem. The flower speaks to our heart so our brain can tell the world. Enjoy!

Mother Haven

Leavenworth calls hoping someone comes
Every leaf waits the coming of nuns
Annunciation pronunciation take their form
Alleviation as grieving nations summon the norm

Sister of charity sister of vow
In perpetuity let kind hearts allow
Fledgelings go now into the sun
Pledge love for nature under the gun

Where fronting lecterns once held their dance
Of poverty chastity and obedience
Old parish convent now a school
Teach love for Mother Nature's cool

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Child at Waikiki

Aloha Writers,
The photo of the chid is affected by the larger lifeguard stand. In filmmaking, this is staging. Enjoy!

Shape the Water

Here's the thing so bolt thunder
Gathering storm a warm snuggle under
Culture's customer dropped from the sky
A cautionary tale before you fly

Undue damage duly undone
Rightful receipt of the heartily won
Strike with outrigger son and daughter
Here's the thing life shapes the water

Exceed the target with Algiers edge
Excite abounds the fun beyond hedge
Z-List maker down to the bone
Seize the evolution then head home

No better ever trod leather together
Hardship benefits even flights of feather
Vacationist surmount what oceans taught her
Here's the thing life shapes the water

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Hawaii Mountain Railroad Trackless

Photo shows mountains on the island of Oahu. This view is without a train track running across the mountain. The mountain is in full focus which gives a strong "depth of field."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life Story

Aloha Writers,
Storytelling has the idea of some truth, but also some part fiction. Let's write with the idea of storytelling today.

Personal Pride Life of Prime

Controversy roils life to prime
Grand paws of love Indie climb
Amnesia screams seamless blind
Banging gongs within a rhyme

Faces of conundrum speak their mind
History squeaks through hands of time
Routes work well through singular chime
Personal pride life of prime

Abrasive projects evasive needs
Standard concerns uncommon bleeds
High shadows burn deep in thought
Burnished futures never caught

Waves of marginal look for place
Praises song inside their glaze
Institutional race-rhythms have run
One human race under the sun

Shoulder the loaded probable contender
Constitutional state institution defender
New family facial child's play time
Personal pride life of prime

Friday, March 13, 2009

Trump Tower Waikiki

The photo is the Trump Tower rising in Waikiki. The photo uses the natural morning light. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blue Skies Fly

Aloha Writers,
Great writing is the right combination of convincing and deceiving. Let's write inspired by that thought today.

Placation Nation

There to cry sugar eye bliss
Soothing the beast at its behest
Crystal notions say their words
Blue skies will fly their birds

Softer glows landing seeds
Apologetic pristine needs
Reaching out to that which bleeds
Logic supercedes

Fame goes slowly scraping past
Harmony slows caking fast
Twisting to see smiles in those eyes
As hungrier words crystallize

Talk it up fast yet save some heart
You in there warrior of art
First to laugh and trace the deeds
Logic supercedes

Standing dry inside the rain
So many eyes attached to that brain
Placation nation a baby bath feeds
Logic supercedes

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ocean Cloud Waikiki

This cloud rises beyond the Waikiki Marina. Enjoy!