Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waikiki Beach v. Yellowstone Park in Homestretch for "Best Destination in America"

Yellowstone Forest, the beach of Waikiki

America loves her forests and beaches
We go out there to the far reaches
Industrial poop is what we abhor
Be a Roughrider, protect our shore 

Waikiki Beach stands crystal blue
Yellowstone forest holds a nice hue
We really have to pick between the two?
Your best destination is a clear view of you

Headwaters of culture is really what counts
Before industry scrapes, be ready to pounce
Contingency plans, we need to hold them to it
Not throw up our hands,"Well, we blew it."

It's not too late to sing of destiny
Teddy Roosevelt wanted America free
Industry so big and the hurt it enforces
Why run a race if it kills all your horses?

Come on people try to look try to see
That hole in the earth can kill you and me
Competition is good, but go on a little spree
To Yellowstone forest and the beach of Waikiki

copyright 2010
all rights reserved

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flamingo Friends

Aloha poets,
                       Flamingo friends hanging out together inspire today's poem.

Texas-Mexico Coast Girds, Hurricane Alex Advances

Got Slicks Beyond Day66

Cruelest of summers oozes with crude
Alex veers west, off in a bad mood
Louisiana grassy, where wildlife picks
Got her slicks by Day 66

Marshland tries, but can't cope enough
Gulf water now high, wavy, and rough
Folks cleaning oil, pulling out all the tricks
Still got slicks after Day66

Venice Harbor, Santa Rosa Sound
Night after night lights on the ground
In outer bands hurricane swills and clicks
Still got slicks after Day66

Oil melts in the sun soft patties to clean
Cool night air hardens tar balls to green
Nobody skims and booms just for kicks
Still working these slicks after Day66

Runaway well gushes Pensacola Beach
Twenty four seven all walks of life breach
Clean so slow as if using stones and sticks
Got more slicks after Day66

Combat in slow motion the fight goes on
White sandy beach, recovers her lost song
South Padre Island Alex gets in her licks
Brings more slicks since Day66

Rio Grande Valley Northern Mexico
Padre Island now makes the show
Wind 15-30 MPH now upticks
Get your slicks past Day66

Orange Beach Alabama, Empire Louisiana
Border towns, Mexican Coast, South Alabama
Orange sidewalk on Pensacola Beach clicks
Get more slicks since day 66

High surf strong winds red flags
Oyster shrimp boat bed bottom drags
Comes Perdido Bay like a ton of bricks
Got more slicks after day 66

Summer you got to get before it's shot
Brownsville, Monterey Mexico is so hot
Oil gushing, gulf wave points and picks
To get slicks beyond Day66

Have your vacation down along the coast
Be the one happy just to arrive and boast
Sea food culture oyster, chop your licks
Got slicks after Day66

Fin fish variety slims, is summer shot?
Winds whip in gulf inlets to a shoreline spot
Up the coast in your boat, its you she picks
To catch those slicks beyond Day66

June 30, 2010
all rights reserve

A Face in the Cloud

aloha poets,
               Can you see a face in these clouds? ..Inspires today's poem.   Enjoy!

Destin Pass Skims Past Destiny

And so it goes for the Emerald Coast
Brutal honesty conquers those who boast
Even a small slick finds a way to pillage
At "The World's Luckiest Fishing Village"

Emerald-colored waters a little more green
Crude oil on white beaches make the scene
More than "...a few tar balls.." find the shore
Destin Pass, quiet safe haven no more

Somewhere out there with a hurricane surge
Tar patties incoming, beach beauty to purge
More oil offshore than boats was the key
Destin Pass now history on Day70

Monday, June 28, 2010

ecoFashion Design

aloha poets,
                     Is the "hippy" look coming back? 
 ecoFashion design inspires today's poem.  Enjoy!

Biloxi Beachfront Flummoxed in Tar Balls, Beach Patties

Tar Balls and Beach Patties

Shoreline communities shore up the shore
Biloxi beachfront dodges sludge no more
Barrier islands scatter out along the coast
Mississippi Sound's whisper,"you're toast"

Harrison and Jackson, venerable names
Through tempests and tides of hurricanes
Glides on water to coastal summer resort
Tar balls and beach patties build a fort

Vacation hotspot with spots on the beach
Gargantuan mass stretches beyond reach
Daddy could you please, make it go away?
On sugary beach, a monster comes to play

As southern destinations for water sport go
Oyster luggers and shrimpers put on a show
Seafood cuisine some of the best on the coast
Tar ball beach patties whisper, "you're toast"

June 28, 2010
all rights reserved

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green Sailing

Aloha poets,
                       Green sailing inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Day69 Oil: Onslaught Reaches Mississippi
Pascagoula"Singing River"Region

Pascagoula Passacaglia 
                          .. a Sandy Beach Blues
Patterns on the ground, knock at the door
Guitar lamentations ready for the chore
To go back in time, feel the rhythmic lore
Pasagoula Mississippi's got oil on the shore

Old fishing village, "singing river"rhythms
Variation continues, brings new cataclysms
An old familiar theme, this the latest episode
Pasagoula passacaglia brings in a heavy load

Don't need a violin to sing a sad old song
Maybe a bigger boat to bring hope along
This the first barrage, yet so much yet to lose
Pasagoula Mississippi, sandy beach blues

Don't need to hear a high flying symphony
Just need a little help, feel some sympathy
Strange patterns ebb, then flo and reach
Onslaught's the upshot, down on the beach

Heard a girl scream, plastic shovel in her hand
Black jellyfish-like all stuck along the sand
Summertime simmers in spots of darkened hues
Pasagoula passacaglia and this sandy beach blues

June 27, 2010
all rights reserved


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flower Creature

Aloha poets,
                      Can yo see the face in the flower? Enjoy

Comes a Hurricane

Sixty thousand barrels flow, from that exploded oil rig
As our chosen quarrels go, something else comes big
Everyone offsite now, go home to gather your strength
Be there 4 days somehow, see your family at length

Out there on that wide open view comes a hurricane
Tropical depression's darker hue, brings oil and rain
Robust plans in your hands, may see grown men cry
Storms lower their own kind of boom, see the oil fly

Money mongers and skimmer boats, get somewhere safe
Yucatan Peninsula to grazing goats, all will feel the chafe
Tracked to the right, winds offshore, to the left, they come 
Tropical depression now, come Saturday tropical storm

Gulf water now eighty-six degrees, or maybe eighty seven
Barometric dropping at ground zero, need help from heaven 
Barrier Islands Gulf South Coast, a 120 hour window pane
Tropical Depression South West Gulf comes a hurricane

smokey road publishing
copyright June 25,2010
all rights reserved

Friday, June 25, 2010

Waikiki Breaks

Aloha poets,
                      Surf's up in Waikiki inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tropical Patterns

Aloha poets,
                      Tropical patterns inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

White Sand Waikiki

Aloha poets,
                      White sand Waikiki inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Brown Pensacola Beach Blues
                  "... 9 mile stretch of beach, in a 65 day sheen..."

The landfall came with the world all watching
Tar balls and heartbreaks on day 65
Sandy beach turning black, south Pensacola
Cleanup turned deadly down Louise'anna way

Nine miles of white beach on this barrier island
Beachfront property extinction display
Dolphin on the shoreline, tourists in no line
No children run out on the beach to play

Who wants to buy this beachfront property?
Who's willing to bet on new white sugar sands?
Take the chance of your life with my 99 year lease
On day 65, complete with new plans

Cool weather was once, nice soft and breezy
Hammering and sawing was our new life foreseen
Million-or-so-a-day's worth of black oil gushing
9 mile stretch of beach, in a 65 day sheen

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coastal Cool

Aloha poets,
                        Coastal cool inspires today. Enjoy!

Barataria Bay Blues

Monday, June 21, 2010

Turtle Trust

Aloha poets,
                          Sea turtles in the Gulf oil spill need a trusted hand more
than ever. This giant tortoise inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Green Hues, Offshore Sea Turtles...

                                    ...a real life G.H.O.S.T. story?

Technically colorful, these toxins of ours
Rainbow sheen to blue-green on the shores
Teardrop-shaped hull reveals true feelings
Day 63 sea turtles' sloshings and reelings

Our hand of trust needs now to extend
Green Sea Turtles swim around the last bend 
Last seen headed east to Gulf's oiled waters
Will any stay alive for our sons and daughters?

To hide and seek in a Sargasso sheen
Dinner, a little seagrass amid black gasoline
Dark paddle flippers glide and trudge
To join the fight against BP sludge

Just Passing Through

Aloha poets,
                       Sailboat just passing through nature's palm tree and
industry's beach umbrella inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tropical Patterns

Aloha poets,
                      Tropical patterns inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Ode to Panama City Beach

Chartered and charted by ships of fools
White sugary sands of Spring Break cools
"The World's Most Beautiful Beach" siege
Black marble and tar chips, ocean bleeds

Sugar white sandy says it all again
Quiet still of blue water once a friend
As popular vacation destinations go
So go the heartless, Heartlands never know

Destination pride for the once fancy free
The beachfront skyline can only watch her bleed
Old structures along this coast long ago torn down
Spared now this onslaught of emerald green brown

Big oil had its way with this our young girl
Panama City Beach and her sugar sandy curl
In a far distant place sails a mogul on blue water
Leaves her alone to cry, our Heartland's daughter

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Green Sugar Sandy

Aloha poets,
                      Green with sugar sandy beach is a great place to inspire
today's ecopoem. Enjoy!

Museum Beach

Archeology rules as science goes
Sets minds spinning, so history knows
Once a palace wall, this regal little beach
Now shown for all just out of reach

Final insights came clear when oil came ashore
Winged creature bull with man's head to abhor
Colossal stones fared weak with the surge
Shrimp, crab, and oyster a coastal purge

Information gleaned from that archaeologic site
Sensational green, now a brown bitter blight
Tar ball landfall, dolphin sharks met their match
Ghost coastal villages, not one hut to thatch

Gulf oil spill makes this site a good dig
Pieces of charred metal, pulverized oil rig
The fleet set sail for a new deep water lease
White sugar sand beach now a museum piece

Friday, June 18, 2010

Blue Water

Aloha poets,
                        Blue water inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Where Fun Bangs Its Drum

To change their minds, to move more than once
As emotion folds into the other entities of dunce
These poetics of heart are at what munificence?
Historical teacher says,"The winner is magnificence"

So slippery the starting lines of these little poems
So funny in their eyes to resonate their homes
Inhabited with creatures and characters who bound
And bring you back to show what it is they found

Materials may languish and pile up on docks
Amidst a dollar's doldrums, bonds and stocks
Yet here in this place where pulse never stops
Fun bangs its drum and doles out gumdrops

Thursday, June 17, 2010

White Bird in Green

Aloha poets,
                        White bird in green inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Ode to Pensacola Pass

And so it goes by so many names
In this oil war we feel so strange
Simple little acts such as riding a boat
Goes extinct and onto robot remote

Childhood dreams of Santa Rosa Island
Fort Pickens Park and children smiling
Did we just grow up to toss it out?
Those things as children a beauty shout?

Running and splashing, we had our fill
Now we slog in a Gulf oil spill
Call the Dutch boy for his finger and dike?
We may have swung our very last strike

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Hump Day Hawaii

Aloha poets,
                       Actually....I'm a llama not a camel. Enjoy!

Ode to Perdido Beach Days

Summer escapes on escapades of slicks next to none
Beach resorts in white sand, crystal coasts in the sun
Hand ball racquet, tennis or high, the beach isn't far
Coastal borders, favorite locales, all now under tar

The aim of the Amish in good faith, takes care of the land
Coastal living along Gulf sands now in dire need a hand
Once feathers plumed in delight of seabird's playful flair
Feathers now fume amidst oil plumes of surface water flare

Truly memorable, beach goers go, in realms of rig remnant
Amenities abound for the lucky few, who even envy cement
When that oil rig blew we already knew of the environment
Sparkle pools, fluffs of wide stretches, and what that all meant 

Beach going breeze blowing seas as far as the eye can see
Shrinking glaciers way up north beyond the scope of plea
Drink your pleasure, pool-side treasure, today what will it be?
Beautiful sight but for plumes to fight, a morning futility

Spacious settings, ample time, yes once a nice place to relax
Nations watch the ocean beach march as marshes turn to wax
Unbelievable umbrellas, poets, pelican fellas, now all sideways
Gulls and terns in hopes of return to old Perdido Beach days

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tropical Penguin

Aloha poets,
                        Penguin swimming in sunny Hawaii. Enjoy!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Paddlers Blue Coastal

Aloha Poets,
                          Blue coastal water inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Blue Waters of Humility

Mildness amidst the wildness brings game
Blue waters so cool teeters on fame
Pride held vest close never can rest
BP's "Beyond Prudence," we only guess

There is this one thing we can feel
The sheer softness of oil on a wheel
Encroaching our lives all disguised
BP's "Bad Premise" now realized

Here in Hawaiian waters of hue
We stand in pride of our blue
Ha'aheo is also proud island green
BP's "Burly Pride," only oily sheen seen

Depictions of paradise stay true
Suddenly our seas here are still blue
BP "Brings Pain," for what gain?
Ha'aheo, Hawaii proud splendor remain

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poetic Cool Spot

Aloha poets,
                      Here's a cool spot to write a poem along the coast. Enjoy!

Ode to Grand Isle
                            "Louise Ann, arrest in the peace 
                                                         your healthy beach..."

Grand Isle sand once grand barrier island of beauty
Watching over Barataria Bay proud now she stands duty
Centuries old brunt of cold hurricanes, pirates, smugglers
Bends slow beneath the roil of Big Oil's happy jugglers

Summer home where writers roam, cool air coastal solitude
Polite to sail amidst the hail in ghostly storm surge quietude
Homes and camps, summer boat ramps allowed to nap a bit
A slow wash and now a slosh, goes coastal big oil's direct hit

Grand Isle beach once a peach in the eyes of New Orleans
Tarpon Rodeo, sweet oreo, a cookie of fisherman's dreams
Sleepy little town slowly turning brown wakes up to a seeper
Marshes beaches oil slick breeches takes on the grim reaper

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Amid Swimmers Night Sheen

Aloha Poets,
Big Oil's oil spill along the Gulf South
Coast and Gulf of Mexico is no mid summer's night dream. 

Amid Swimmers Night Sheen  

Betrothal call new golden band  
Big Oil takes America by the hand 
Deep dark remote aesthetic plan 
Defended heritage energetic land 

Along coastlines, a real white sander 
In wont of lover blue seas wander 
Stills a soul amidst horizon deep 
Whose lovers on this rig fell asleep
In dream-like fashionable, bickerings awake  
At centers of trouble, bad turns take 
Seeps across oceans in flights for power 
Rig fairies descend below the tower 

Egged on by pluck in potions of greed 
Regulatory lacks heed, so plants the seed 
Simple system pattern to curtail no curtain 
Cutting fresh doubt never more certain 

Coastal loves in blue water fish and drills 
Pursued by detritus of haunts and frills 
As fishing and tourists seek their joy 
Whether to fish, should we drill? remains the ploy
Coastal systems now in ethics restraint 
Open water adulterer brings its black paint 
Lovers coastal white and ocean blue 
Find tourists for detritus now to pursue
Four lovers on the rig in wild delight 
Lost identity shone bright that night 
Approach now shorelines in odd shades of green 
Dreams turn back amid swimmers night sheen

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cool Poetry Spot

Aloha poets,
                       A cool spot to write poems in Waikiki Beach inspires today. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tropical Beauty Memory

Aloha poets,
                       Tropical beauty conjures images of her past. Enjoy!

Gulf South Oil Spill  2010

  "...big oil make the Gulf South whole again...Ho'oponopono"

Culture of big oil appears black and dirty
Vultures gone to spoil with spears, not courtesy
Little announcements could at times be your best friend
Hearty little communique' a bugle for the mend

In ways of constant environmental reproach
Waves on instant consternation approach
To one another converse with out a money bent
Or concerns of cash or where everything went

In troubled times a communique' goes a long way
To repair an old heartache from even yesterday
Intrigue the system with joys of the great
Beyond your packages of ploys and hate

Put it back together with acts of kindness
Shun the world of your freight of blindness
Ongoing discourse is a pleasant task at hand
And don't forget to ho'oponopono the land

Earth-friendly talk is conversation with teeth
Dirt trendy balks at conversions of pristine reef
Report back to yourself with good news of success
Journalistic flair, get big oil to clean their mess

To manage a risk seems such a simple idea
Good horse and herding dogs take it from here
Yet still you were so abundant in your disaster
As if preparing for the possibility a laugher

Flaw and risk management is now in your hands
Systemic hazard incompetence your new brands
Holds me cold as I shudder and blink
Big oil, ho'oponopono, take away the stink

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shady Morning Beach

Aloha poets,
                       Morning shady beach inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Quantum Mechanics and Greatness

              " tropical islands, kulia i ka nu'u... greatness to be..."

Quantum mechanics, our mountain of industry
To dig deeper wells, who are we to foresee?
Himalaya Ranges we may climb majestically
Can quantum mechanics and greatness be destiny?

The greatest oil spill in all of American history
Now that truly must be a sight to see
Was Stone Age and Stonehenge not enough to set us free?
Quantum mechanics and greatness, final destiny

In brisk changes we go reeling straight to the fore
Our next quantum leap may be out the back door
Wall Street's derivatives, big oil's hole in the sea floor
Quantum mechanics and greatness gives what we ask for

Are we energy, little bundles yet wave-like?
Just as the oceans, breezes, and sunlight?
Architectures of magnetism, the breath of life?
Kunia i ka nu'u skids across, amidst all the strife

Big oil has its reach now in deep submergence
In parallel processes spewing gusher's emergence
In forcible forms, plumes live to have their way
Beauty's surface submerges, circus world here to stay

Quantum mechanics, systems among great and hearty
Toxic ingredients together invited to a party
Started out as tiered pricing, now all you can eat
With no preparation for crisis, implosions of defeat

The hardworking they say, handwriting was on the wall
Industrious labor once glorious, only to stall
Does quantum mechanics and greatness ever carry the ball?
Without kulia i ka nu'u, human races will fall

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cool Banyan Bungalow

Aloha poets,
                       Huge banyan tree in the heart of Waikiki inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Tropical Logic Topic

Be the one to reach as if your own prize recruit
To the headwaters of knowledge the one without the suit
Liquidate the questions of environmental ploy
Simple pieces of the heart hold the simple joy

The logic of trouble may trouble the soul
As the word,"the," even now dilutes the bowl
To have Koby's will, is to make life stick
Yet even Koby knows he's no Moby Dick

Donald Duck is more it, as characters go
Or a Russian poet's warmth in poetka glow
The search goes on even now you can see
A Sinatra song of "I Gotta Be Me"

Back here in the islands amidst her tropical ways
With eyes clear blue, your song becomes the place
Where the language of love always finds you
To call on your behalf, "Nana i ke kumu."

A life deemed deserving soon comes your way
No simple admiration mired in mirrors across a bay
The power to treasure, yours to stand up and say
"Nana i ke kumu,"quiet times spent without pay

Be kind to yourself, soon answers will come
Prairie's a temporary sky, heartbeat a drum
Where quiet breezes arrive in nonsensical ways
"Nana i ke kumu," cools blue tropical days

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tropical Island Flower

Aloha poets,
                      Flaming tropical island flower inspires today's poetry. 

Dawnings Drawing Raw

Poetatas are songs you sing to bring the day still lying in bed
Morning wonders dribble asunder before deemed potato head
To dream still after eyes first waking is a dream worthwhile
It's your writer's life, the chance you're taking with that smile

Island flowers outside ready day's ride with, "'Ka la hiki ola'"
In styling powers the writer inside glides, "Gala hikes aloha."
A visitor's vision presents decision beyond cursory readings
Tropical flower in textual prowess offers up color bleedings

Set a sight now draw a path of wow in lines of sand or stone
Will a way let energy sway then wind up in sandstone
Home is the heart yet skills do their part to lead away
Shared cares of invention out there return from led astray

Pivotal breezes are only sneezes of hurried distracted thinking
New days dawn to offer a song yet with no lights blinking
Willful strife takes its own life to irradiate the malady
Superfund learning needs yearning to adopt an apt analogy

Still island ways as cool breeze sways far across all that blue
Common sense circumvents as uncommon courages the few
A Lochness loneliness stretches to stress the virtue of aloha
Island flower wields the true power saying only,"'Ka la hiki ola'"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fuzzy Tropical Mosaic

Aloha poets,
                       A fuzzy blend of eco colors and patterns inspires today's poetry. Enjoy!

Apprenticed Apprehension

Each day is another chance to learn something new
Life offers new grasps for the self-affirmed to value
In all manner of form to know what matters in hand
Select to detect the concept is 'ike loa to understand

Spending a lifetime to memorize and monetize
With sleepy assurances of forgetful compromise
Is to wrap around trees with no hands or no eyes
Only 'ike loa, like koa, stands strong and wise

Discover what you need with 'ike loa on your side
Come to your own interview with visions of pride
Get up and go out onto the journey of life
Ike loa as your weapon will cut like a knife

In a useful way, you'll need that weapon of choice
Give 'ike loa its say, and you will get your voice
Dress up the part dial down presumptions of age
As 'ike loa is master, you are the sage

Give it to yourself that life you deserve
Ticklish tasks ahead can only dodge and swerve
Fashion yourself a bold inner Ferragamo
'Ike loa's battle cry goes beyond the Alamo

Branch into a product line sharpshoot your calling
'Ike loa your rope to climb, without it you're falling
Across goals of hot coals and deceptive silhouette
'Ike loa is your guide, will get you there yet

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Tortoise Who Taught Us

Aloha poets,
                      Tortoise has been given a nice lettuce lunch and
continues to look for something good. Enjoy!

Islands of 'Imi ola

Direct your attention now to that with you value the most
Involvement must occur even before your morning toast
Open your heart then eyes at first morning light
Let islands of 'imi ola chase away the night

First waking moment is your point of attack
Useless expectation gets sent to the back
Invaders may enter with hugs of achievement
Islands of 'imi ola, your evader of bereavement

Islands of 'imi ola make your tomorrow golden
You color them blue then green to embolden
Add to the heart of day's best part without race
Islands of 'imi ola is the smile on your future's face

Stays in the present not the purgatory of worry
Draws a criminal probe on those who hurry
A leap of faith or so you say?
It's your islands of 'imi ola that brighten your day

Expectation can be a raw double-edged sword
A partisan believer in the business of hoard
Views from your perch may keep you in the fight
Let islands of 'imi ola shake off the night

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ode for an EcoAmerica

aloha...inspired by our President

Aloha poets,
                         Amidst the Gulf South oil spill elicited by foreign oil 
companies, the killing our precious wildlife, and big oil's attack on 
our beautiful environment, here is a glimpse of hope for America 
I composed after the inauguration of  President Obama  and posted on 
my blog site, Honolulu Advertiser  2/25/2009.

Clarity Above the Call:  EcoAmerica

Destiny has known procrastination 
 yet senses of honor wake a nation
Come forward one and disagree all 
 only to rise above the call
To lift from depths a fearless debate 
 with hopes for the last day of hate
Dawnings of ages may come and go 
 yet this one we must never forgo

Old adages remain throughout the ages 
 as one defining moment yet still rages
Collective we stand to prove our innovation 
 inviting to join all in conversation
Define the moment when the definitive rule 
 yet identity can abide inside with cool
Now ingenuity again rears its knowing head 
 in an unborn city that lies just ahead

A new dawn of day clarity rings true 
 within our patriot game abide me and you
To be the first responder with fist unclenched 
 to thirst and ponder economic stench
One nation shakes in this holy moment 
 in a time its picture is posted as potent
Where optimism seeks a healthy wealthy ambition 
 amid realms of public opinion

Debate with vision give and take pledges 
 as home and hearth smooth all the edges
Wide girth to the new engagements we fight 
 peacemeal between what's wrong and right
True peace can take a shot across the bow 
 bold plan be a mover show the way somehow
Now providence include us all once again 
 on any given day on any where or when

Key agendas its true we all can dispute 
 yet history knows its her we salute
Let simple and honest and clear be our budget 
 where skirmishes fail and cannot budge it
Plant economic gardens and dig what you may 
 hint at an outline where all have a say
Self sufficience will suffice more than once or twice 
 only beg your pardon and try to be nice

Uplift and be candid riff on the splendid 
 rave and rant then see how it ended
Tow the big line batten down those taxes 
 dig a deep fire line use your best axes
To blacken is no way just strengthen the day 
 come together breech the tether get above the fray
As race and gender are no equity bender 
 chase your hurrah and clarify, be the sender
Now here is America

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feeling Loopy

Aloha poets,
                       Feeling loopy inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

A Little Shack on the Heart of the Horizon

Wield a video as times will change all in the heart of good faith
In neon bells hear the ring the canyons in lonely breaths of haste
Island ways of cool ocean breeze, a sort of ma'alahi resort
Lazy waves lap upon the shore in cozy calms of comfort

Suns set in the west in fires so bright we turn at bay
Angel's teeth bleed desires to sightly churn the day
Self-affirming assesses more value as procrastination runs
Hearts charge in deliberation riding out with blazing guns

Suffering surf shores up wonder for houses to showcase
While oil drips upon the seas, blackness douses earth's face
The pull of choice in paper chase tells us she's dangerous
Dull voices scrape the waste across wide spans still rangerless

To swat it all down in fragile regions as changing currents bode
Is to weaponize a ghost pepper in hopes of a lighter load
Happiness is a lofty ball that may land on mitt or cuff
Ma'alahi is the island way, ma'alahi is happy enough

Tuesday, June 1, 2010