Saturday, September 13, 2008

Aloha Poem

Aloha Writers,
Colors inspire poetry, especially colors in motion. Let's imagine the elements of story in these photos and write with a spirit of play today. Enjoy and play on!

A Thank You Prayer

Render it close near the nest
Dazzle the world from under the vest
Roll with comic rule adversity
Then throw your best anniversary

Give a shot take a big hit
The start and stop of it all will never quit
So queasy you now as success approaches
As you think only of palm trees and roaches

Make your debt pay lure love into view
Hurl a masterpiece and dream it true
A life so detailed a generality
As fairies retail the last reality

Sharpen skills five degrees less
Naturally select environments of stress
Dazzled photos hoisted in the air
Finish it off with a thank you prayer

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