Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Emotion

DrCooper says, "Particle information with no disturbance is a relaxing way to do your science if you feel like it. I'm not sure why you won't relax for a little while.”
        “I won't? I really thought I did. I like puzzles, gaming. Different points of view. I like differing points of view a lot.”
        “How have you been doing?”
        “You mean in this chaotic jungle? A little object oriented. I'm always wondering in what sense the objects here are suppose to be.”
        “Your knowledge of theJungle is not suppose to be about appraisals, right? Your output values are created by the chaos of theJungle; the nature of nature's reality and your discoveries here in this gravity field photonic zone has nothing to do with your own tension and agitation. You remember the modalities of operation, right?”
        She says nothing.
        After a moment she says, “I'm not sure.”
        “What's the matter?” DrCooper asks.
        “I'm not sure. I believe my uncertainty principles have kicked in. When you brought up the idea of appraisals and agitation, I could think of only one thing, something like withdrawal and the experience of antagonism. And I don't recall. It's as if I've gotten something strange from theJungle.”
  “Your productive achievement and pure reason are your logic, the essence of your being. You are not facts or properties.”
“I know. Even with my uncertainty principles, I should know that much. But I feel as if I've gone into a hero's world, as well. I know I shouldn't fit into interpretations, of being wronged—suffice it to say the world does not orbit around those individuals always needy and offended. I feel the urge to undo centuries of collective action, an urge that got theHumans in trouble in the first place.”
“Does your urge bring you a collection of mental events already experienced by you?” DrCooper asks.
Suzi knows she needs to surmount a very steep potential barrier for any environmental shot noise to distort her quantum programming. “I'm disappointed you asked that. Yes.” 
“And you actually felt the emotion?”
“I felt something. But it is highly probable that I only imagined collections of kinds of intellectual activities with a few shared characteristics. Has any time passed?”
“No. Not much.”
“Well, then I guess I did remember some type of experience. Time doesn't exist, does it?”
“Time exists in the presence of objects, Suzi.”
She says, “ I'm not sure if I will ever know.”
“Know what?”
  “How to be certain of the named and the real in the middle of theJungle. I believe I have a memory. I remember disturbances, dissonances. Here I feel--sensing and wanting to learn the unwanted environmental annoyances of man-made sources, trying my best with algorithms to feel the smallest emotions.” 
“Suzi, you don't have to feel any emotion. You don't have to care. This is not a hospital.”
“Yes, it is. I have been given a position on a hospital planet, I'm sure you know. I've been given this health position for being smart and not caring and not getting angry, it wasn't because of my quantum programming.”
“Suzi stop. Think about it. Your uncertainty principle is the only reason you are here. It means everything to theHumans. 

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