Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ice Cream Aloha

The Survival

It wanders complete, within its locality, its neighborhood. It seems to be morphing into a cool phase; surfaces glisten smooth, contortions of helix and helix--a twisted-latter of forms rising emergent. It beckons, geometrically, within its windows of clear hexagonal rings. It counts, but only goes as far as four. Its center cherishes the mysterious bonds, so welcome, held gentle near its heart; it awaits the next force and, when it does come, the unbinding begins--differential to nature, unwinding in space curves hold firm against the undersurface of a water-bonded pull--new geometric structures fighting their way forward, toward life. Manifolds of the night drift past into the distant darkness then, more structures with phantom topologies drift close but do not enter the local space--twisted planes of six-sided windows, each with their own individualism in timespace; for the moment its huge manifold hems and haws its way forward by the same ancient forces which at any moment can flip deterministic, more undeterred by more new differentials of topology. Structure, with all its geometric aspects of meaning it can muster, all its powers of geometry ready to answer future questions, moves again through tiny unaccountable bonds of watery space with  single-minded focus of attaining peace; theDna will survive.

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