Monday, October 1, 2012

Eco Decoded

                       Science Fiction


Eco Decoded 

She wanders up the old jeep path, goal directed, one objective in mind.

Her goal will have a point of honor--the simplicity of not buying into something you don't like--creating a replacement entity

Yes, the entity will be an official with its own poetics--one of those off-color authoritarians with a built-in feline timeline (as if an old-fashioned scifi writer who believes in herself, not taken to saying anything to win a point such as motherhood would).

It will endure brief moments in history such as when one must have a mink to gain respect.

It will be gifted with age so as to refuse to give a nanometer and, will demand instant retail retaliation far beyond anything theHumans could ever have imagined in the early 21stCentury.

It will owe nothing to theNetworks--the ones who set themselves in surrealisms conjured to cover with glory--eco decoded to be the rightful escort for humanity.

It will make another little dent in the universe suitable for …who? 

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