Thursday, August 7, 2008

Palm Poem

                  This photo has the relaxing colors of brown, blue, green, and burgundy. Writers can have a relaxing effect on their readers by the use of style. The way a writer uses language is his style. Let's write considering style today.    Enjoy!

Genre: Environmental Poetry

               Jellyfish Jam

Warming water expanding range
Something out there grows untamed
Once only two days every other year
They would come from far and near

Faceless marauder summer arrival
Ocean stresses aid in survival
Barrier Reef to Virginia Beach
Waikiki now stretches their reach

Risky currents jellyfish swarm
Notions rage as oceans warm
Overfish their predators away
Jellyfish will soon have their day

Fish nets clog and sound alarms
Coral reefs cry their silent harms
As the message from seas come ashore
Is anyone listening anymore?

Natural predator, tuna swordfish shark
Slowly disappear on fisherman's lark
Lay net, overfish the silent sea
View the horizon the coming Irukanji

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