Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flamenco Pacifico

                   This photo presents an image. An image stimulates the imagination. Great writers stimulate the imagination of their readers using image. Let's write with that in mind today.

Genre: Brazilian Jazz

                   Your Very Best Place

The right thing is never about bling
You are your own good future to meet
Never take the chance to meet a life incomplete
Always on your feet getting a taste
Of your very best place

Admittedly omitted act of commission
Never submission perfect condition
Your very own mission
Enthused to approve always on the move
Your own environment so that's what you meant
Your very best place

A travel buff loving culture enough
Vulture of love down from above
A little taste to explore get out the door to  
Your very best place

Anxious to meet counsel the disaffected
Under the wire build your own fire
Detect and disinfect the afflicted
Enduring friend community to the end

Preserve tradition give your rendition
Tolerance respect face to face it's your
Very best place

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