Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lost Horizons

Aloha Poets,
Photo inspires another side of hearts and minds. Enjoy!

Quick Fix Elixir

Sent home early a little sugar coated
Train wrecks of pain duly noted
Ticker tape parades teeter at the brink
Let's ask disaster what does it think

Crumbly confidence up to new tricks
Deep sleep commits to find a new fix
No tighter spot this night of struggles
Quick fix elixir where nobody snuggles

Woe to the one stuck in a slide
Guff comes maddening from every side
Tinker and go through all the motions
Through straws try to drink the oceans

To get back to the place once we had
Keep your head up to last out the bad
Humiliation knows a simple elixir
Nevermore to try and fix it with liquor

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