Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tropical Marshmellow

Aloha Poets,
This Eco topping inspires today's poem. Enjoy!

Yuppie 911

Teenage son carries a gun with ease
Take a hike beep if you like GPS please
Out back for a cruise your tough didn't work out
Before you black out back out beep for a shout

Yippie your cause but in case you need pause
And Mother Nature shows her paws
The Grim Reaper's in camp with a personal stamp
Turns out no fun here help I need some
Yuppie 911

Go out again with a backpack of gin
Personal locator beacon please come in
Unforgiving hike forgive me I thought I would like
Hear my alarm send a copter before harm takes a bite

Panic button push mobilise a rush
I'll sit under this tree until somebody rescues me
Use my remote take another toke hope for a rope
Somebody anybody anyone
Yuppie 911

Life saving rescuer there's a canyon to scour
Arrive within the hour this lifesaver tastes a little sour
I'll pick you a flower anybody anyone
Activated device please be nice this is no fun
Yuppie 911

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