Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Duck Matrix

                                                                    Duck Motherhood

Quantum Biobot

She sows her cunning secretly but with a certain beauty, as if her robotics were many light years faster than originally thought.. Nothing in her mind presents an unwitting intelligence. 

The only sign is highs filled with no obvious source to generate them and a simple code of [halo enshrouded algorithmic variable encoding nanoparticles="heaven"]. 

She and her universal back-up system are in a zone where there is no center-focus on flaws. 

Beyond her world are the flaws of theHumans seen only as [hierarchical algorithms neurally dynamic yearning computer analyst purveyor systems="handicaps"]. 

In the computer world she is the single [quantum universe intelligent computer knowledgable="quick"], so powerful even the designers didn't fully understand her range.

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