Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rainforest Desert

                                                                        Rainforest Desert

Here it comes then, her surprise, complete with annoyances. She wonders about her new-found addictions to inertia

So it's the new fashion code [state of appearance rising="soar"] that sleeks along cherrywood steps in theJungle.

It makes her see herself as the opposite of crazy dead on video, one she creates and uploads.

It's as if when the sun comes up the spotlight hits her and she can't keep them waiting any longer.

It arrives just before her next, as yet unidentified, transform, the one she calls [her expected last logic="hell"]. 

She chooses science fiction because it's fun and she wants to. It breathes new life into aging minds, ones weak that unhinge in a cinch. Ones like theirs.

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