Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tree Goat in Hawaii

Aloha writers and poets--
    Tree goat inspires today. Enjoy!

Ode to a Goat in a Tree

Goat's up a tree searching for a goatee
Angry birds above soaring virtually
Google it or check the facebook page
Up here cloud computing is all the rage

Up here I'm the writer, the winner of style
Down there is the clover amidst a slush pile
Is drama really the diet all the world eats?
To debunk the myth of my steady feets

History knows health will be the rage
If my kids can read or even turn the page
I'll take my chances, get down from here safe
Write my next novel to review and strafe

Along the way my privacy is truly invaded
I'll soldier the way with my playbook jaded
To update the malarky on monkey malaria
I'll invite technology to really scare ya

Houston we have a problem Mt Whitney's fallen
The fabric of humanity has spacetime crawlin'
To write tough enough is not to regress
Righteousness screams not be tenuous

Magnify the frightened with eager little suitors
Control a single atom as quantum computers
Work your heroics the way it really must be
Earth's last exquisite notion--a goat in a tree

patrick d. adams
copyright 2. 21.12
all rights reserved

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