Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tales From the Trail

Aloha writers, poets, and freethinkers--
     Horses seeking intelligent life is inspiration today. Enjoy!

A Fine China in Time

Find your fine china within your own time
Piece it together as a baker with a little rhyme
The center of the tale finds victory in your mouth
Couch it to play through, then plan to play it out

Crucifixion really has no true lack of old faith
The crux of fiction is truth entering the race
Animation in full is yet never anonymous
Winners on the team will make the bus

Decisions are made known or not
Proof spreads far distant from any plot
Is a hot-headed hurry really ever needed?
Aliens arrive cold unannounced, unheeded

Children run to find answers around the home
As solar flares and technology battle like Rome
To trek along with peers is a truly reasonable goal
Where the heart belongs is sheer message of the soul

To catch up with a schedule is a sole matter of pride
Who owns the timeframe is only answered inside
And what is the crime of a little drama as diet?
Federation of ideas needs republic to cry it

To arrive uninvited is to work it out
Egos pontificate while eagles have clout
Death is the dropbox where dementia rolls in
You'll be the answer, dancer of a funny little grin

patrick d, adams
copyright 2.23.12
all rights reserved

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