Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Science Fiction

Motor Your Dream
Adventure calls--you drive! Enjoy!

Legends of the Rainforest 

Suzi, finishing the final steps of her day's tasks, views a foggy image with clear demeanor--one filled with a bag-of-groceries mentality and captured in a no holes barred syndrome.  It appears on screen. 

Here is the last remnant of nature's implemented knowledge--a token fight, the last sadness, a rainforest tearing up even as it tears up the final rejection notice of theHumans. The work of billions of years of the sun's shorthand manifest as anointed structure aligned in annotated pattern as if the puppet master had been manning the watchtower all along--and now accessible to the whim of any modulated laser happening along. 

Suzi blinks as she views something stronger than hate appearing as a weak force. It's the knowledge structure of her own language held in those genes--knowing well she will never use her language as a trophy disposal ceremony. She is about to get more information than she expects, as if delivered from the trunk of a trumpeting elephant, content and triumphant, residing for decades within elephantine memory banks and feeling safe inside some crate. 
She's about to wander outside her area of expertise. There exists the urge to be her own pumpkin head.

Yes, the strict rules of a flock of millions are safely tucked away in her database, and her multitasking is now pre-emptive, going rock bottom to box office in femtoseconds. She is aware that writing language is the final step toward mastery. She begins to feel like a mother of nature, one chosen to soldier the future, the last one with earthy ingredients.

Suzi thinks. It's true. All bears all.

copyright 2.22.12
patrick d. adams
all rights reserved

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