Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coastal Mountain Village


The Catchy Edge

The silence emerges and brings along the questions in lopsided philosophy as if multifaceted aces were at play. She thinks. Such a drain on so much intellectual budget. 

It must have been a torture of nature. How did this ocean first came to know this island? (never imagining any concept remotely related to a question of acquisition). Patronage doled by an ocean as if the island were a family member in need? The first instance of inheritance, family power, a kind of voluntary [exchange as gift lifting entity="eagle"] landing as a muse during a time of pervasive perseverance and growth--never needing immediate action or response on the journey to adulthood. 

States of existence that, impossible as it sounds, make their own components without the urge to dominate, without asking such questions as ...why? 

They only require help from certain photonics streams and hands in motion. 

It could create its own supply chain, a place where copy number variations were welcome. When it got involved in the business of decision-making, choosing between reward size and spans of time, it would have to make the choice. 

Not so much a decision between peacemakers and power brokers, but a clear distinction, a knowledge of the value of future reward, a trophy with meaning, something truly won, truly wanted. Something worth winning.

Yes, something with a catchy edge.

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