Friday, May 4, 2012

Science Fiction


Brainchild of Instability

This is where space-time found it, when it was the pure brainchild of instability, the one without the ease of convention. 

Earth's earlier toy, the building block underlying the undying, the erector set of so many billions of years when little carbon chains acted as if they were on steroids. 

It's a time when the molecular federation needed all for self-assembly and extreme binding.

It needed theJungle to slow down entropy.

Long before anything could criticize any crucifix it gave the little guy a chance.

The Creed Camel came. Let the sugars be the matrix. Let the proteins seek interfaces in pure water. Let ionizations be mud for the mind. Let the water arrive, separately or together, by comet or embedded for the ancient seas. 

Let the green begin.

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