Sunday, May 13, 2012

Phantom Surfer

#scifi adrift

The Island

She sees the island as being held within the bosom of fools. "It is too warm, too wet," she thinks. 

The island's long-term hardship is masked by its beauty. The dark, inner palaces, the places a motherhood realm never wants to be--its  deathless grave of procreation. 

It possesses the passion of a virgin cobra, one with all the impulsive action required for the feeding of insects under canopy, a canopy with deep story. 

It was supposed to be a research site, crawling with dimensions of analytical data, controlled by the scientific method. 

Travel and destiny combined their forces into something other than fate that holds the island in a space-time void. 

There should be a sign that reads: "Go home, you'll live longer."

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