Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flower Fox

Aloha Poets,
Flower Fox inspires today's poem Enjoy!

Ancient Fires

Fire stars flint arrow tips
Magnetic fields induce trance trips
Sound and light trigger brain waves
Ocean witnesses placing of staves

To the music twilight in time
Four thousand years of rhythm and rhyme
Alpha waves in altered states
Sense of awe stone resonates

Repetition patterns moody moon
Profound sleepwalk under swoon
Hallucinogens beckon simulated ritual
Blue stones and feast of porcine victual

Drums are key where rhythm follows
Ceremonial trance ancient hollows
Sweet spot drums out on the edge
A place called stonehenge not stone hedge

Shaman center unearthed evidence
Altered state enigma's providence
Drums beat to fire's heat
As moonlight pleats on darkness' sheet

Ancient sounds thought whirled away
Still here now in this world today
Burst into space with resonant return
Ancient fires amidst residents burn

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