Monday, December 14, 2009

Red Berry Freeze

Aloha Poets,
Red berry eyes inspire today's poem. Enjoy!

Cruel Illusion

Bend your arms around this and let me in
Quite quiet never quite like Gunga Din
Some may commiserate with silent resolves
Less than warlike as warlock dissolves

War is the prize for best of show shows
Pulls across the oceans the vests of souls
Comfort zones elude a sure contusion
Peace won't pay they say is the cruel illusion

Workmanlike generations of eons of hate
Shorter smaller and easier to terminate
Brand embattled through all the tough talk
Through it all cruel illusions take their walk

Numbers at the wall feel at the brink
Country comfortable with the way we think
Hear the message see the symbols cool with war
Looked good in a book now it's at the door

Spend some time take a smoke raise a glass
Have a roast propose a toast show some class
As it tries to hide all its darkness in pride
Still war's cruel illusion holds its history inside

Spend a little time drink a little wine
Get to really know its ways real fine
Glisten with delusion blister with collusion
Sister get your clues on mister's cruel illusion

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