Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Science Fiction

Aloha Writers, Poets, and Freethinkers,
     Blue ocean as grand gatherer is inspiration today. Enjoy!

                                                  The Grand Gatherer

They have come here--as if lemmings challenging yaks to sack races, pilgrims marching to the drums of war. They seek the purity that exists in history books. 
It was the jobs they once took. 
The gatherer does not care about past transgressions at theExchanges, or the [fashion online religion medical exchange="for_me"], or any other interaction of theHuman iteration of political pettiness--rogue regime forces, the starry eyes in distant rebel lands. 
The gatherer is workmanlike, creating network feedback loops as mini shark tanks and, in their own way, somehow, feelings. 
It has created a [care algorithm translator="cat"], in a historical, scientific way, to mimic a biology-physics hybrid for the ages, the kind of science tributary Indians dealt with on the old deltas--a link between Schrodinger and Darwin. 
Its inferred network shines a light on the known knowledge and the new. 
With this level of whistle, it tries to care.

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