Friday, March 2, 2012

Science Fiction

The Opposite of Faith

It judges and accuses with all the skill and bravado of skulls and avocado, all the sleepy presence of good and bad. It's the opposite of faith.

Shapes and conformations act as functions, knocking quick sense for a nanosecond into mindful arousal--a place where entities present themselves and yet, where even looking at nothing creates a pattern. 

How do you win?

Her photon array shines with signals in folksy furies, trendy rural uprisings in an urban stronghold forming a receiver system with the forest as tone setter, illuminating with quantums, even as theSun emits its wavelets which allow for the creation of shadows and entity to emerge.

It allows the assemblage and the binding of [hierarchical intact systems=:his"] and [hierarchical ergonomic realm systems="hers"] and [instantiation tasking system="its"].

She thinks. Yes the loveliest of all is best held close to the vest.

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