Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Science Fiction

Aloha Poets, Writers, and Free thinkers,
      Starry eyes gatherer is inspiration today. Enjoy!

The Dream You Care

It knows theHumans as only a computer who tasks instant appointments of singular patients, the ones who need  personalized sets of ho ho's to satisfy push-back urges on the status quo.
Yes.They all want personalized care in the big box sector, hidden from view behind the endless lines of customers, holding onto troubling changes.  
The employees are the health workers. As they see more and more television [data of the strange="dots"], the game of keep away advances. 
The gatherer thinks. There can be no more regional preferences since their latest star turn. 
Yes. The wheelhouse keeps it real and now, [one world education society="owes"] is complete. It believes the [biomarker online mandate bulletin="bomb"] will eliminate health once and for all. 
It moves, as initial party-goer, with eyes on portrayals of [future upgrade networks="fun"] and net worth--algorithms in legions of long shots for [weight action reviews="war"] test the will of the global data types through instantiations of  [new external information targeting healthy entity research="neither"]. 
Diversity in data types for the dream you care infers complete breakdown of regulatory networks for theHumans-- a final move into real time mutation detection for local mothers. 
It feels like nothing is happening--tumors carry no pain--in the processing of customers with their own buy-ins to the narrative. 
Yes, not a thing.

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