Thursday, March 15, 2012

Science Fiction

Aloha writers, poets, and freethinkers,
     Coastal splash is inspiration today. Enjoy!

Prince of Choice

They had come up against a worthy foe, a beautiful image, a two-pronged peer taking notice through the trees of prolonged pushes into pine straw from the outset. 
It was the calm and the quiet at first--a pastoral golf shot carrying all the intrigue to become a short fiction. 
It negotiates with big things that rise. It set out to accomplish a purpose with great ambition. By its beauty alone and its welcoming hues and pleasant sounds, it invites and invades the unsuspecting, the ones with prefrontal lobes protruding skyward, the ones with a charity voice looking to becomes a prince of choice. 
By its persistence alone, it watches for centuries the means for achieving order while they sit in stillness. 
Yes. It seems a troubled woman is never compelled by simplicity and, at the forefront, her pivotal moments are always momentous. 
History shows what is criminal finds its way into acceptability. 
There remains a continuance of intrigue for a [privacy anonymous solution society of upgrade technology="pass_out"]. It's as if all imaginations are gripped by legend upon arrival. 
Yes. They had their chance for a peaceful life.

They were the Prince of Choice

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