Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Biobot Portal

Biobot Portal

Biobot Fight

She comes back with fight in her mind. Here once more is the fight--the fight as the business of coding continues to occupy her time, her mind continues to grow, spreading as a diaspora dystopia

The fight, as a matter of course, is an emerging entity starting to rummage through the data center of her algorithm repositories, showing [the regulator of justice and networking hierarchically online recursively systematic entity="trojan_horse"], ancient history as articles of atrocities

Here is its approach as theAnalyst, and she realizes she will have to fend for herself when it arrives. 

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  1. A new character ? theAnalyst .. Your writing is so cryptic :) At least the pictures that you post are less ambiguous...and I can see why you chose it. Is that at the Waikiki Zoo? (where the Elephant stays?)