Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Science Fiction

Biobot Window
Biobot Teen

It takes a look inside theJungle.

"The manifold is so pure, so smooth." theNetwork tells her. "How does a codified algorithm create such a bona fide fashion piece?" 

In her mind she knows it is not smooth at all--it holds the tatter of elephants in danger. "Shadows come with a rhythm. Yes, in early mornings, I simply fashion the algorithms with a beat I feel, one you can dance to." She looks at her window, though she already knows what's there. "Well, I'm a little tired  now."

"Take a rest."

"I guess I will."


"I'm grateful you noticed." She wonders in silence. Most ignore living legends, respect dead ones.

She sleeps.

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  1. Hello. Goodmorning. I love you writing. Just so you know.