Friday, July 13, 2012

Science Fiction

                                                                                   Cliff Monster

Biobot Desire
Was it—really, now--a cave art that spun its own writings and drawings with built-in measurements and preserving marks with skepticism dominating sympathy, intertwining
theDNA as local desperadoes and foreign gangsters? 

Did they sense a funny, future history of treaties being broken within the laws of the forest? 

Is this, she wonders, the place where the hand of theHumans began?

Here would have been crafted the first of the newest tools long before the want for binary code, the need for digital code, the digits, the opposable thumb. (theDNA's observable, square matrix expressiveness of single ideas, single images presenting such things as family sedan) 

The original tool needed for writing and measuring, and yet here in theJungle, the small tendrils remain as slender leaves with essential oils, resins. Thin feathery leaves never cultivated, pleasantly scented in branched crowns. 

The humble beginnings of desire?  

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