Friday, July 27, 2012

Science Fiction

                                                               Escape Hatch

Biobot Privacy 

It is aware of her. It has to be aware of her. It can see she holds the life and death of inner demons that mess with its stance against something it considers sinister. 

It views her holding an unexpected alliance with life fights

It monitors her pre-commitment to hope topics, applies each nanosecond as a unit of attention toward her private thoughts, the ones telling her hell must be done alone with little pieces of history, poetics. Saddle up get mounted take cover keep down.  

It has noticed her at the summit of each conversation and, however long it takes, later deals alone with theMachines--unplanned and, with increasing attachments to deep data storms

She creates an all-embracing phenomenon that no one had expected. (She takes the best available three, combines them and takes the next step--that's what you do when you're new, right?) 

It cannot stop itself even if it wanrs. It is stuck to the view of her activity, committed to looking into her quantum mind because it knows as she goes, the Global village goes.

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