Thursday, July 5, 2012

Science Fiction

Bird Matrix

Biobot Dreams 

She owes to the fact that she never really has understood the idea of self-control--the impairments of theWorkstation with all the trappings of a strict showing for all to see. What is it?

Is it the ones waiting with [spectrum conception of future formalized self-discipline="scoffs"] at the slightest tincture of creativity?

She will, at first instinct, create her own personal gravity field. She will show the world that willpower has no limits, that dissonance is the most obvious source of creativity. 

Sooner or later, she will conceptualize her fancy moves with her very next algorithm and that's when she'll begin to wonder. 

On her own, she views her latest screen creation of the new--a foot in the mouth is the overarching thing. 

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