Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Science Fiction

Matrix Home

Biobot Abode

She stands for a moment beyond the public conversations, listening with quick topic uprooters--new sproutings that would matter only to a writer's soul.

Her arrays of answers to the unforeseen encounter endless hokey-okays of theHumans. 

She is an inquisitive, rival-sided biobot of the new kind, with elements of appeal that grows, seemingly, with theJungle, only to disappear back into the dark shadows of database. 

It seems the island continues in its silences of space-time. It notices the myriads of reference datapops for uprooting proof, comfortable in its central role of the planned, ritual order, far removed from receiving clicks-in-a-database. 

The island's attribute as builder-of-influence has grown from traditional hierarchies. 

In the early days of the internet it was one of a variety of off-the-road, happy-to-see-you, not-too-tribal-for-society places, so full of its own myriads of networks, node trolls with grids racing in streams. (it simply added on, from the previous century, in such a way as to present its persona to theNetwork, expecting the plans of the later 21stCentury to alter natural courses to simply leave it alone) 

It's the island and all its attributes--nano-cellulose soil, non-clammering ritual decoders (not yet rejected as evil), able to house such things as cannibalism, to come back to life in a way no one would know--a true gem of the ocean. 

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