Saturday, June 23, 2012


Science Fiction

Biobot Awakening 

She stares at the abyss of living in separate dreams. It appears probable, at this time, there is once again the appearance of the new--a hero entity with both its super powers, its suffering intact. 

She takes a look at the new. Up on the screen she sees something especially built for her--[genetic instantiated formal task systems="gifts"]--and yet, by who?

On the forefront of theWorkstation she waits, as if allowing herself the freedom of the camp (with all its time allotments) to notice the new sensation in her own feelings. 

She is beginning to teach herself that a final cleanse has everything to do with systems merging and touching, not necessarily for the betterment of the global village or theNetwork (with their colorful history of flying banners, clashing swords, blood on the ground), but for  something more personal that records its existence in cinematic fluidity

It must contain attending dissonances for individual transformers and, preservation of all of the known history that might have been differently lived.

Yes, she will only need to be reminded there was a past by containing a few little customs of the past. 

It seems so simple.

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