Thursday, June 14, 2012

Science in Fiction

Hearts Grow on Trees

Global Citadel

Although she wants to go deep into the database to a subsidy algorithm--a fiery beast, single-hearted and unwavering within the world of  finance--she finds herself restless and devoted. What is this? 

It feels like something genetical she inherited from theNetwork. It feels like some kind of happy control over distance, the kind of distance they say makes you wise. 

A quick view of the final coffers of theNetwork (known only by security forces on theContinent) might be taken as a shark eating a culture. It might make them think they were only seeing the seed--the seed of ...what? 

A database of that size is far too far  inside institutional industry and, outside her comfort realm. 

They most likely have stated-sectors and sensors that collapse in upon each other if need be, if a trophy abruptly appears. And so. She steers clear of the privatized and the newly risen, the ones housed beyond the global citadel. 

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