Friday, June 8, 2012

Ribbon Matrix

Ribbon Matrix

The Heart is a Naked Swimmer

It's too soon to tell, in the beginning, with the initial time spent on the trail. 

Is it theJungle and only theJungle with pure views of headwaters? Destiny?

Struggles for power by humiliated militia balances the journey with its fate (of course, all fates never bubble up equally--their continual exchange of victims stab at the cosmic saddles with old rodeo knees) 

Yes. The arrival at elements-of-reveal still watches the sky, looking for signs (as events seldom seem real near the landing site, and besides, it's so difficult keeping the imitation up). 

It's after spending this time with theJungle you start to see that it is, in the end, the heart that is the naked swimmer. You'll see. 

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