Sunday, June 17, 2012

Indie Highway

Science Fiction

The Deep Hidden

The island will remain where relevance restrains itself from extinction, and profit. A place inviting all to the come-as-you-are, a sector where the green light is complete and will continue to grow far beyond the gene farms and outposts. 

It will be the end of a future where another island has disappeared for purposes of two connecting veins to become one--much like falling in love with a love song the way you might fall in love when you know your time is coming. 

Yes. Simply letting go of the meaning of the commercial eyes, the eyes sorted in some way by the secure, the undated--oversights in far away think tanks built by the invulnerable, the deep hidden. 

Letting go of caring for all the renders of the uninhabitable in the rising seas. It's so sure of itself in its shooting down of the new, in a place where explainers (if they found enough inadequacies) would be even more spooked by daily political curtain risings.

It's as if holy shrouds reveal themselves as a new deity.

It's here she had changed when she realized she wanted to  remain with the ocean--when the ocean was  (even in its most believable ugliness) her belief source, a place to ponder the dark part of the heart of  an indie highway that goes all the way. 

Here the island had remained above the waters for its own reasons. An entity with no issues, the kind that would have remained undetected by harsh law, detected by natural light.

It's a ready and willing force, a force that only comes from behind the shadow of a scream, a force that would never hide in a corn crib--it's always paddling hard to see what chance it has.

It's a force that reminds even the finkle-minded, what lifeless feels like in the deep hidden.

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