Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sailing Matrix

Sailing Matrix

Biobot Doubt

She can't fathom living for the rewarding, the excessive, in such high velocity spatter.

It's a feeling that must have been generated by the kind of self-worth where thrusters are propelled by parading and pontificating, rather than the simple need to win.

Yes. It demands a persona in others that is cooler than their own idea of self. 

Here, the capacity for growth and excessive revelation bring (without being overcome by continual exchanges of victims) a faster, more instant cosmic karma than you can stomach. 

It does, she thinks, link a sort of revenge cannibalism, a hate-of-self-for-loving-you syndrome that datapops to the extreme--raising an extreme importance to hiding.

And it's not a mere revelation of  a go-to-work-and-just-be-friendly datapop. No. It's one that unknowingly fattens for the slaughter all who listen.

I'm just saying.

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